Aluminum LED Indicator Light - Customer Questions

Frequently Asked Questions by Oznium Customers

I have some residual power on the line this is connected to which is lighting the LED when it shouldn't. I only want it to come on when I have above 9v or 10v (12v automotive application). Is there a way to limit this?
Can you please provide more details. How are you powering this? Do you have anything else in line with the leds?
An the LED work with a 3v load?
You should use it with 12v. Since the led is made to emit lower intensity than our regular leds, lower voltage may result in very dim or no light.
What is the amperage or wattage per one LED indicator light? I want to see how many we can put on one of my 12 volt power supplies.
Each indicator light draws about 3mA.
What is the size of the LED? Can the LED be removed?
The actual LED inside the aluminum housing is a standard 3mm through hole LED. Its not designed to be removed (no user-serviceable parts). But if you really want to remove the LED for some reason, you can use a pair of pliers to pull the black plastic plug base out of the aluminum housing. You'd then be able to expose and remove the internal LED.

If you're asking about the size of the aluminum housing (full product), it fits into a 5/16" or 8mm diameter hole. You can see all the dimensions on the technical dimension drawing.
Do you make the Aluminum LED Indicator Light in a flashing version? I do not want to have to wire in a separate controller, just need the flashing light in 12 volt with a black case in several colors (amber, blu & green).
No, sorry. If you need 200 or more we can create that in a custom order.
Are these lights full wave rectified?
The indicator light is designed for 12 VDC input. Are you looking for an indicator light which can handle 120 VAC input? We can produce a custom version for you if you're able to order at least 100 units.
Do you make this product in a 120 V. application?
Only 12V DC but we can produce this for 120 volt if you need 100 or more. You can fill out this custom order form if that works for you: https://www.oznium.com/custom-led-design
Does this LED flash?
It doesn't flash on its own, but if you want to make it flash, you can use this tiny LED controller.

Or if you need 100's, we can custom make some for you that flash.
I'm going to use two of these for turn signal indicators in a custom dash.
Do I need to install a resistor or anything of that sort? - by Victor (Waterford, OH)
As long as your system is 12V, you don't need resistors.
If the LED burns out, how can I replace it?
While it may be physically possible, its not practical to replace just the internal LED component.
The LED will last for about 50,000 hours.
Are they dimmable? - by Paul (Dayton, Ohio)
What are the dimensions? - by Robert (Jacksonville FL)
That is shown here: https://www.oznium.com/led-bolts-prewired-leds/led-indicator-light#tech
How much resistance could I add to use these in a 24 volt application?
Perr (Norfolk, VA) - by Perr (Norfolk, VA)
From our LED Resistor Calculator, if you enter 24v supply, 12v output, and 20 mA current, the result is about 680 ohm with 1/2W power rating. What works in reality may be slightly different.

If you need a bunch (100 ), just let us know, and we'll be happy to custom make a 24v version for you.
You could also just wire 2 in series on 24v.
I am not looking for lighting up a area, I am looking at using as a turn signal indicators. Probably six per side. Will these be highly noticeable? The slim flush mount is what I'm looking for.
You will notice them on, yes.
Are they waterproof?
The light housing itself is fully waterproof, with an IP67 rating.

The connections on the back are splash-proof, but if you add some silicone, you could make the connections on the back fully waterproof too.
Do you make these in a 24 volt model? - by John (United States)
No, but we're happy to custom make some if you're willing to buy 100 pieces.
Otherwise you could wire two together in series, or use resistors.
I'm connecting about 6 of these lights in parallel to an auto fuse panel. What amp rating would you recommend for this application? - by Tim (Fresno, CA)
How about a 1 amp fuse? Or if you can't find a fuse that small, a 3 amp would probably be fine.
Do you offer these in a very bright red?
Would like to use on a motorcycle. - by Patrick (Lake Charles, La)
These are a regular red as shown in the photos. If you're looking for something much brighter, and about the same size, you could check out the Prewired Superflux 4 Chip LEDs.