Our 100% in-house designed & manufactured product: Fade-in Fade-out LED Dimmer

Compact and super thin design! You can easily install this dimmer in your car, at your home or anywhere you can think of.

It runs just a simple function: Fade-in, and fade-out; When you give a 12V trigger to the dimmer (or you can use our anti-vandal switch as a ON/OFF switch to trigger the dimmer), your LEDs will start fading in. When the 12V trigger is disconnected, your LEDs will fade out and then turn off. PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) function.

There's a total of 13 different speeds to choose from. The slowest is 19.5 seconds, and the fastest is 1.5 seconds. Simply press the "Speed" button on the dimmer to cycle the fading speeds from slow to fast (each press of the button will increase the speed by 1.5 seconds). LEDs will flash once to confirm the speed changed.

An inline 2A fuse is included for circuit protection. Each dimmer comes with one more spare fuse in the package.

⇣ Watch the video to learn more about our fade-in fade-out dimmer ⇣