LED Work Light - Customer Questions

Frequently Asked Questions by Oznium Customers

What is the range of motion on the mounting bracket? (ie all the way forward to all the way back) I'd like to use this on a tractor ROPS and mount the bracket on the forward side of the bracket so if it's tipped all the way back it shines forward or all the way forward it shines towards the backhoe.
Full range of motion, all the way forward and all the way back.
Will Excess wiring needed to be purchased if they are being mounted about 6 feet from the power source? - by Josh (Powhatan, Va)
I have 8-6volt bats on my golf cart --- What brightness/life expectation changes will I encounter with 12V, 18V, 24V, 30V hookups --Also, with 30 V wiring, I actually will get up to 32.5 with full charges ----- can the light handle that? - by Gale (The Villages, FL)
Operating range is 10v to 30v, you will have full light within that range. 50,000 hours. I would recommend am inline fuse if your power spikes to 32.5v.
Can this light be switched on and off to give a strobe effect? - by Vince (Greenville, NC)
How many amps do they draw?
1.2 amps @ 12VDC
Can I get this with green color LEDs?
Yes, but we'll require a minimum order of 50 pieces.
If you just need a few, please check out our Eclipse High Power LED which is already available in a green color (and popular for flounder gigging).
Are they 12 Volt DC that can hook up to any 12V battery?
Yes, assuming the battery is powerful enough (enough amps/current).
Obviously a few AA batteries won't work, but a car battery will.
And something slightly smaller than a car battery would be fine too.
I am considering using these as reverse and/or surrounding flood lights on my offroad vehicle. Will these withstand a downpour of rain if I am parked outside all day/night long? - by Brian (California)
can you use these lights as marine lights underwater full time
These lights are not designed for that, but you're welcome to try.
They probably won't last as long as a real marine light designed for underwater use, but these will be much cheaper.
Can you tell me the color temperature of this light?
8200K (Cool White)
What is the effective light at 12 feet?, I am considering using 2 of these as a light source for video production.
Intensity Distribution
27W LED illumination intensity distribution

Illumination Distribution
27W LED illumination brightness distribution