Diamond Flexible LED Strips - Bright White LEDs Warm Or Cool White - Customer Questions

Frequently Asked Questions by Oznium Customers

How long is the reel?
The strip is 11.5 inches long. Its not a reel.
I connected the strip to a 12V power supply and within minutes the strip became very hot. The problem, that I believe is connected to the heat, is that bulbs start turning off. Then a few seconds later the bulb would turn on. This is not specific to one LED, this would happen along the strip. Please advise. Should I run at a lower voltage? - by Charles (Toms River, NJ)
Yes, because this strip is so bright, it does generate a lot of heat.

Here's some common ways to deal with the heat:
- Attach it to a heat sink to dissipate heat away from the strip. Ceramic will work well. Or aluminum. The more surface area the better.
- Power it at a lower voltage or current.
- Power it intermittently, for example, with pulse width modulation (PWM).
Are you sure that the color temperature for the "Cool White" strip is correct? 19,000K is not white at all, and would be a very deep blue.
Yes, the color temperature is indeed 19,000k.
It is considered a "Cool White", not a deep blue.
I want to use these strips to replace recessed fluorescent light fixtures in the ceiling of my bathroom, what kind of transformer and how many to equal or exceed two four foot fixtures with two bulbs each. - by Gene (Auburndale Florida)
You could start with 8. Also you might be interested in this: https://www.oznium.com/home-led/tri-chip-led-tube
What type of diode are on these strips? - by Jordan (Kenosha, WI)
3014 size LEDs
Would cord like this work with this product (as well as all the other products on this site)? http://www.colorcord.com/collections/solid/products/diy-pendant-cord-in-bulk-white - by Christo (Brooklyn, NY)
Yes, should work just fine.
Could I chop one into 4 pieces and wire them in parallel? - by Christo (Brooklyn, NY)
Yes, as long as you're comfortable soldering new wires to the middle cut portions.
Keep in mind the soldering pads are tiny and close together so you'll need steady hands for the precision work.

Here's a photo showing where you can cut (between the solder pads):
Where to cut Diamond LED strip
I need a set of strips approximately 18 to 18 in. Can these strips be soldered together at the cut point to add the extra length? I am an electrician and can do micro soldering - by Carey (Warner Robins, GA)
It is possible if you're willing to do the micro soldering :)
The 2 wires that come with it, whats the Gauge size? - by michael (Tamarac, FL)
24 gauge
What is the lumen output of the strip? (or of each light, whichever info is helpful)
Also, What is the color temperature of the lights? - by Phonograph
Please see the "Technical Info" tab.
Both the lumen output and color temperature are shown there.
Are these bright enough to use as a third brake light behind a red lens - by Robert (Lancaster Ky 404444)
Are the Diamond LED Strips UL listed? - by Harrison (Hebron, KY)
Can these strips be daisy chained together? How is that accomplished since there is no plug? - by Harrison (Petersburg, KY)
Yes, just wire the hots together and the grounds together.
Will this strip light a LCD screen for a replacement of 2 ccfl tubes
Yes, you're welcome to use it for that.
Clarification on my last question about voltage of individual 3 LED segments. What I am really trying to understand is whether the LEDs are wired in serial or parallel within the strip itself. - by Brian
Each set of 3 LEDs is wired in series.
If I cut these into 3 LED sections, what is the voltage draw on each 3 LED segment? - by Brian
Still 12v
What is the heat output for these? I want to use them to light draperies in a commercial setting and naturally do not want to design a fire hazard. - by Stephanie (California)
Heat Dissipation: below 58C

If you don't need such a small / thin strip, how about using our Ribbon LED Strips instead.
The Ribbon Strips are still quite small and thin, and hardly put off any heat at all.
When will amber be available? Can these be powered by watch batteries?
If you can buy 100 pcs or more, we're happy to produce something custom (different colors/lengths).
Otherwise, no plans to add more colors.

These draw 240 mA. That's far too much current to power with watch batteries.
Is there anyway that I could get these L.E.D.'s in the color amber? - by Aaron (Michigan)
Yes. For a custom color and/or size, please contact us directly to place an order for 100 pcs or more.
On page 70 of the June 2012 issue of Cruising World, there is a article called shedding new light.
I believe that the author used this product, is this true? He cut the strips & used 3 led x 3 whick seems to be a bit small for my application. I have a Endeavour 42sailboat with teak boxed light fixtures each containg 2 1141 auto bulbs. The fixture is 4" X9". Would you recommend I use these strips for my replacement & if so, how many to achieve similar lighting intensity? - by Jerry (Melbourne, Florida)
It's quite possible. I couldn't locate a .pdf of the magazine so I can't say for sure.

I'm not sure how many of these will give off the same intensity for what you have in there now, since I don't know what you have, nor have seen what you have.