Super Thin LED Tube - 1/4" diameter (only 6mm!) - Customer Questions

Frequently Asked Questions by Oznium Customers

how do you get out of tube - by Michael (Matthews, NC)
Carefully cut the end caps off, then just slide it out.
If you heat up the glue which holds the end caps on, it'll make it easier.
How do you mount these? If I apply silicone sealant to the ends and all of my connections, would that make them waterproof? - by Thomas
You could use silicone, glue, cable ties or add double sided sticky tape to mount them. More silicone on the ends would waterproof them but not for underwater.
I tapped one tube into factory led lead and daisy chained to another tube for back on drivers side. I repeated for passenger side as to run less wire and not over load off of 1 tap for power. I noticed my factory footwell lighting system uses a 2 amp fuse and tubes get warm borderline hot is this normal. I did have a 2amp fuse blow after an hr. Use should i go to a 5 amp fuse. I put another 2 amp fuse in for now and seems ok so far. No loose connections or bad connections or wires touching due to exposure. Thanks - by Gary (Peabody, MA)
Make sure they are only getting 12V DC power. Even 4 should not get hot or blow a fuse. If a higher voltage is used, they will get hot.
Can you wire this to your dome light and also bring in a wire from the dashboard so the LEDs come on when you open the door and when you turn on the headlights? - by Greg (Anderson SC)
Yes, it's certainly possible to do that.
But unless you use either a diode or a relay, your headlights could light up when your dome light is on and vice versa.
do you all expect to make these in the RGB variety. - by Ryan (Powells Point, NC)
Not presently.
Is the "tube" flexible at all so as to bend in a minor C or S shape curves or are they rigid and must remain straight ?
The tube is rigid and can't be bent.
I am having a hard time stripping the wire without cutting it and still allowing me to have anything to twist to another wire. There doesn't seem to be much wire attached to the led and what is there appears to be stranded so that pieces pull out if you pull too hard. Any suggestions? - by Steve (Michigan)
Use a box blade and gently cut the wire off from a sideways motion turning the wire in a circle. That works well. If you need further help please call Customer Service at 800-245-8131.
I'd like to split these in two but leave in the tube, can the tubes be cut too? would a little dab of clear silicone in the cut end restore the "splash" resistance?
Yes and Yes.
How long do these last? When I have to replace them I assume I will just remove the used on and buy an new one, right? - by Stephen
Theoretically about 50,000 hours. Yes, remove and replace.
do they come with mounting clips? - by DANIEL (United States)
No they don't.
When removed from the tube, are the LEDs flexible? I'd like to bend it to make three sides of a rectangle? If not, which would be the best to do this? - by Michael (United States)
You could use the Diamond strip and not need to take the strip out of the tube. It is bendable but not to give a sharp point.
Any problem or special procedure with hooking straight to USB (5v)? I am guessing they will be dimmer. If I were to cut the strip in 1/2 would that make it brighter or are there onboard resisters? - by Dave (Shreveport, LA)
At 5v it will be dimmer, may not have any light. Cutting it in half will not make if brighter.
Im looking to buy two of these to replace the gauge lighting in my 1991 Chevy pickup. If I buy these and a pack of dummy bulbs for the 194 base, will these dim with my stock dimmer switch? Or do I need one of your dimmers? - by Chad (Michigan)
Yes, and no respectively.
I need to cut these down to size. Can you explain exactly where to make the cuts so that all LEDs still on the bar work please?
You may cut between every 3rd LED.
can a dimmer be used for this and do you sell one? - by Juan
I'm wondering. Does the LED strip inside the tube has a 3M adhesive, on the back of the strip itself, like a lot of your other LED strips? - by Ken (Wichita Falls, TX)
Sometimes. It depends on the exact production batch, and there's no way to know which you'll get.
If you need 3M tape on the back, and it doesn't already have it, how about just adding some of your own?
You can pick up all sorts of varieties of 3M tape from your local hardware store, etc.
Can I buy these LED's not in the tube? - by Kevin (OKC, OK)
If you're willing to buy at least 100 strips, sure, we'll be happy to custom produce them for you without the tubes.
Otherwise, if you just need a few, please try removing them from the tubes yourself.
Can I get a tube with multiple color led's or ar the tubes 1 color only?
Certainly possible.
If you can buy 100 or more, we're happy to custom make tubes with any arrangement of LEDs.
What size wire do I need to run from the under the dash that lights up the floor in my car.I would like to replace all of my inside lighting in my wagon.I just want to make sure that I can tap directly in my power lines to the lights that are already installed in the car..thanks - by Ken (Ashburn Va.)
These draw such little power, that the wire size doesn't really matter.
You're welcome to use any wire size from like 16 gauge to 22 gauge.
I need an extra tube and end caps. How do I get these? - by Bret (Austin TX)
We have no plans to sell empty tubes nor end caps. You could buy a full tube, remove, and then discard the LEDs. Or you could try to find a plastics store (like TAP Plastics) that will sell you just the tube.
can these LED tubes be piggybacked? If so, how many can be piggybacked together, how do you do it, and what other supplies are needed? - by Beverly (Louisville, KY)
Yes, you can hook the wires together coming off the ends to daisy-chain them.
They use only .12 amps so you can hook as many as you want together depending on your power source.
Only other item might be some extra wire to hook to your power source.

Super Thin LED Tube
Can you explain step by step how to connect these to power so they can be plugged into 110AC and what supplies are needed to do this? I'm a dummy on electrical stuff, so make it simple enough that even I will understand. Thanks. - by Beverly (Louisville, KY)
Buy an AC Adapter (2 amp is fine).

Strip about half an inch of plastic off 2 wires on the LED tube, and twist the bare wires onto the bare wires coming out of the AC Adapter.

There's only 2 wires to hook up, a positive, and negative. If you reverse them, nothing bad will happen, but the LEDs wont light up. So then just flip them around and it will light up.
1. Is the tube perfectly round? Or does it have a flat back to it?
2. Are these waterproof/weatherproof? - by Dustin (United States)
The tube is 100% round.
It is not 100% waterproof, but rather "splash proof".