10W Portable Rechargeable LED Work Light FAQs

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Portable Rechargeable LED Work Light
Portable Rechargeable LED Work Light
Q: How many hours will the light run for on a full charge?
A: Around 3.2 hours.

Here's the calculation:
The 7.4V battery with an output of 10W has a current flow of ~ 1.35A
The mAH of the battery is 4400 mAH, so ideally would be around 3.26 hours.
By considering both the actual capacity of the battery (maybe 3500 mAH @ 80%) and the power efficiency of LED (~8W), the real operation time would be similar: will run around 3.2 hours after a full charge.
Q: How long does it take to recharge the battery - by Ray (Chicagoland)
A: About 6 hours
Q: What kind of battery does it have? NiMH? Lithium? I hope it is not NiCad they just don't last. - by Jim (Pagosa Springs)
A: Battery: 7.4V, 4400mAh, Rechargeable Lithium ion