iPhone/Android WiFi Compatible RGB Controller - Customer Questions

Frequently Asked Questions by Oznium Customers

I want to get the KITT car effect , where the red light moves back and forth slowly. Can this product be set to function that way? - by Agostino
Sorry, this product can't be set to function that way.
Can you plug one of your 12v AC adapters directly into this box? Looking at 3.5 amp AC power into box, and 16ft RGB Waterproof LED Strip out. That work? - by Tim (Kansas)
Plug AC Adapter into LED controller
I just purchased a dual color halo kit for my car, can this product be used in 2 different channels? Also, will my phone always need to be connected to wifi signal before I could send a signal to the halos? - by Josh
Yes. You can control anywhere from 1 channel to 3 channels of light with this controller. So in other terms, you could control a single color product, a dual color product, or a 3 color product.

Yes, your phone will need to connect to the wifi signal before you can control it.