Flathead LED Strips - A LEGO®-like modular solution - Customer Questions

Frequently Asked Questions by Oznium Customers

why no white or blue on order list?
We've simply sold out of these colors and don't plan to produce more.
Perhaps you can use an alternative product?
The plug socket and plug is to tall for my application, can I solder wires to connect each section? Do they come in white? - by Bill (United States)
Yes & yes.
I am installing these lights in brake lights is this gonna be a problem because the voltage changes as the car is on and being run from 12 volts to 12 point 24 for example will this blow the leds or cause any problems later down the road - by Jesse (Buellton, CA)
It should be ok.
Hi, I am going to attach these to clothing, is there any risk? And also how would I make it portable? We want to use these for competition dance I don't know much about lights but willing to try anything! -adreeonah - by Adreeonah (laguna hills)
Risk to what? You'll need to hook them up to a battery pack. No problem!
after every 3 lights there is a plug for power can i cut these off if im only going to use one of them - by Duncan (Glendale, CA)
Yes, cut them every 3 LEDs.
how far apart are the leds from each other?
Please just click on the "Technical Info" tab. Or you can see this diagram.
is this product waterproof - by Richard
I plan on wiring these to the amp for my subwoofers in my car so that they will pulse with the music. A couple questions:
Do you recommend against this for any reason / are these not made to pulse rapidly?
Will the built-in resistors be up for the job or will I need to better protect these little guys from getting fried?
I was going to wire the positive to the amp's positive feed and the negative to a separate grounding spot on my car's body. Does that sound right? Should the negative also be attached to the amp's negative lead?

(thanks and sorry - I'm a bit of a n00b) - by Andrew (Richboro, PA)
No worries about being a noob. Please contact us at CS@oznium.com with your questions.
Do these come in Black rather than a White strip - by cory
Only in white background.
Is this product UL Listed? It's being reviewed by an electrical engineer in a commercial application. Any problems here?
This product is not UL Listed. I don't imagine it would cause a problem since its low voltage. Perhaps you can ask your engineer if it will be a problem for your application.
Can you mount them with 3M adhesive strips? - by Aimee (new york)
If you mount the tape on the other side of the LEDs, you sure can.
I want to make a sign using this and my question is, how would I turn off the lights? It looks like they'll be always on... - by Danielle
A switch will turn them off and on.
How many watts are drawn from and lumens from produced from the White Flathead LED strip?
50 mA or .6 watts.
How many watts are drawn from each 12 inch strip of the million color flathead led? And, how many lumens are produced from each 12 inch strip of million color flathead?
75 mA per 1 foot strip or .9 watts. Don't have the lumen information yet, sorry.
What is the light output per bulb in corrected incandescent wattage, or lumens? - by Caslo (New Orleans, LA)
Each color is different, the most is 60 mA or .06 amps or .72 watts, this is for a 1 foot strip.
I want to change 2 [10 bulb each] 1 foot incandescent strips in an Organ Music Rack which lights both the keyboards and the music] with LED strips. 1. Would I get the same amount of light with two 12" white LED strips? If not could I use 4 in the configuration to make up the difference? Is the light from each LED directional or omni-directional?

Thanks AJB - by Armand (Cherokee, IA.)
You LED strips will be brighter. The strips are directional.
would these be safe in a sealed projector head light housing. like on a motorcycle or car? kind of like the new audi's. - by Mike (Youngstown, Ohio)
Do you have a standard orange color?
Sorry, not at this time. The yellow is pretty close to orange, though.
Can I bend the bulbs down 90 degrees from how they come? - by John (Chgo.)

bend leds on flathead led strip
Can these be dimmed by adjusting the voltage? - by David (Chicago)
Yes. Or you can use something with PWM to better control dimming such as our rotary style dimmer.
im trying to wrap a strip around my 15' flip down and use it as a dome light are these bright enough for that or is there a diffrent strip you offer that you would suggest? (ToY*bOx) - by Matthew (Bakersfield, CA)
These LEDs are plenty bright enough for that.
Is the power connector simply an interconnect with one of the ends cut off? - by Jared
Yep, pretty much
sense the waterproof flexible LED strips dont come in a 12 inch strip, how would i go about connecting one of these in my car with those connector things? - by Casey
These just plug into each other using the Flathead LED Strip Interconnect.

Plug in flathead led strips to each other
So that I am clear on this:
If I am making a sign I would use LED Strip Interconnectors to connect each strip. And to connect to a power source I would use LED Strip Power Connector and then connect that to a 12v AC Adaptor? Is this right?
That is correct!
How do I convert the DC source to an AC source in order to use it indoor? What will I need for; 3' (3, 12" red strips) ; 2' ("); and 5' ("). Instead of connecting the in a car (DC source) I want to connect them in my home, under my couch. Is this even possible? - by Crystal (california, downey)
Yes, this is certainly possible.

You will just need this 12V AC Adapter. The 2 Amp model will be sufficient for your project.
i know it says to cut in sections of 3 leds. but if i only need to cut 1 will it still work - by Phong (albuquerque, nm)
The other 2 LED's in that section will not work.
will resistors be needed with this? - by Phong (albuquerq, nm)
Nope! Ready to go!
does it only come in 1 foot sections that you have to connect to eachother or can I get an 8 foot strip thats one piece?
These just come in 1 foot sections
I want to buy two 8 foot strips. Will they come as two 8 foot lengths or do they only come in one foot sections and have to connect them? - by Kevin
They come in one foot sections and you will have to connect them.
bought the million color strip and controller. Their plugs don't match? Now what? - by Harold (Blaine, WA)
Contact our awesome Customer Support Team.
We can not be sure they will work with other LEDs.
if i were to buy a strip and use it in multiple sections how many LED strip power cords will be given with the strip? if not enough where can i buy them at? - by Ethan
Power cords are purchased separately. Please follow link below...

I e-mailed about this but I figured I'd ask here as well.

I'm lighting the insides of my drum shells (a la Jon Otto / Adrian Young) and I'd like to use the Flat-Heads. I figured that the most I'd need is 5-12" strips (piggy-backed with connectors). I see that the 12v power supplies can be run into a junction box that will run 4 sets of lights. Is this correct? Second, would that be able to power a possible 10-12" sections? I know nothing about amps vs. volts so be gentle. - by Kurt (Pittsburgh PA)
Yes you can use the 12v power adapters to rig up the Flathead LED Strips with no problems. For 10x 12" sections, we'd recommend at least the 3amp adapter. Or, grab the 5amp for lots of room to expand to other accent lighting around your kit.
If this strip can be cut into a segment of 3 LEDs, is it correct to assume that 6 segments can be made from a 12" strip? Which connectors can be used to power each 3LED section?
You are correct, you will be left with 6 segments with 3 LED's each.
The standard Flathead Power Connector will work for powering each segment.

So the power connectors are to connect directly from the 12V and the strip interconnect is to connect between strips? The strip can be cut in 3LED segments? So the 1ft. strip can be cut into 6 different 3LED segments and all be powered by independent LED strip power connectors? My goal is to have several very short 3LED segments, is it possible like this?
You are correct, you will be left with 6 segments with 3 LED's each.
The standard Flathead Power Connector will work for powering each segment.

How much power does 1 12" strip draw? - by Don
about 130mA, it depends on the color!
Will the strip hold its bent shape? Or will it always try to straighten it self back out? - by Danny (907)
It will flex but always return to its original shape.
So if I put 2 in the quantity for the led strips, would I be getting 2 12 inch strips or one 24 inch strip? - by Duke
If you order a quantity of "2", you will get "2" 12 inch strips. You will not get "1" 24 inch strip.
Is "white" in this case cool white or neutral white? - by David
It is closer to a neutral white.
do these come with adhesive strips? - by Mark
How many and what size power adapter would I need to connect ten segements of three of these flathead led strips together? - by William (Birmingham, AL)
This connector for connecting single-color strips together.

A 2 amp adapter would work fine.
Do you sell the strips in longer lengths? One color and about 24 feet long - by Steve (Indiana)
With our Flathead LED Interconnect you can achieve any length
Can I hook these up in the wheel wells of my car? - by Shauna (Bartow, FL)
I would not recommend it, as this product is not waterproof. I would try https://www.oznium.com/flexible-led-strips/led-flex-strips or the https://www.oznium.com/led-flood-and-spot-lights/high-intensity-led-floodlight for this application.
What does the 1 million color strips do....if I dont buy a controller?

Also..how do they hook up *neg/pos* (picture would be nice)
Without a controller all the LED's will shine with equal intensities and will appear white. This product uses a common positive and will only be compatible with a common positive controller.
please what is this song??? - by Mike (Columbia sc)
In the video?


track # 2