RGB LED Controller: Set & Go - Color Control & Blending | 3 RGB Rotary Knobs - Customer Questions

Frequently Asked Questions by Oznium Customers

which led will work with this?
Any of the prewired leds, single color or RGB/Million.
where does one place this device is there a box that will fit in the wall?
Will it go into a single outlet box in the wall and are there trim paltes for it? - by brian (Florida)
The unit itself would fit into a wall cutout, not extra box available.
No trim plates, can be used in a single outlet box with an adapter: https://www.oznium.com/power-adapters/ac-adapter
Could this controller run pre wired RGB ribbon strips and RGB led modules?
Yes, of course!
Can this unit be used as a three-channel LED controller, driving three separate white-light strips? That is, not dealing with RGB at all, but providing nice control of three levels (in backbar bottle shelves) in one handy package? - by Alex (job is in Culver Cit)
Yes, of course. Go for it!
This controller wouldn't work with the million color flexible LED strips because it is a common positive,
Which controller is the cheapest option so I can stop a million color flexible LED strip on a single color?

Thank you. - by Ryan
You're correct, the flex strips are wired common negative. For you to be able to control the color on the Flexible led strips, you would need a common negative controller and remove the round controller on the strip. It might be easier to use the ribbon strip and a standard controller. We don't sell the common negative controllers any more.
I was wondering how many of the Super Bright and Ultra Slim Pre-Wired Surface Mount 12V LED : 5050 SMD I could run off this controller?
450 total.
What are the dimensions of this thing. Would love to use one of these in my computer case, but need to make sure it fits first.
5" x 1-1/2 w x 1-1/8" tall
Does adjusting the knob also change the brightness of the light or the brightness will be constant and I will need to get a dimmer? Thanks.
Its basically three channels of LED dimmers in one unit:

Adjusting the red knob adjusts the brightness of the red LED.
Adjusting the blue knob adjusts the brightness of the blue LED.
Adjusting the green knob adjusts the brightness of the green LED.
Would this be a recommendation to people want 'legal' modes for a possible under body kit? (like how ICE has). Where you could play with the knobs to find amber or red where you'd be able to find that perfect setting? - by Jordan (Kenosha, WI)
Yes, that is quite a good idea. This won't obviously work with the FlowLighting Inferno underbody kit, but instead, it will work with any 4 wire, common positive RGB light source. Like these, or even these.