UltraCast Heavy Duty Tri-Chip Waterproof LED Strip - Customer Questions

Frequently Asked Questions by Oznium Customers

Can these be wired inline with TRICHIP LED TUBE so i can use the same power supply to power this, along with the trichip tubes? - by Darre (Canada)
Yes, definitely.
Can I wire these to my 12V boat battery, or do they need a constant 12 volt supply? Battery voltage will vary a little and I want to make sure it won't kill the lights. - by Tzvetan (Scappoose, OR)
No problem wiring them to your boat battery. There are usually voltage spikes off batteries, just add in inline fuse.
Are they dimmable - by Paul (Ohio)
Can you tell me, how many lumens are these in one full strip? - by Norman (Lemoyne, PA)
Sorry, we haven't tested for that.
Can these be operated by a remote control?
If they are hardwired under kitchen cabinets, how can I hook up an on/off switch?
These can certainly be controlled by a remote switch. Here is a remote on/off switch: https://www.oznium.com/switches/remote-switch Here is a wiring diagram: https://www.oznium.com/switches/remote-switch#tech
Or could be connected to a regular switch also.
Hello Oz would like to add lighting to shower but with no real threat of direct water since it will be on the ceiling. Is there a way to direct wire in to 110V. - by KENNY (MIDLAND TX)
No. You should most certainly wire to an AC Adapter which will convert the 110VAC to 12VDC.
Ive used the Super Bright Water Proof 12V Home LED light Bar under my kitchen cabinets with good success. I see that the Ultracast Tri-Chip has more lumens. Is it as suitable for under cabinet use? - by Curtis (Santa Barbara)
Yes, this very bright strip is well-suited for under-cabinet lighting.
How many of these can you connect together? I would like to use the
RGB strips with a controller. I am looking at daisy chaining 2 sets of 15 together. between. - by Dan (Vancouver, WA)
Depends on how many amps the power source and controller that you are using are.
How many hours should the strips be expected to last? - by KIM (TACOMA WA)
~50000 hours
Hi I am wondering if these are the LPD8806 LED RGB Strips (Same as these http://adafruit.com/products/306) or are they different? If they are (diffrent), do they work the same way? Can I use them with an Arduino the same way? - by Craig (United States)
They are different. That adafruit strip will scan different colors. We don't carry that, yet.
Is it possible to purchase several feet (i.e. 10' or more) in one continuous piece?
Cutting, soldering and sealing can be done separately. - by Kris
I'm sorry, but these can not. They are all individual in 20" lengths.
how much light is lost by using a single color from RGB (eg just green), vs getting a single color strip? do you pretty much lose 2/3's of the light?
Pretty much.
Do the strips come with controlling devices? how are they powered? AND how thin is the extension cord? - by Ryan (Oregon)
The strips do not come with any controlling devices, unless of course you buy a controlling device separately from us.

For example, you're welcome to buy a simple on/off switch, a dimmer switch, a remote controlled switch, etc.

The wire coming off the strip is about 1.5 mm thin.
can this be used in an indoor swimming pool? - by Grace (Apple Valley)
Yes, you may need to silicone or glue the ends to make them completely waterproof.
Will the RGB strips work with this controller?
RGB Million Color LED Controller for $19.99

Thanks - by Cory (Gonzales, LA)
Yes, you would need to cut off the ends of each and wire them together.
What do I need to make the RBG ones rotate colors? I have 2 of these and an AC adapter already. Thanks! - by Cory (Gonzales, LA)
You'd most likely want to use an RGB controller. This one is popular, for example: Freedom RGB Controller
If I order more than one of the rbg strips and piggy back them, will they rotate the same color at the same time? - by Cory (Gonzales, LA)
Yes, they will do the same color together.
How much wire is attached to the quick connects at each end? I'm planning on linking a few of these together, but with space in between, and I'm not sure if I'll need the 3ft. adapters or not?
about 2-3 inches. If you the length is longer then 3-ft,you can use a few extension cables.
Would these strips work with the Freedom RGB Controller? If so, how would you recommend connecting them to the controller?
Yes! Just plug in the red wire from the controller to the red wire on the strip. Repeat with the green, blue and ground wires. You can solder, electrical tape, or any other method to join the wires.
How wide and thick are the strips?
Size: 500mm length x 11.7mm width x 6.25mm height

Source: https://www.oznium.com/home-led/heavy-duty-tri-chip-led-strip#tech
Would these work if I used them in a solar light, and would they work being powered with a solar panel and 12V battery?
Yes, as long as the solar panel doesn't put out more than like 15 volts.
can these be placed in a glass enclosed space approximately 3 in high x5 in wide x24 in long? - by Ted (calif.)
Yes, certainly
If I cut them, I assume I will need to cover the cut end in silicone to maintain water resistance.

How would I attach an additional strip to the cut end?

Do you sell extension cords so I can have a longer run without putting the strips next to one another? - by Eric (New York, NY)
Yes, if you cut them and want to maintain water resistance, you'd likely apply some silicone.

It is difficult to attach an additional strip to the cut end, but if you really wanted to, you could peel open the cut end and solder new wires to the circuit board.

Otherwise, there's power wires already coming out of each end of the 20 inch strip.

We do offer a 3 foot extension cord that will work.
I know these aren't as flexible as your super flexible tri chip strips, but would these be able to bend slightly?
Yes, these are bendable.
Which RGB controller and power adapter would you recommend to run and control a series of how many strips? - by Sury (Richmond, TX)
Depends on how many strips.
Can you select and hold any of the colors as in a DJ show? Which controller would be required? - by Ken (South Carolina)
You can pause the color with this controller -
can you plug this up to a regular house outlet?
Yes, of course. You can use one of our AC Adapters.
Waterproof enough to be submerged (on the back of a boat)? - by Sean
Can the strips be trimmed to a shorter length? - by Terry
They can be cut every three LEDs.
Would these work in the wheel well? or will they easily get damaged?
These would work great in the wheel well; and if mounted away from any of the moving parts / axle, they will be perfectly safe.
Can you take 4 of these tubes, put them on a single junction block, and control them with a single RGB controller? - by JSewell
Yes, 4 strips can certainly be controlled with a single RGB controller, with all termination ends at a distrobution block. They also daisy-chain together, so you can just have one hooked up to the controller, and have a long chain of them.
does the rgb million color model use a common positive controller or a common negative controller. - by Rich (state college, pa)
Common Positive.
What LED Type are they? 5050s?

And are the RGB/Million color strips common positive or common negative? - by Don (Ohio)
Correct, 5050 Tri-Chip RGB SMD Modules. Common Pos.