These LED indicator lights mount flush on a panel or dash. You can use them to indicate the status of a circuit.

They come attached with 3 feet of red/black "zip" wire, so you can easily hook them up to any 12-volt power source, and you're ready to go.

Is it bright? No - its not meant to be bright. Its just slightly brighter than the indicator lights on our popular Round Rocker Switches.

Mounting hole size: 5/16" or 8 mm
Need a drill bit? We sell metric 8 mm drill bits.

These instrument cluster LED indicator light dash bulbs are available in either a Silver or Black finish, and illuminate in 5 different colors: Red, Blue, Green, White, and Amber.

PERFECTLY BRIGHT & INDESTRUCTIBLE - ULTRA-VIVID INSTRUMENT CLUSTER LED DASH BULB LIGHTS: Customers say these LED instrument panel lights are plenty bright enough for daytime driving, yet won't blind you at night. With a beautiful acrylic lens, and an impressively long lifespan, these LED dash lights are ENGINEERED from a SINGLE PIECE of SOLID ALUMINUM so they WON'T BREAK, CHIP or RUST like cheap indicators - meaning you only replace your dash panel light once!

EASY-SEE MODERN FINISH. UNIQUE FLUSH MOUNT BEZEL DESIGN - IDENTIFY WHICH INDICATOR IS LIT UP, EVEN WITH THE SAME COLORS SIDE BY SIDE: Most indicator lights are backlit, making it difficult to distinguish what your panel is trying to tell you when you have multiple lights of the same color side by side. We fixed this confusing problem by using COLORED ACRYLIC LENSES, then added a concave plastic lens for a curved, modern appearance that looks elegant and custom - no matter what your application.

SIMPLEST, CLEANEST PLUG-N-PLAY INSTALLATION - CUSTOMERS LOVE OUR GENEROUS 3 FEET of ZIP WIRE: Simply drill an 8mm (5/16") hole, route through the 3 FEET of 22AWG WIRE, then hook up the +/- (red/black ground) and secure it with the round nut (included). SIMPLE TWO WIRE HOOKUP means you're INSTALLED IN MINUTES and LOW POWER DRAW ensures you can INTEGRATE with YOUR CURRENT 12V D/C WIRING system with 100% peace of mind - NO FUSE UPGRADES REQUIRED!

UNIVERSALLY USEFUL - THINK LIKE MACGYVER: Of course, you'll love how these light up your instrument panel indicators like your brake light, speedometer, tachometer, gauge cluster, check engine indicator, high beam indicator, shifter lights and dashboard lights - but if you're a DIY MacGyver then you'll get a kick out of customers' ingenuity, from custom car and motorcycle lighting, to lighting up a 12v security camera power supply box, and even electric fans - the sky's the limit.

LIFETIME GUARANTEE - DON'T WASTE TIME INSTALLING A NEW INDICATOR LIGHT EVERY YEAR: At Oznium we only sell products that last. Our rock-solid guarantee means you'll get 100% of what you expect out of your instrument cluster LED lights, or we'll replace them, no questions asked. Add them to your cart, try them out, and revel in the smart decision you made - knowing you can pass them to that next generation with confidence.