Have you ever tried to find a sugar bottle under the cabinet in the dark but mistakenly grabbed a saltshaker?
Don't worry, it happens to the best of us :)
You should bring this cabinet light home!

With 3 x 1W high power LEDs, this LED Cabinet Light saves more than 80% energy compared with traditional lighting fixtures but gives you even more brightness. The slick aluminum housing is designed for optimal thermal management and lumen maintenance. Basically, its equipped with excellent heat dissipation.

Available with an elegant black color aluminum-alloy housing. Come with 2 screws for quick mounting installation.

With the 5.5mm x 2.1mm DC plugs, you can simply connect it to our 12V AC Adapter.

Works perfectly with our sensor switches too: (Just plug & play!)

IR Proximity Sensor Switch - if you want to put the cabinet lights into drawers
IR Touch-less Sensor Switch - hand-waving on/off control
Touch Control LED Dimmer - dim it with different brightness level

♦ White and Warm White colors are available

♦ Wide Flood Angle ♦