Two Colors in One LED Bolt

The Bi-color LED Bolt are available in Amber/White LED & Amber/Red now!

Color Changing Effect

Color changing Effect

The Amber/White & Amber/Red combination Bi-color Flush Mount LED Bolt are popular for vehicle turn signal, running light and brake light applications. We inject a hard yet crystal clear epoxy on top to protect the LED and make it IP67 (fully waterproof).

You can install it on the front or rear of your car, truck, motorcycle, or ATV.

It's can be used as a daytime running light and works well with our Switchback Driver and Dual Intensity Brake Light Driver.

-When hooked up to the Switchback Driver, the bolt will automatically switch between two different LED colors: White for daytime running lights and Amber for turn signal lights.

-When hooked up to the Dual Intensity Brake Light Driver, the LED bolt will have dual bright function. Low bright red for daytime running lights and high bright red when you hit the brake.

See below for more explantation:

Amber/White LED Bolt with DTRL and Turn Signal Functions?
Looking for using the LED bolt as a running light as well as a turn signal light? You just need to add the Switchback Driver and the LED bolt will be working as:
1️⃣ When the turn signal is activated, Running light LEDs OFF, Turn signal LEDs ON.

2️⃣ When the turn signal is deactivated, The turn signal LEDs will be OFF and running light LEDs will be automatically ON again after 1.5 seconds.

Amber/Red LED Bolt with Brake and Turn Signal Functions?
The bi-color LED bolt doesn't have any brake / turn signal functions by itself. Are you looking to have Brake and Turn Signal functions with the LED bolt? You can have that functions by using Switchback Driver along with the Dual Intensity Brake Light Driver.
How to wire them? Click below wiring diagram to zoom in!