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12V LED Dimmer and Strobe Remote Switch - Plug & Play!

Technical Information

General Specs
Voltage: 12VDC
Current: Power up to 2 Amps (that's quite a few LEDs!)
Remote Distance: 30 Meters ~ 95 feet (with no obstacles present)
Battery: 27a

The ECU control box is IP67 waterproof!

Dimensions of box
3.5" Long, 1.2" Wide, 0.6" Thick

Transmitter / Key Usage
Upper left button (A): Choose between 7 different pattern (press and hold the button to cycle to the next brightness level)
Upper right button (B): Turn on Strobe / Flash mode
Lower left button (C): Automatically cycles from dim to bright to dim to bright (like a heartbeat)
Lower right button (D): On / Off

Wiring Diagram
Red Wire: 12VDC Input
Black Wire: Ground (In)
2 Conductor Jacket Wire: Connect to LEDs
White Wire: Antenna

Note: The antenna wire will either be be black (150mm length), or sometimes white (230mm length). Both function the same.