With this 2.1mm 1-to-4 Y adapter cable, you can connect multiple products in a simple way!

1 female 2.1mm barrel connector to 4 male 2.1mm barrel connectors, easily powers multiple products with one compact power supply. Just simply plug and play, no need to do wiring yourself one by one.

2.1mm Y Adapter Cable

2.1mm Y Adapter Cable

You can buy one Y adapter (1-to-4) to connect 4 lights, buy five (1-to-4-to-16) to connect 16 lights, or even MORE!

* Please make sure the output current of AC adapter you are using is enough to supply all the connected LED lights. For example, if you want to connect 4 pieces of our 10W Eclipse LED light (It draws ~0.8A each), AC adapter with 5 amp output is necessary. You would need an AC adapter with larger Amp output if you connect more, or connect other high duty lights.

You can choose the suitable 12V AC adapter here