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Scanning "Knight Rider" Style Scanning LED Strips & Directional Scanning LEDs

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Scanning LED Strip

Single DirectionCool White
Single DirectionBlue
Single DirectionRed
Single DirectionGreen
Single DirectionRGB (Multi)
Double DirectionCool White
Double DirectionBlue
Double DirectionRed
Double DirectionGreen
Double DirectionRGB (Multi)

Availability: In Stock.

Length: about 13 inches long / just over 1 foot

An intensely bright & vibrant eye-catching 12V flexible LED strip that will be sure to get your project; be it auto, home, or retail / commercial not only noticed, but more importantly - remembered !

      We offer two versions of our super-bright scanning LED strips to work for a variety of projects. Use our 'single direction' scanning LED strip to get attention towards your business, retail or commerical - or use directly on your work crew / utility / law enforcement vehicle to safely divert traffic away from your vehicle. (Just rotate the strip upside down to change the direction, wasn't that easy?)

Use the RGB 'color' of each strip to get an intense rainbow at your fingertips featuring numerous colors, minus the Phish concert and bootleg t-shirt peddlers!
  • Single Direction 12V Scanning LED Strip :
    •   Ideal for additional Signal / Safety Indicator LED Lighting (Automotive, Motorcycle & Retail Establishments.)

  • Double Direction 12V LED Scanner Strip :
    •   Go for the classic "Knight Rider" "K.I.T.T" car look, or just "dress to impress" - Team up our "Red" double direction scanning LED strip & our exclusive "Remote 12V DC On/Off" Switch to fool your friends into thinking your car is voice activated !

    • A Brilliant Add on To Any Vehicle Security System & hood-scoop - The Ultimate LED Upgrade for your ride!

    As with all of Oznium's exclusive & innovative LED Strips, your product has an iron-clad one year warranty including a guarantee that 100% of our LED Strips are free from any defects.

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Scanning LED light strip Cylon costume

Reviewer: Joseph Stoffel (Hastings, MN)
Item: Scanning LED Strip

My son saw this product and got the idea for a Halloween costume. I said, "sweet a Cylon!" He said, "a what?" Anyway we fashioned a helmet out of a cardboard tube an some wire mesh. Painted it flat black, added the strip and we ended up with a menacing costume. We probably pushed the stip to its flexibility limit and had to sew it to the mask as the tape wasn't going to hold. Anyway wired in a button switch, super easy to work with and my son has a sweet costume for years to come.

Excellent Scanning LED Strip

Reviewer: Mel Lee (Oakland, CA)
Item: Scanning LED Strip

I used these on my bicycle for night visibility. They are clearly an affordable safety measure. They look good and also are easy to install. I am going to buy more.

Awesome Effect, Super slim design

Reviewer: Dennis Doty (Amarillo, TX)
Item: Scanning LED Strip

Everything I wanted in this light. Super slim & you can hardly see it's till lit up. Then it's really bright. Very Satisfied.
One thing to know: the RGB cannot be adjusted. It just sequences thru the RGB colors as it scans.
One thing I'd like to change: I'd love to be able to adjust the scan speed.
On the use: Make sure you have good tight connections, or the strip goes into some type of ALL LEDs FLASH MODE.

They're not just for cars

Reviewer: Ted Vandehey (Portland, OR)
Item: Scanning LED Strip

I bought the Scanning LED Strip as a gift for my Dad. He's 92 and uses a walker. I mounted the lights on the front 'bumper' of the walker (like
the Knight Rider car). I'm happy to say that he was tickled with the
results and has been having tremendous fun with the lights. His
great-grandchildren are just enthralled with them and love to turn them on and off. The youngest stands by his walker and tracks the light back and forth with his finger. Good, simple fun for all.

Admittedly, this is a trivial use of the product but it's what I wanted and the results have been all that I'd hoped. A Radio Shack battery pack and push-button switch allowed me to mount the lights
so Dad can simply press the button to activate them. Not only has the product performed flawlessly, but so has Oznium. Their website shows exactly what the product is and does. They shipped
quickly and when the first shipment was damaged in transit (not Oznium's fault) they got me a replacement within 2 days. I was very impressed with Oznium's performance and customer service.
I unhesitatingly recommend them to anyone looking for this kind of product.

red light bar

Reviewer: WAYNE GRAHAM (Fayetteville, TN)
Item: Scanning LED Strip

Haven't received a fully working light bar yet. The original one that I ordered was damaged in the mail and still weighting for the replacement

Cool idea!

Reviewer: Mark T Kimbrel (Woodinville, WA)
Item: Scanning LED Strip

I build LED tail lights for a living. The LED strip is obviously a very widely used product, however I have searched high and low for a sequential LED strip and these are the only ones I was able to find. The strip itself works well, I ordered 6 and they all worked just fine! And the sequence is pretty fast which is cool. The only problem I have with these is that I connected them all to 1 single power and 1 single ground, and when turning on the switch to give all the strips power, some sequence faster than others.. Meaning if you stack the strips next to eachother, they won't sequence from left to right cleanly together. It just looks like crazy strobes. Also, you have to be really careful with the part of the strip that connects to the power and ground, I put a bit of stress in the wires and the strip stopped working. In the email you asked for some feedback or anything I would change. I would really like the LEDs to be closer together, and for all strips to sequence at the same rate. Another thing I would really like to see is for these strips to have power and ground connections in-between each LED (or every 3 or whatever like the other strips) I had to cut the strips I bought in half basically and really would like to be able to use the other half. Maybe look into selling the power and ground wires with the resistors or whatever is built in presoldered.

Overall these were an awesome find and I'm pretty happy with the product. There's really nothing else on the market for them. I'll tag you guys on the Instagram post of the tail lights I built with these. They we're suppose to fill from top to bottom but because the strips are off sync it just went crazy haha. Customer still liked it though! Thanks again!

scanning led lights

Reviewer: Albie Smith (Dover, NC)
Item: Scanning LED Strip

installed the scanning led's in the hood scoop of my 2011 tacoma and i love them. gets a lot of attention when i drive on the military base where i'm employed. great product.

Knight Rider

Reviewer: Billy Goolsby (Albuquerque, NM)
Item: Scanning LED Strip

I have not actually installed the strip as of yet. However, my use is for the front of my motorcycle. It is black and somewhat unique. I want it to look like the Knight Riders "Kitt". I have a different brand on my bike now and it worked pretty well to start but when the strip got wet it would stay on even when I shut the switch I have mounted with the strip off. Don't know if there is some sort of short in it or what.

Also, my current one is very short, only 6 inches so the light flashed very quickly. I am hoping this one will be a little longer.


Reviewer: Stephen W. (Portsmouth, United Kingdom)
Item: Scanning LED Strip

Took the kit out of the package, measured required size,cut to length
(normal wire cutters), fitted battery holder and battery "et voila".job
quick, simple effective
A really good product
I guess not so effective in sunlight

Scanning LED Review not what I was hopping

Reviewer: GodsStallion (Baltimore , MD)
Item: Scanning LED Strip

I like the idea of the strip but it is not as bright as the regular LED strip and it is very stiff and brittle.I used it as an added deterrent to my alarm system light and it works but not as much as I wanted. Planned to use it on both sides of my Dash tray but is was so brittle it would only work on one side of the dash so it faces out scanning when my alarm is on.

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