Feel boring about your car?
Looking for an eye-catching tail light?
Or have no idea how to upgrade your car?

Let us show you the newest exclusive product - The Dual-Intensity Brake Light Driver. We designed to let your additional LEDs can also apply brake application so now you can install any LED with dual intensity function. It's ideal for brake application of the car and bike.

Product Features:

✅ Make your own style tail light

✅ Ideal for automotive brake application

✅ Thin and light - easily hide on your car or bike

✅ Surface Waterproof

✅ One year warranty

✅ Control the intensity of LED by PWM signal (It can also be applied on most of the LEDs)

✅ Supporting Positive and Negative Trigger

✅ Four levels of brightness in the low-intensity mode

What is the difference between Positive and Negative Trigger Signal?
Negative trigger would work for the motion sensor switch or PIR sensor. if you're looking for using the driver on the car or bike, just use the positive trigger function.

How the Dual Intensity Brake Light Driver works?
The Dual Intensity Brake Light Driver controls the LEDs brightness by PWM signal.

When the Dual Intensity Brake Light Driver in low intensity mode (standby, without any trigger), the LED brightness will be dimming to 20-50%(brightness selectable).

And the LED brightness will be going to 100% when the Dual Intensity Brake Light Driver is receiving the trigger signal.

Better explanation in this video!

Still not sure that is the Dual Intensity Brake Light Driver work with your LEDs? Just free feel to contact us via Email or Facebook Messenger. We'd love to help with it.

Most of the customers install below products on their car / bike as tail light, check it out:
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Looking for Switchback + Dual Intensity Brake Functions?
Are you looking to have Brake and Switchback functions? You can have that functions by using Switchback Driver along with the Dual Intensity Brake Light Driver.
How to wire them? Click below wiring diagram to zoom in!