These are Normal Open (N.O.) Magnetic Switches.
It allows to turn on your light when opening door, and turn it off by closing the door.

No need to use any remote to control your light, and turn on your LED lighting in any dark closet automatically.

Unlike our IR Proximity Sensor Switch, this switch is on/off by magnetic thus no current will be drawn when the switch is in off state.

We provide two styles of magnetic switch you can choose:

Round Magnetic Switch

Straight Magnetic Switch

  • Including four screws and two flakes

Simply connect it into the circuit and it works perfectly. It can handle 12VDC with up to 2A current
When the two components are getting close to each other, it breaks the electrical circuit and light will be off.

(The LED Bolt shown is available separately)

Installation Example in a Drawer

If you don't want to screw in, 3M tape is a good choice (The magnetic switches do not come with adhesive tapes)