New for 2020: Two colors in one LED bolt

Color changing between White / Amber LED Bolt

The Amber / White combination Bi-color Flush Mount LED Bolt is popular for vehicle turn signal and running light applications. It's can be used as a daytime running light and works well with our Switchback Driver and 2nd Gen side emitting LED strips. When hooked up to the Switchback Driver, the bolt will automatically switch between two different LED colors: White for daytime running lights and Amber for turn signal lights. We inject a hard yet crystal clear epoxy on top to protect the LED and make it IP67 (fully waterproof). You can install it on the front of your car, truck, motorcycle, or ATV.

Front turn signal activated
It allows you changing light color for motor's signal.
White LEDs OFF. Amber LEDs ON. When the turn signal is deactivated, Amber LEDs will be OFF and White LEDs will be automatically ON again after 2 seconds.

O-rings waterproof LED bolt
Need 11mm Rubber O-Rings?

For a water-tight seal around the bolt bezel and your panel.
Drill Bit for LED Bolts 11mm
Need an 11mm metric drill bit?

Buy them conveniently from us to match the 11mm diameter hole required for your bi-color bolt.

LED Bolt Nuts
Lose your 11mm Nuts?

You can buy replacements.

Also want a bi-color LED strip? We offer both a Top emitting and Side emitting LED strip.

Other custom colors?
For now, we only produce the bi-color bolt in an Amber/White configuration, but we're happy to custom make other color combinations (for example, Red/White, Blue/Green, or anything else!) generally with a minimum order of 100 to 200 pieces. Please contact us if you're interested.