HOT ITEM during COVID-19 pandemic!

IR Touchless Hand Waving Sensor Switches are ideal to reduce the spreading of the corona virus. Unlike any physical switches, these IR sensor switches are non-invasive, relatively inexpensive and can be used to switch on/off any 12V LEDs and devices from a distance.

Tired of your old, dull push button switch?
Want to light up the LEDs in a fancy way?
This super-cool touch-less IR sensor switch is what you're looking for!

Just replace your conventional button switch with this touch-less sensor switch, you can switch on/off your 12V LEDs by simply "hand-waving". You don't have to push or even touch any button.

Compact size with cool black aluminum housing, great to use in your house, cars, boats... anywhere you need a fancy schmancy switch! Easy installation with the 3M sticker at the back.

How does it work?
Simply wave your hand over the infrared sensor to light up your LEDs.
Wave your hand over again to turn your LEDs off.

Voltage: 12 to 24 (VDC)
Max current: 3 Amps (36W @ 12V)

Works great with our AC Adapters (just plugs right in).
Or, you can always just snip off the power plugs, and wire up directly to a low voltage (12v - 24v) source. Then wire in your LEDs, LED strips, LED tubes, LED floods, etc)

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