Just like our Scion OEM Style Rocker Switch, except this one lights up! Comes with a built-in indicator light that glows when the rocker is turned to the "on" position.

Available in four colors: Blue, Red, Green, and Amber.

This rocker switch fits perfectly in the switch "blanks" in your Scion xA, xB, or tC. Just pop out the blank from the back, wire this switch up, and pop it in place. It looks completely stock, and will give your car a very clean look. Use it to control interior lights, fog lights, amplifiers, or anything else!

Rated at least 20 amps. Recommended mounting hole: .830" x 1.450" Switch measures (inches) 1.413 (h) x .814 (d) x .760 (w) mm: 35.83mm (h) x 20.52mm (d) x 24.13mm (w)

Sometimes they'll come with .250" spade terminals. Other-times they may come with screw terminals. It just depends on the batch we get from the factory. Either way, connecting wires is a cinch.

Wiring Directions:

On the back of the switch next to the connectors, there are small numbered markings.

#2: 12v Positive Source (IE battery, fuse block, etc)
#3: 12v Accessory (12v+ to your lights)
#4: Ground (for the light on the switch)

Still confused? Check out a wiring diagram.

Also fits in many other Toyota's and Lexus.

Confirmed to fit perfectly with no modification:
Lexus IS300
Lexus SC300 & SC400
96-02 Toyota 4Runner (sorry doesn't fit 03+)
Toyota Celica (7th gen, 2000+)
Toyota Matrix
Toyota Tacoma (1st gen)
Toyota Tundra (1st gen)
Toyota Landcruiser (all)
Scion tC (2005 - 2010)
Scion xB 1st gen
Scion xA
05-09 Frontier
Fits with slight shaving:
Lexus IS250 & IS350
Toyota FJ Cruiser
Toyota Tacoma (2nd Gen)

Does not fit:
X Toyota Highlander
X Scion xB 2nd gen (2008+)
X Scion xD (2008+)
X Scion tC (2011+)
X Dodge Charger

If your vehicle is NOT mentioned above, then we do not know if it will fit your vehicle. You should try measuring your opening to see if the switch will fit, or just buy it and try. You can always return it if it doesn't.