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Frequently Asked Questions by Oznium Customers

Can I use this instead of a flasher unit for the turn signals in my motorcycle? I can't get the turn signals to blink, despite having a new flasher relay specially for LED lights.
That controller has a strobe mode, if that is the function you are needing that should work for you.
Can I hook up 6 four foot led strips to this one sontroller? - by Ray
What is maximum input voltage for this unit?
I bought this'd cannot get it to work. It is on all the time and will not respond to any inputs from the inline led controller
I have wired it like second form right in your picture
what might be wrong?
can I fix this ?
is this a bad unit that is malfunctioning? - by Bill (Minneapolis area)
Please contact Customer Service for assistance. 800-245-8131 or cs@oznium.com.
Can this product be used with led strips that have in line resistors? They also state a drive mode of constant 12V DC, will this cause problems?
Yes, I don't see why it won't work. Go for it!
When in the off position does this draw power or do I need a separate switch to prevent battery drain? - by Willard (east Ky.)
When its in the OFF position, it will still draw a tiny amount of power, so if you want to prevent it from drawing any power at all, you'd need a physical on/off switch.

Where are you using it? Car? Or with some small portable battery pack? If its on a car battery, it won't really be a concern because the car battery has so much power, yet this only draws a very small amount. It'd only be an issue if you left it sitting for months and months. If you're using a small portable battery pack, then you may consider adding a physical on/off switch (or simply remove a battery).
i know i should have bought this when i got my led water proof lights with the ac adapter but to make this work can i tap in to the led side and the ac adapter line or do you have suggestions ??? - by Jason (San Antonio, TX)
Yes, you can put this between your AC Adapter and LED lights.
ive seen comments about making it water proof can you simply use heat shrink tube to close it up? - by Jason (san antonio tx)
Yes, a combination of heat shrink and silicone should work.
I saw that the dimmer has 'memory' for dimming/sequence settings once power is restored, but it wasn't clear to me if you had to manually turn the unit back on. Will it automatically turn back on when power is restored if they were on previously?
can I hook this to a xmas litghs
Are they 12v? If so, then yes, go for it.
Will these remember the mode they were in and brightness if power is lost and then restored? - by Timothy (Indianapolis, Indian)
Can this be used with your single prewired surface mount LED's instead of a strip? - by Brett (Algonquin)
Yes, go for it.
Would it be possible to disassemble the unit to solder in different switches? Id like to tuck the controller and wire the buttons to my dash. - by Alexander (Virginia Beach, VA)
Yes, absolutely. Go for it!
are these waterproof (or could they be made waterproof?
These are not waterproof, but you're welcome to make them waterproof. You could try adding some silicone to the ends.
I have a regular switch on my led circuit on my motorcycle. How i can install this inle dimmer?
Have you looked at the simple wiring diagram on the "Technical Info" tab?
What is your specific question about wiring it?
Do you have a similar controller that has an A & B output? Kind of like what your LED Strobe Kit.
If the LED Strobe Kit controller suits your needs, why not buy that and then just toss the LEDs that come with it?
This Remote Control Dimmer & Strobe Switch also has two channels of outputs while on strobe mode, but the LED Strobe Kit has more features.
If I hook this up to 4 separate flexible strips, can it make them all strobe at the same time? - by Rich
If you hook up 4 (or virtually any number) of LEDs/LED Strips to 1 controller, they will be in sync. They will all strobe at the same time.

If you hook up 4 LED Strips to 4 separate controllers, they will not be in sync.
I assume that the light button will turn the light completely off? I didnt see that demonstrated in the video - by Larry (St. Louis)
Yes, or you can also hold down the "speed/bright" button to turn it off.
Will this still function correctly in a 3.7v system? - by Carl (United States)
Will this work for color changing (million) ledsa, so you can stop on a particular color or cycle through all.
The one you're looking at (Inline LED Controller) is only for single color LEDs.

Please buy this one instead: Inline RGB LED Controller.
And yes, of course, the Inline RGB LED Controller, lets you pause on a particular color, or cycle all colors.
Are the buttons flexible?
The buttons are not flexible.
can i hook it to a light that is all ways grounded to the chassis? can i mount the controller in the engine bay and is it a little water resistant?
No you can't hook it to a light that is always grounded to the chassis.
The negative wire of the light must be hooked to the negative wire of the LED controller.

Waterproof for mounting in engine bay: No its definitely not waterproof, but with a bit of silicone, you could seal up the ends.
Do both power wires have to be hooked up to the lights?
I'm looking for a dimmer/strobe that controls via the negative side, rather than the positive side.
My lights are negative switched and the positive is wired directly to the power source.
Good question. No, both power wires don't have to be hooked up to the lights, but the negative wire must be hooked up to the lights.

This controller switches the ground side, rather than the positive site. Virtually all other LED controllers operate in the same way because its more efficient circuit design. This means the positive side is just a wire straight through, constantly hooked up. All the PWM action (on/off, dimming, strobing) happens via the negative wire.

Here's a diagram to better explain:

Ground switched wiring for in-line LED controller
How do these dimmers work with the flexible led-strips, do they control the voltage or the current?
Pulse width modulation (PWM)