IR Touch-less Sensor Switch - Light up 12V LEDs by hand-waving - Customer Questions

Frequently Asked Questions by Oznium Customers

What happens when it fails
We offer a one year warranty on all our items. Just call us and we will help.
Do you have a momentary version?
We don't, but if you need at least a few hundred units, we can design and produce a special version for you. If you just need a couple units, you can easily achieve a momentary effect if you also use our 12V Delay Timer Relay.
If I use a 12V pack of eight AA batteries, will this switch drain the batteries quickly? How long?
The switch itself just draws 8 mA
Can it be used for a 50 watt halogen bulb??
Yes, if you use a relay.

Voltage: 12 to 24 (VDC)
Max current: 3 Amps (36W @ 12V)
What is the idle state current (waiting for a hand to pass by and activate it)?
8 mA or .008 amps.
Does the sensor need "line of sight" or can it be hidden behind a plastic panel? Can it be used also as a "ground switch" as opposed to hot side of wiring? - by Carla (Tennessee)
You can hide it behind a plastic panel as long as the plastic panel will allow IR to pass through.
You can do a simple test first to see if the plastic you have in mind for your project will work: take any IR remote (such as a TV remote), and see if it will work through the plastic.

Pretty sure this product already switches the ground side, but if not, you could always use a relay.
Can the activation distance be shorter? like 4 inches or less? How to adjust it?
Yes, but you can't adjust it yourself.
Instead, we'll have to custom produce them with the shorter activation distance.
If you're able to order at least 100 pieces, let us know.
Do you have them with the activation distance of 20 cm? - by Mani (Denmark)
No sorry.
How long will this unit keep devices turn on? - by John
Wave your hand, turn them on. Wave your hand, turn them off, they will be on as long as nothing is in the way of the sensor.
How cold or hot can these units get? Have you tested any temperature extremes yet? - by Scott (North Dakota)
Sorry, we have not tested this unit for extreme temperatures yet.
Does it come with any wires
Yes, of course :) You can always snip of these connectors and hardwire it.

IR LED Controller Wiring dimensions
how far away does it work? is it weatherproof? and is there a beter price if bought in quanity - by Wild (flint,mi)
The activation distance is 6 inches (15cm).
Wave your hand at a distance less than 6 inches from the infrared sensor to activate it to turn on/off
It is splash-proof, but if you add a bit of silicone around the edges, you could probably make it waterproof.
We certainly do offer wholesale pricing.