Remote 4 Channel Million Color Controller

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Remote 4 Channel Million Color Controller
Remote 4 Channel Million Color Controller
Q: Can this be interfaced with the WiFi RGB Controller and WiFi Hub, such that it can then be controlled by my phone, for example? - by Matthew
A: Sorry, no.
Q: Hi there, I have used ths controller with some RGB leds. When in music mode i get a slight static sound coming through my speakers and the lights flash to the static not the music. Do you know of anything i can do to prevent this???
It is only in music mode. Any other mode it is quiet and the lights work great. It doesn't seem to matter whether the line in is connected or not. Both line in and microphone modes cause it to static. Thanks - by Brian (Pakuranga, New Zeala)
A: Not sure where the static is coming from, sound like maybe a cross bleed. If you continue to have problems please call customer service or check on our forum for more answers.
Q: Is this unit or are any of the LED controllers water proof?
A: None are waterproof, but you're welcome to make them waterproof yourself (put in a waterproof box / silicone / etc).
Q: can i control each channel speerately and have different flash patterns for each channel?
A: No, you can not control each channel separately.
Q: Will this unit allow 2 channels to flash/strobe while the 2 remaining channels stay on steady? - by Shayne (BC Canada)
A: No
Q: Can I choose which color is on which channel?
A: Yes
Q: does this system have a dimming feature? Most do from my understanding, but it is not listed as a feature and there is not a clear shot of all of the buttons on the remote.
If there is a dimming feature, can the led's be dimmed channel by channel? - by bradley (inman, SC)
A: This particular product does not have a dimmer mode/function.
Q: I would like to know about the size of your unit/for my aplacation - by michael (United States)
A: As you can see by clicking on the "Technical Info" tab, the dimensions are: 3.25" X 4.75" X 1.25"
Q: Can this work with the LED Ribbon Strips million color?
- by Harry (Fort Worth)
A: Yes
Q: Can I switch between the 4 channels via remote control to set the LED colors for every channel independently? - by Dennis (Canada)
A: Yes, it is possible.
Q: Can you run this unit on one of the 5 amp ac adapters? - by Nick
A: Yes
Q: Is it possible to turn all channels onto the same solid color, so that the led's will remain one color as long as i wish, without changing or flashing. - by Lindsey (Greely, Canada)
A: Yes, there is a pause feature for this.
Q: Is the remote "IR or RF ? - by Dominic (Elmhurst, IL)
Q: I needed to know if the music mode automatically changes the color of the leds to the tones and doesnt just flash to the beat and also if it will run off of a microphone and not just a hardwire? - by Randy
A: It doesn't change color to the music; it will flash.
Q: Is there any way to connect this controller straight into a wall socket? - by Bradley (United States)
A: Simply use an AC Adapter.
Q: when wiring this do i get the power source directly from battery or from some fuse that only receives power when the car is on? Also im a little confused about what the separate channels are for? what is the point of them? - by aric (Plant City, FL)
A: You'll probably want to get power from a fuse no matter what. But its up to you whether you pull power from a fuse that only receives power when the car is on.

The separate channels mean you can control the colors independently among four separate "zones".
Q: Will this controller work with "LED Flexible Strips(Million)"? - by Erik (East Moline, IL)
A: No, sorry. This controller is Common Positive, and those strips are Common Negative.
Q: Is it possible to put a switch on the positive lead on a channel to independently turn them on and off? - by Carl (Flemington, NJ)
A: Yes!
Q: How many SMD leds 5050 (led strip) can it's support per channel? - by Giglio (Brazil)
A: 2 amps per channel, total of 8 amps.
Q: Hello, I am projecting an illuminated ceiling which took a total of 50 meters of RGB LED strip (30leds / Meter).
Can I use only one unit of this controller for this amount of LEDs?
How about signal amplifiers will I need?
In the project had been three separate rows of LED, I can control them individually or a command on the remote control will have to be for the entire set?
- by Giglio (Brazil)
A: This controller handles 2 amps per channel for a total of 8 amps. You can connect 4 separate strips and the remote will change them with pre-designed patterns. Each channel cannot be controlled individually.
Q: i have 4 10 foot ribbon leds and a 150 watt 12 power supply, will this allow me to switch different colors to each strip and are the amps per channel ok
A: This controller handles 2 amps per channel, 150 watts is 12.5 amps. The remote controls the color sequence, you can't manipulate each channel separately.
Q: Do I have to have an amp to run my flexable leds and do I have to have an amp to use my remote controle
A: An amp? If you run this through your 12v power source, you'll get more then 1 amp, which is plenty to run.
Q: I'm thinking about getting this for my boat, but specifically how does the music mode work? I know there's a "line in" however, I'm not quite sure what that is or means. Does the line in come for my head unit? Also, will this device make the LED's flash to the music? - by ben (San Antonio)
A: The Line-in runs straight to your stereo head unit. Yes, this will make the LEDs flash to the music.
Q: Is it possible to actually control each of the 4 channels individually? Specifically I'd like to know if there is a way to turn one of them off while keeping the others on. - by Tom
A: No
Q: Does this unit turn on automatically when power is applied? Ie.. If it was in a car and wired to ignition, do you have to press any buttons (after it is set up) for it to resume to it's last setting? Or do you have to press the power button every time? - by Anthony (Australia)
A: It will turn on automatically when power is applied.
Q: What does the four channel part mean? does this mean I can have 4 different sets of lights doing different things as long as it is on different channels?
A: Yes, you can have four unique channels / sets of lights, all doing different colors.
Q: I need instructions on how to program this unit.
A: Please see the "Technical Info" tab.
Q: Is the any different that the Brain I already have with my V2 kits now?
and If so How? - by Glenn (Sparta, NJ)
A: It is different in that it is designed to work with common-positive LED strips, not the V2 underbody tubes. Also the patterns are slightly different - each channel can only do one color at a time, not multiple colors per tube like the underbody kit.