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12V Tiny SMD LED Modules : Super Bright Surface Mount SMT LEDs

LED Modules

Straight ChromeBlue$9.99In Stock
Straight ChromeGreen$9.99In Stock
Straight ChromeRed$9.99In Stock
Straight ChromeWarm White$9.99In Stock
Straight ChromeCool White$9.99In Stock
Straight ChromeAmber$9.99In Stock
Straight ChromePink$9.99In Stock
Straight ChromeUV$9.99In Stock
Round ChromeBlue$9.99In Stock
Round ChromeGreen$9.99In Stock
Round ChromeRed$9.99In Stock
Round ChromeWarm White$9.99Backordered
Round ChromeCool White$9.99In Stock
Round ChromeAmber$9.99In Stock
Round ChromePink$9.99In Stock
Round ChromeUV$9.99In Stock
Straight BlackBlue$9.99In Stock
Straight BlackGreen$9.99In Stock
Straight BlackRed$9.99In Stock
Straight BlackWarm White$9.99In Stock
Straight BlackCool White$9.99In Stock
Straight BlackAmber$9.99In Stock
Straight BlackPink$2.99In Stock
Straight BlackUV$9.99In Stock
Round BlackBlue$9.99In Stock
Round BlackGreen$9.99In Stock
Round BlackRed$9.99In Stock
Round BlackWarm White$9.99Backordered
Round BlackCool White$9.99In Stock
Round BlackAmber$9.99In Stock
Round BlackPink$9.99In Stock
Round BlackUV$9.99In Stock

Available in straight or round, with a black or chrome bezel, and six light colors, these tiny LED modules give off a tremendous glow.

Like an LED puck light, they are perfect around the house or in the car. These tiny wonders are fully waterproof, can be mounted with the included 3M adhesive, and easily hook up to any 12 volt power source.

A discrete, yet sleek, lighting solution, the LED modules work great both tucked away or directly visible.

They are ready to work on any 12 volt system. Just hook up the red wire to positive and the black to negative (ground).

Each module uses 6 PLCC-2 style surface mount LEDs with a wide, 110 degree viewing angle.

We're running a crazy special discount at way below cost on the Straight Black - Pink @ only $2.99 each (or even as low as $2.39 if you apply the Wholesale Pricing discount) while supplies last.
A customer special ordered 1000+ of these, but then backed out, so we got stuck with a 20+ year's supply :)
If your project requires pink, or you could even possibly use pink in your project, be sure to pick up a bunch of these at a great discount!

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Returning Customer, Consistent Excellent Customer Service!

Reviewer: Thanh Le (Duluth, GA)
Item: LED Modules

Returning Customer, Consistent Excellent Customer Service!
Great Products and Fast Shipping!

awesome product

Reviewer: Ben (Amite, LA)
Item: LED Modules

I've heard good things about oznium from a friend about how great their products are but seeing is believing. Bought four of these for my motorcycle and they are incredible. I will post pictures soon of these awesomely bright lights.

Perfect LED for my project

Reviewer: Jay (Illinois)
Item: LED Modules

After researching online for the perfect LED for my project I came across these module that worked great!! I did have a problem with the transformer that I ordered to power them but one email to Oznium and I had a replacement quickly. The LEDs have been up and running for over a month now and everything is perfect! Thanks!

Thank you Phil

Reviewer: Jim Harris (St Louis, MO)
Item: LED Modules

Well, Phil, thanks so much for the refund that I did not ask for. These lights were bright & had a nice wide viewing angle & did the job perfectly for what I used them for. Too bad, 'waterproof" doesnt mean 'weatherproof'. I will try another product that's weatherproof with my refund. Thanks agian.. Jim

dint get thru a year

Reviewer: Jim Harris (St Louis, MO)
Item: LED Modules

I put 4 of these under my doors on a scion xB 3 years ago.
after the first winter, 2 quit working & Oznium sent me 2 free replacements.
After the second winter, i was down to just one & it's still burning.
1 out of 6 in 3 years time. hhhmmmm I even used clear silicone sealant around the fixture & where the wires entered the fixture.
Not happy with these. i will try something else now that spring has sprung.

Note from
You're right, these aren't really designed to hold up while exposed directly to harsh winter conditions. Terribly sorry that these didn't work out. Refunded $19.98 to your card. Even though the card expired two years ago, it should still show up on the same account. Perhaps you can use this money towards a different product which will be more durable. Or move somewhere warmer :)


Reviewer: Luis Vancells (San Feliu Guixols, Spain)
Item: LED Modules

The round and straight modules purchased, and after ONE FULL hour connected, they turn enough hot that cannot be hold in your hands, getting a temperature over 40C (104F). So it's better to install them on a surface that can cool them down. Over that "little" detail, they are really bright.

Great for my application.

Reviewer: Sam (Claremont, CA)
Item: LED Modules

I purchased 2 Straight Black Red LED modules for use as front seat foot-well lightings on a Nissan 240sx. I tapped off the 12V cigarette lighter and wired it up to a switch which I placed next to the cupholders in the unused switch slots. The two modules were then 3M'adhesived stuck on the two inside panels facing out towards driver and passenger footwells. The output of light and overall look was amazing and gave a cool overall red light which matched the vehicle well. These lights are very simple to wire up and give a simple, bright output of light.

Deck Lighting

Reviewer: Devin (Colonial Heights, VA)
Item: LED Modules

I used about 15 of these on my deck and spent a lot of time wiring them up but the end result was very nice. The cool white ones made the patio look awesome. Crazy reach for such a small module.

w00t! Good Product!

Reviewer: Tim "The DooFster" Chilson (Howard City, Michigan)
Item: LED Modules

I used about 10 of these to light various parts of my tC - including turn signals. Let me just say that they light up WONDERFULLY! You get what you pay for!!

Nice small flat led

Reviewer: Phil (Phoenix, AZ)
Item: LED Modules

My first revew on this was on the wrong led. These lights i installed in the pickup bed of my truck. They work good my mounting location was off. T hooked them up to a pin switch that goes to ground and picks power from a power outlet in bed Installed earler
I also used a switch from Oznium when i want it off.

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