This iPhone/Android WiFi Hub turns our WiFi Compatible RGB Controller to become WiFi controllable.

Must be used with WiFi Compatible RGB controller to utilize smartphone device control. Compatible with iOS & Android (phone and tablets) products.

Two Wifi connection mode are available:

1. Connect your smartphone to the WiFi hub directly to remote control your LED bulbs & strips
2. The WiFi hub can be set to connect to your home network. Any smartphone connected to your the same network can remote control your LED bulbs & strips

How to use:

1. You already have a WiFi Compatible RGB controller with any LED products connected.
2. Put the WiFi hub next to the WiFi Compatible RGB controller. Power it up by DC5V. It includes a 40" USB cable inside the package so you can simply connect the hub to any USB socket.
3. Download the app from App Store (iPhone) or Play Store (Android) to your smart phone
4. Follow the WiFi Setup Guide to link up the controller & hub.
5. Done! You can control your LED products by your smartphone.

You can download the WiFi Setup Guide in Technical section for the WiFi setup