Super Strong Flexible Beefy LED Strip Lights - Customer Questions

Frequently Asked Questions by Oznium Customers

I'm looking for an led strip a bit more rugged than ip68. Is this strip available in white? Or in sections up to 12ft? - by Neil (Chicago)
That would be a custom order. Please contact Customer Service at 800-245-8131.
Which wire is the positve? black or black w/white, thanks.
Usually it is the the black wire, but if that doesn't work try the other wire. Nothing bad willl happen.
I am interested in using a 38" strip as a brake light under my tail gate.
Sort of a Line of Fire thing !
I know they are called Beefy Strips for a reason but is there a tube or other protective device I can slide the strip in for additional protection on the rear of my truck ?
Also, it would need to be flat on e side and have some 3M tape for mounting or maybe a mechanical device to mount the tube.

Thanks for your time and your products are great and real. - by Grev (Gloucester, MA)
You could insert this inside a tube, we don't carry tubes for that. You would also need to buy some 3M tape to mount it with. Or you could use this tube although it is fully round: https://www.oznium.com/home-led/tri-chip-led-tube
What Colors show off with the UV light is it purple or like a white? Because i know UV lights normally don't have a Color. Also would it be safe to say that if i use these beefy lights under my car like underbody lights they will be bright enough to Illuminati the ground and surrounds?
UV is ultraviolet / blacklight. It is definitely not bright.
Can these be cut to length?

How can I get these to flash?
You can cut them every three LEDs.

You can use a flashing device, such as the Music and Flash Interface, the Remote Control Dimmer and Strobe Switch or the Inline LED Controller.
Can you custom make them longer? - by Bryan (Webster South Dakota)
Yes, if you can order at least $4000 worth.
Otherwise if you just need a few, how about simply installing them end to end?
I ordered 2-6' and 2-38" blue Beefy Strips to use as an underglow kit. I'm using these strips and 4-48cm LED strips for the whole kit. They will be wired with constant 12v power to a 3-way switch and will be controlled by the negatively switched dome circuit. I was wondering what size fuse to use?? The switch can handle 15amps at 12v. The 4-48cm strips are approx. 320mA each. My guess would have been roughly 3.396amps, so I would go with 5amps...is this correct?? - by Kris (Alabama)
Two amps would be plenty.
Are these waterproof? Can I use these like landing strips for a boat trailer? - by Loc (Kansas)
They are waterproof. Yes!
I want to get 6 of these 6 footers to go down both sides of my bass boat does the uv light up fluresent line good and what other color will help light area around my boat and line - by Sheldon (limestone tn)
The UV would work good, others have used green.
How long are the wire leads to the beefy strip? Thanks
about 2-3 feet.
I am trying to replace a 17and 3/8 in long led light strip that is inside a plastic coveron the back of a trike that keeps burning out there are 60leds in the strip but can I cut the beefy strip to that length so that maybe I wont have to replace them every year as I think that they are a little to bright now with the 60leds how would that give me in the strip if I can cut it down to fit - by Edward (portsmouth nh)
I'm not exactly sure what you were asking. But you can get the Beefy Strip and cut it down every three LEDs.
Do the 38" ones also have 3M tape on the bottom?
i would like to know that the brightest green flexible strip that you carry Thanks
Our Tri-Chip Flexible LED Strip would probably be our brightest [http:/www.oznium.com/flexible-tri-chi-ribbon-leds]
What is the width and height for the Beefy Strips? - by Chris (Tennessee)
width is 1/2" x 1/4"
Does this come with all the installing necessities for cars? - by J.G.
No, just the strip.
Do these have the 3m tape on the back of the 6' strips. - by Dan (East Millinocket, Ma)
Can theses be wired for general lighting inside a cargo trailer?-- I have a 7X 16 and was wondering how many of the light strips would be required to allow proper lighting. Ex 2 - 6ft on one side or need more ?-- I understand I could just tap into running lights power wire for power? Thanks for feed back.
I'd use 2 strips per side of the trailer. They can be tapped into the running light power source.
how many LED's per 6' or per 38" - by Rob (Tennessee)
there are 66 leds on the 38" strip
Can i wire them for home use? If so, how can i wire the end to power? - by Peter (San Francisco, CA)
You will need a 12vdc adapter to plug into the wall
I have a 2010 Toyota Tacoma. I want to put two beefy strips on each side of the bed running from front to back. I would like to have them sit under the factory bed rails where the tie down cleats are located. How do you recommend I attach them to the bed?
I'd use a strong 3M double sided tape that is commonly used for adhering body panels. Probably be able to pick some up at your local auto part store. And of course clean the area really well with rubbing alcohol first.
How bright is the UV? I want to use them as underglow, but I want to be able to see them while I drive too! - by Ryan (West Palm Beach, FL)
At our Technical Info page (https://www.oznium.com/flexible-led-strips/beefy-led-strip#tech) they are 50 mcd. Do give you a comparison, the flex strip (https://www.oznium.com/product_photos/large/2449.jpg) is 80 mcd.
I think you answered this question already but did you say that only one of the halves will still work if the 6ft strip is cut in half? - by Taylor (Southlake, TX)
Correct. Only the side with the wires.
Can you use them as submersible lighting for boat trailers?
We have tested them as being submersible (for short periods of time), in order to verify their weatherproof capabilities. I believe they'd work well if only submerged for a bit while unloading the boat. However we don't advertise them as waterproof, and cannot provide warranty support if used in that manner. Over time the casing may weaken due to normal wear and tear, which can lead to water damage if submerged. It's up to you!

For the ultimate in waterproof, marine-recommended under-water lighting, see our 6W Flood: https://www.oznium.com/marine-led-lighting/6w-flood
What is UV? - by andrew
UV is Ultra Violet like a black light.
Would you recommend wiring these straight to the battery with a switch?
I always like to have a switch so that I have the ability to turn them off and on at my discretion
I own a 2008 Ford Focus and would like to install your product in the engine bay to give a glow coming out of the grill. Where would be the best place to mount them?
Try mounting it from the top down shining towards the bottom of the grille
how tall are they i have a corvette and am wondering about clearance?
They are very thin. Clearance will not be an issue on a Corvette!
Do they come with wires? - by Eric (Houston)
Are the blue Beefy strips the same blue as the blue Flexible LED strips? In other words, would they match if you used both for different portions of you car's under glow? - by Emmett (Redondo Beach, CA)
The Flexible and Beefy strips use different LED's, the colors are close but not exactly the same.
Can the Beefy Strips take hits, like rocks, and still work good? Does it come with a switch to turn On/Off? - by Eric
Yes, depending on how large the rock is and the velocity at which it hits. It does not come with a switch, but we sell many styles of on/off switches here: https://www.oznium.com/switches
When you bend the Beefy LED strip, does it stay at the degree or does it slowly come back straight? - by Jack (Houston)
It depends, but most of the time it will slowly come back straight.
Are the Beefy lights flexible AND twistable? - by Eric
They are somewhat twistable
if i cut a 6ft in half can i solder wires to the open part for them to work - by Robert (san bernardino)
We wouldn't suggest cutting the 6ft. Beefy Strip, it wasn't designed to be cut in half.
You might be better off buying 2 x 38 inch Beefy Led Strips.
I have a 30 foot travel trailer and I wanna stand out. I would like to use these out the outside of the trailer and run them as clearance lights in addition to ones on my trailer.
Do you have the color amber? Can they be run 30 feet, with out being broken into smaller runs? - by Kevin (Chico)
Unfortunately no, we currently do not have an amber color. What we do have is a yellow but I understand that would be illegal.
Which light is brighter the Beefy or the Flexible and better for an atv?
The Flexible LED Strip is a little brighter. Only you can decide which one is better for you. The Beefy strip is more durable.
what all do i need with the beefy strips to make them work? a transformer? switch? Fuses?
The beefy strips use a standard two-wire hookup for your vehicle. You need whatever you require to hook them up to a positive and negative source. It will vary by vehicle and method of installation. Please see our message boards for more specific information.
how do u mount them to the underside of your car
I would use cable ties. There's no right or wrong way to do it. Be creative.

These would work: https://www.oznium.com/replacement-parts/mounting-hardware
Would you recommend this LED Strip on an ATV? If not which one? - by Lorenzo (Houston, Texas)
Sure, We've seen them on ATV's, Snowmobiles, dune buggies, 4-wheeler's, ect...
If I put it on a 4-wheeler will the LED strip break?
Nope, our Beefy LED Strips are designed to take some abuse.
what is minimum radius? can I wrap a 7/8 inch tube?
You can wrap a 7/8 inch tube.

Minimum? You mean maximum... The maximum bend radius has not been tested.

The Beefy LED Strips are not nearly as flexible as some of our other Flex strips:
how do they handle the heat of an engine bay?
They handle the heat of an engine bay well.
Is there any way to hook them up as engine accents?? Or would that risk damaging the LED'S??? And are they bright enough to be used as underglows?
They work perfect for engine accents! They work perfect under the car.
Can they be cut? Is there any thing else needed for using them for automotive purpose? - by Everardo (Fairfield, CA)
They can be cut. They are ready to go on 12 volts.

Once they are cut, you can't re-use the cut section. You can only use the section with the power wires coming out.
Do these produce more light / have more of a radius of vision than your original Flex LED strip, or are we buying the ruggedness? - by Kris (New Jersey)
Flexible LED strips: about 30 degree viewing angle with high mcd
Beefy LED strips: 120 degree viewing angle with low mcd

They both give out about the same amount of light.

mcd = millicandela = a measure of brightness at a certain point