IR Touch-less Sensor Switch - Light up 12V LEDs by hand-waving FAQs

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IR Touchless Hand Waving Switch
IR Touchless Hand Waving Switch
Q: If I use a 12V pack of eight AA batteries, will this switch drain the batteries quickly? How long?
A: The switch itself just draws 8 mA
Q: Can it be used for a 50 watt halogen bulb??
A: Yes, if you use a relay.

Voltage: 12 to 24 (VDC)
Max current: 3 Amps (36W @ 12V)
Q: What is the idle state current (waiting for a hand to pass by and activate it)?
A: 8 mA or .008 amps.
Q: Does the sensor need "line of sight" or can it be hidden behind a plastic panel? Can it be used also as a "ground switch" as opposed to hot side of wiring? - by Carla (Tennessee)
A: You can hide it behind a plastic panel as long as the plastic panel will allow IR to pass through.
You can do a simple test first to see if the plastic you have in mind for your project will work: take any IR remote (such as a TV remote), and see if it will work through the plastic.

Pretty sure this product already switches the ground side, but if not, you could always use a relay.
Q: Can the activation distance be shorter? like 4 inches or less? How to adjust it?
A: Yes, but you can't adjust it yourself.
Instead, we'll have to custom produce them with the shorter activation distance.
If you're able to order at least 100 pieces, let us know.
Q: Hi
Do you have them with the activation distance of 20 cm? - by Mani (Denmark)
A: No sorry.
Q: How long will this unit keep devices turn on? - by John
A: Wave your hand, turn them on. Wave your hand, turn them off, they will be on as long as nothing is in the way of the sensor.
Q: How cold or hot can these units get? Have you tested any temperature extremes yet? - by Scott (North Dakota)
A: Sorry, we have not tested this unit for extreme temperatures yet.
Q: Does it come with any wires
A: Yes, of course :) You can always snip of these connectors and hardwire it.

Q: how far away does it work? is it weatherproof? and is there a beter price if bought in quanity - by Wild (flint,mi)
A: The activation distance is 6 inches (15cm).
Wave your hand at a distance less than 6 inches from the infrared sensor to activate it to turn on/off
It is splash-proof, but if you add a bit of silicone around the edges, you could probably make it waterproof.
We certainly do offer wholesale pricing.