Illuminated Wedge Toggle Switches - Customer Questions

Frequently Asked Questions by Oznium Customers

The important spec's I need:

What is the illumination technology in these switches? (eg. Incandescent, LED, electroluminescent, etc.)
What are the electrical specifications for the illuminating element? (Current consumption, power consumption, nominal impedance, etc. @ the rated voltage (which I assume is 12V DC).)
What are the illumination photometrics? (Radiant flux or luminous intensity, beam pattern, spectral output (wavelength) for each colour, etc.)
What is the maximum safe breaking voltage for the switch contacts at DC? What is it for AC @ 60 Hz? ...400 Hz? ...50 Hz?

The desirable additional spec's I'd like to know:

What is the ambient temperature rating for these switches?
What is the IP (Ingress Protection) code for these switches?
How many mechanical cycles are the switches rated for before failure?
What is the electrical contact material or alloy?
What is the electrical terminal material or alloy?
What is the recommended soldering temperature and profile? (if applicable)
What is the maximum altitude or minimum ambient air pressure rating before the contact breakdown voltage must be derated? ...And what is the recommended derating?
Sorry but we don't have all the information on that switch to answer all your questions. Maybe there is another switch or we could custom make a switch for you if you need a large quantity. Please contact Customer Service for additional assistance at 800-245-8131.
Which color stands out best in daylight operations?
Probably blue, but if you need something really bright, we suggest you use an additional LED Indicator Light or LED Bolt nearby this switch.
Is there a price break for buying a bunch of these toggles? How many? - by Larry (Shelton, WA)
Yes, 10 or more are $3.59, 100 or more are $3.19.
do you need one of these switches when purchasing an undercar led kit? - by Ashley (british columbia)
The Flowlighting underbody kits come with a switch, but it is a very basic switch.
Would this switch fit in the expansion slot in a 2004 Acura TL? - by Hasan (Vienna, VA)
Measure and find out!
How many LED's can you wire to each switch? - by Ken
There is no limit. You could hook up 100,000 LEDs to the switch if you wanted to. You are only constrained by the amperage rating of the switch which is around 20 amps.