A simple and easy-to-use RGB controller. Connect a DC12-24V power at one end of the controller; another end is to connect any 12V RGB LED strip. The controller comes with a wireless intuitive touch remote control.

With the remote control, just using your fingertips to change your LEDs projects to any colors! RGB changing color is easy to be done. Simply swipe your finger on the color wheel and stop at the color you want. 30m effective receiving distance and strong anti-interference ability

20 automatic changing modes and 20 pre-set modes provide you many different color patterns & effects. Of course it includes all the general functions a LED controller should have: brightness change, dimming and speed change.

It has Memory! It automatically saves your last pattern and will return to it again, even if power is removed.

Want to use your smartphone to control the LEDs?

This controller is compatible with our WiFi hub. Get the WiFi hub here to allow you to control this over a WiFi connection.