♦The NEW style of Angel Eyes have arrived!

With the new COB technology instead of traditional LED, COBs are closely arranged in the PCB board. When the angel eye turns on, it is going to form you a complete aperture, like a beautiful angel ring. Popular for headlights of course, but you can also integrate into cool taillight designs. Or use for anything else where you need a bright, and thin LED circle ring.

Gluing in the COBs surface, the surface is slightly waterproof, the important thing is the COBs can be protected and can be used for a longer time!

⇒ Thin angel eye, just 5mm wide! ⇐

Important: You must use the driver that comes with each LED ring. If you bypass the driver, the LEDs will fail. The driver provides a constant current and voltage to the LEDs. The driver accepts a wide range of input voltages from 9V-18V, so the LEDs won't burn out from voltage spikes. It'll also provide a stable and strong 12V brightness when you are driving. This makes installation a breeze. Just connect to your 12V power source!

2 sizes and 6 single color for you to choose, there will always be fit your mind.

RGB is also available NOW.

* The RGB angel eyes do not come with controllers. You may use these controllers we highly recommend:
- Freedom RGB Controller - by Radio Frequency
- iPhone/Android WiFi LED Controller - by WiFi
- LightBox Smartphone LED Controller - by Bluetooth
- Other types of controller

♦ COBs are closely arranged around the whole ring

♦ COB Angel Eye is incredibly bright!

♦ Sold per ring
If you enter a quantity of "1", you will receive "1" ring.
If you'd like "2" rings, please enter a quantity of "2".

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