High Power 1 Watt LED - Customer Questions

Frequently Asked Questions by Oznium Customers

I am looking to create a forward spotting light for my boat it will be integrated in to the hard top the size of the pocket is 6" wide, 3/4" high and 1-1/2 deep. the power supply is standard 12 volt dc battery. i plan to wire 4 high power 1 watt led in series. the questions are do i need a heat sync and if so i will make out of alum but i need to know how thick it needs to be.
I do not have a location to mount the High-Intensity LED Flood Light. any other advice you wise to give would be helpful.
thanks - by Timothy (United States)
For wiring in series, for longevity and durability, you'd be better off using a voltage regulator / LED driver for each one, and then wiring them in parallel. Our 1 watt floods and spots already have an LED driver built in, and their aluminum case acts as a heat sink. The prewired superflux 4 chip or the modules would be a good choice, wire them in parallel:
What resistor do I need to use (resistance ; rating ) to power a single LED with 3 D-Size batteries..? How much time would the batteries run..? - by Sai
Have you checked out our LED Resistor Calculator? It may help.

To then calculate how long the batteries would last, you'll need to figure out how much current the LED and resistor draws, as well as how many amp hours your D-size batteries provide.
For how much time does one LED of 1W run on 2 AA batteries without any resistor or any device between them ? - by Sailendra
2 AA batteries does not provide enough power to run the led. One AA is 1.5 volts.
Are these high power 1 watt LED the brightest ones that you sell that can be adapted for 14.5v?
If I wire 4 of them in series will that be ok for longevity and durability? - by steve
No, currently these Eclipse 10W LED Spotlights are the brightest ones we sell.

Regarding your question about wiring 4 of the High Power 1 watt LEDs in series, for longevity and durability, you'd be better off using a voltage regulator / LED driver for each one, and then wiring them in parallel. Our 1 watt floods and spots already have an LED driver built in, and their aluminum case acts as a heat sink.

Generally, unless you really know what you're doing with these High Power 1 watt LEDs, you'd be better off using another product that is pre-wired, and ready to go on 12v.
Can these leds be used in place of the light bulb in projector head lights for cars? Is one led bright enugh or will 4 of them be bright enught?I am trying to cut down on the heat that is perduced by the existing bulbs. That are halogen 12volt 70w part # pk22s h3 - by steven (leander tx)
I assume you're asking if they will be as bright as normal car headlights. No - absolutely not.
There are only like two cars on the market today that use LED headlights, and the parts alone cost thousands of dollars. Plus took millions of dollars in R&D for engineering.

Can you still physically put them in there? Yes, you're welcome to.
looking at the pdf supplied above. it shows a binning chart. is there any way to order these from certin bins available. need close to the 6500k color. thanks - by joey (florida)
Not really, unless you want to do a custom order of 200 pieces. We get what we get from our supplier.
Since these run between 2.8 and 4.0V, they'll run on 2 AA batteries or a 3.7V LiPo battery? Can I connect them directly, or would I need something else in the circuit?
They should work with no additional components.
Are there lenses and lens holders available? - by Adam (Critchlow)

Have you seen our High Intensity LED Flood or High Intensity LED Spotlight? These two products use 1W LEDs and are pre-wired for 12 volts. They have a waterproof housing and lenses.
All the 1watt LEDs are 12 volts? - by Erick (Winter garden florid)
No, these are just "loose" LED modules without any power drivers, nor resistors.

DC Voltage: Min 2.79V, Typ 3.55V, Max 3.99V

If you're looking for a 1 watt, 12 volt ready LED, you may check out: High Intensity LED Flood or High Intensity LED Spotlight
Are these High Power 1 watt LEDs more brighter than the LED Flood lights
They use the same LED, just a different lens to disperse the beam.
What type of wire and gauge should I use with High Power 1 watt LEDs - by Bob
I think 18 gauge would work just fine.
A catalog that I order from at work sells these same things in 3 & 5 watt versions. Since I have no use for 100 of them(min order), do you plan on selling these? Thanks! - by Eric (Fort Wayne, IN)
not yet.
How big of a resistor do these require or how many must be wired in series for 12v to be directly applied? - by Brian
One LED on 14 volts would need about a 33 ohm / 6 watt resistor. No one makes a 6 watt resistor, so you'd have to use a bunch of smaller resistors to do this.

It is really not practical to use a resistor for a high powered LED.

You could wire 4 in series on 14 volts... 14 / 3.5 = 4
how do i get these to work on a 12-14volt auto electrical system? - by Addiction2bass (indiana)
Either a really big resistor, wire them in series, or use a voltage regulator. Or just use the ones that are 12 volt ready and already have a voltage regulator.
are these water proof? - by Jason (Spokane, WA)
No these are not waterproof. They are just the raw LED module.

Check out our High Power 1 watt Waterproof LEDs which are nearly indestructible and ready to work on a 12-volt system.
Do all four posts have to be wired up, or just two? I'm looking to replace six square LED's in my motorcycle blinkers.
Just two is ok. But the reason there is four is to allow more current flow.