Flexible LED Strip Lights For Home - Ultra Energy Efficient - Customer Questions

Frequently Asked Questions by Oznium Customers

Does the million colour LED strip cycle colours on its own when connected to the 12V adapter or will I need an add-on to cycle them? - by Phil (Barrie)
Yes, it cycles on its own.
How well do the LED strips handle voltage surges? I plan on using mine in a boat and someone mentioned that during a storm there was lightning nearby and completely destroyed all his LEDs. Is there a way to protect these? I plan on using a 12V battery to power these. - by Bob (Minneapolis MN)
There is really no way to protect ANYTHING from lightning...
If I buy several million color lights and hook them all up to the same AC adaptor is it possible to make sure they are all on the same color cycle, so one won't be red while another is green etc? - by Shahanna (Manchester)
It is possible, but not likely. You can't sync them, and one may be faster/slower then another. Check out the videos.
I have a 6 panel frosted glass tv mount, what is suggested to use to light the glass - by Andrew (Michigan)
Flexible LED Strips!
Is there a positive and negative wire that comes in and out of the strip? If so can the strips be wired in series? - by Chris
There is a positive and negative wire in the end of the strip. Yes, run them in parallel.
I would like to run solid colour led 16metres, what transformer would I require?
thanks - by Hayley (australia)
A 5 amp would be appropriate.
how can I connect 4 strips together - by Alberto (Brownsville, TX)
Run all the negative, red, green and blue wires together.
can you drive a screw into the strip to mount ? mounting on carpet on boat and tape won't work. Thanks, Tom - by Tom (Parma Ohio)
It wouldn't make sense to drive a screw directly into the strip, but you could certainly drive a screw into another mounting component, and then use a cable tie to attach the strip to that mounting component. There's even some cable ties that come integrated with a screw mount.
I got two curved starways 26 feet long each one with cove lighting fixtures currently fixed with 24 V micro bulbs. How can I replace them with your strips. How many strips could I put together to cover the 26 foot length of each stair? How many transformers should I have to buy? - by Ernesto (Caracas, Venezuela)
These are made for 12 volts, so they will not work for direct replacements. You can however, get a 12v adapter and wire these strips to them. The longest strip we have is 6 feet; you'll need 5 strips, then cut down that last strip to size. You'll need about 1-2 transformers, depending on the size of the transformers.
im looking to put 4 (6ft) flexible leds under my bar. For a power source all i will need is an ac adapter and a junction box?
Yes a 12 volt adapter and the juction box will help you wire this up
I was looking to buy one 9.5inch strip of the flexible LED strips. I have a adapter which says: AC-DC power supply Direct plug-in Call 2 transformer AC 120v Input to a DC 11v 350mA Output. Would the 11v output effect the preformance of the 9.5inch strip? I fugure since cars voltage supply varries and is not always 12v. - by Brian (Manchester, MD)
11V should be fine.
how many 6ft strips will i need to light up a 10x10 room? not really bright though just light normal - by Brian
Probably 4.
What is the viewing angle?
The LED viewing angle is around 45 degrees.
can the 6ft Flexible Home LED Strips light up a room? - by Mike (new orleans, la)
Which RGB controller and power adapter would you recommend to run and control a series of how many strips? - by Sury (Richmond, TX)
The variables are to high to figure for each. It depends on the length of strips, and output.
i am trying to figure out how to connect the black wire from the adapter to the wire from the light. the wire from the light is silver and copper in order to identify which one is pos/neg, but the black wire from the adapter is not labeled. one wire just has white dashes along it. is that the pos or neg one? - by John
Silver is positive, and copper is negative.
The white dashed wire is positive, and the solid black is negative.

But it doesn't really matter. Nothing bad will happen if it is reversed.
Try it one way. If it doesn't light up, try it the other way and it will.
What makes the waterproof LEd Ribbon strips waterproof? What are they coated with? Do you have a line that is encased in silicone? - by Carolyn (S California)
They are in clear rubber.

Yes, https://www.oznium.com/flexible-led-strips/silicone-encased-led-strip
What do you recommend for chromatherapy steam shower lighting?
For a waterproof application in a steam shower, check out our Surface Mount LED Bars or Ultra Thin LED Light Bars which have a very low profile. They are very durable, and will hold up great in a humid environment. You can power them from one of our AC Adapters.

LED Spa Blue Light Chromatherapy Relaxing

The healing power of chromatherapy colors:
Red: Stimulating and exciting. Activates circulation and wakes up the senses.
Orange: Soothing and pain-relieving. Stimulates the respiratory system and soothes muscular pain.
Yellow: Digestive and creative. Promotes digestion and increases brain activity
Green: Calming and stabilizing. Relaxes the entire body and stabilizes emotions.
Blue: Relaxing and soothing. Reduces blood pressure and stress and soothes the soul.
Violet: Immunizing and appeasing. Stimulates the immune system, detoxifies the body, and reduces anxiety.
Do the strips flex in multiple directions?
Yes they flex in multiple directions.
Do you sell dimmers, are they in the transformers does it shorten the life of the led's - by Mark (Cato NY)
We do not sell Dimmers.
would like to use these under the new kitchen cabnits are they dimable - by Mark (Owen)
Yes, thats fine, you can certainly use them under kitchen cabinets. They are dimable.
im wanting either 2 of the 19'' or 2 of the 28" flexible strips and was wondering what AC Adapter would be best for them.
First, lets figure out the total amperage draw of your LEDs.

Suppose you are powering 16 feet of our LED Ribbon Strips which use 130 mA per foot.
Note: mA is an abbreviation for milliamps. There are 1000 milliamps in an amp, so 130 mA = .130 amps

--> 16 feet x .130 amps = 2.08 amps

While the 2 amp AC Adapter would work for this application (16 feet of LED Ribbon Strips), it would be at the limit of its capabilities.

The LEDs may not reach their full brightness potential, and the 2 amp AC Adapter may work harder than it should.

In this specific case, it would be better to go with the 3.25 amp AC Adapter.