Oznium.com Exclusive Product

Do you ever feel tired to DIY your LED projects especially when working with tiny LEDs? You feel its very time-consuming to solder the wires to such small connection pads on every LED for your self-made LED decorations? Our 12V super bright custom prewired LED is the solution. This prewired SMD-type LED comes with a built-in resistor and 1-foot of wire. All you need to do is just plug them in. No need to cut, or even solder. Oznium does all the work for you. DIY projects have never been easier.

We always use the best quality LEDs for our products, for your satisfaction. We made this product with a super bright and wide-angle premium SMD-type LED. In order to keep the size as small as it is, no circuit board or cover is attached to it, only wires & resistors. Based on customer requests, we've added a 3M super adhesive tape to the back for extremely easy installation. Simply peel & stick, plug & play!

With this ultra slim body, it is NOT waterproof. If you are looking for a completely waterproof SMD LED, check our other exclusive Prewired Surface Mount LEDs.

Want to add flashing effects or a dimming function?
You can hook them up to our Inline LED Controller. It can power up to 12 amps, so it can control lots of these prewired 5050 LEDs!

Dimensions: 3mm thick (height) and 5.5mm (width) by 5mm (length)
Wire Length: 1 foot

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