100% Oznium exclusive. Easy-See modern finish and unique flush mount bezel design.

Most indicator lights in the market are backlit, making it difficult to distinguish what your panel is trying to tell you when you have multiple lights of the same color side by side. We fixed this confusing problem by using colored acrylic lenses, then added a concave plastic lens for a curved, modern appearance that looks elegant and custom - no matter what your application.

Of course, you'll love how these light up your instrument panel indicators like your brake light, speedometer, tachometer, gauge cluster, check engine indicator, high beam indicator, shifter lights and dashboard lights - but if you're a DIY MacGyver then you'll get a kick out of customers' ingenuity, from custom car and motorcycle lighting, to lighting up a 12v security camera power supply box, and even electric fans - the sky's the limit.

Is it bright? No - its not meant to be bright. Its just slightly brighter than the indicator lights on our popular Round Rocker Switches.