LED Round Rocker Switch - Customer Questions

Frequently Asked Questions by Oznium Customers

I have a round led rocker switch 3 prong .Is there a way to have the Led on the switch laminated with out having the switch in the o position? I like to see the switch at night
You can wire the middle post to your power source and the end post (3) tot the positive on the led. The light will be on all the time.
How to wire the led switch on a riding lawn mower, the led lights stay on all the time while the mower is on and I would like the option to turn them on or off. Please provide a wiring diagram if possible.
Can you tell me more about how you have the switch wired now? What wires are you using from your mower?
Using the rv lights with 2 switches example, how would you add a dimmer to each switch so that one could control the brightness in addition to the on and off function?
It would be best to use this mini dimmer knob for that application: https://www.oznium.com/switches/mini-led-dimmer-knob
Is it possible to power the same led strip with 2 toggle switches? If so could you draw a diagram? I essentially want to be able to power an led strip from 2 locations. One switch I cant change is a toggle already.
3-way or 2-way switch wiring:

Let’s say you have a large RV, and want to control your lights from a switch at the bedroom as well as a switch at the kitchen. You can use two of our on/off/on switches, and wire them like this:

I need to use a switch to complete the circuit for a manual override to activate the cars radiator fan. I know an on/off switch will work. Will an LED switch light up if the ACC terminal becomes the ground wire from the radiator, the Power terminal becomes the chassis ground and the LED Ground terminal becomes 12v power for the LED or will something in internal switch wiring prevent this from working? - by Sam (San DIego, CA)
That won't work switching the wiring like that.
I am looking for a ROHS compliant mom-off-mom switch that can handle wave soldering temperature in excess of 600 degrees F. Most of the ones I find online are rated for 500~520. Know of anything that will meet this spec? Ed (Orlando)
Sorry, no.
Can you use silicon on the rocker switch to help waterproof it or will it affect the connection allowing it not to work? - by Weldon (Royse City TX)
As long as silicone doesn't interfere with the internal mechanical action of the switch, it will be fine.
Silicone will have no adverse effects on the connection terminals.
Are your Round Rocker LED Switches and your Momentary Rocker Switches made by the same manufacturer? Hoping they will look the same (other than the led) in the same switch panel.
They will look the same.
What size resistor do you put in the line to reduce brightness by like 50% - by craig (Iowa)
You can start with something like a 470 or 560 ohm, and if the LED is still too bright for your liking, just add a few more resistors.
Ok, my lamp turns on and off but the LED light doesn't come on. Any suggestions what it wrong. I ran a wire to a screw to ground the switch. Could this be the problem? - by joe
Perhaps it isn't grounded properly, or not wired properly.
can I use this for a switch to a table lamp? - by Joe
Only if it is DC power.
If I hook the wires of the LED Strips to the fog light wire, then will I need a switch or can I use the one designed for the car?And I was wondering if the wires for the fog lights... could they be a 12v power source for my 2 led strips? - by Garrett (Hastings, MN)
If you wire the strips into the same wiring as the fog light, that switch will run the lights. It will provide the power to the strips from that same circuit.
do you offer an illuminated waterproof switch for marine applications - by Richard (Columbia, TN)
How about using these Anti-vandal LED Switches.
Does the 3/4 hole saw come with the product?
Are the post assignments the same for the on/off/on rocker switch?
No, definitely not. The switches that have LEDs specifically need a ground wire to make the LED light up.

The on/off/on switches (without LEDs) don't care whether you pass ground, positive, etc through any of the wires.

The on/off/on switch has 3 positions. It has two different On positions with a center Off.

The circuit structure inside the on/off/on switch is like this:
On Off On switch circuit structure 3 positions
i got 1 of these in blue. i hooked up according to diagram. my leds work off and on with the switch like it suppose to but the switch light itself wont work ? - by KEN (ADVANCE, NC)
You must not be hooking it up properly. Please check and re-check your wiring.
can i hook up 10 super bright leds and 4 led tubes with 18 leds in each tube to one switch? - by Bryan (Southwest Ranches, F)
Is the fuse holder included with the round rocker switch or do I have to buy that separately?
If you buy a switch, you will only get a switch.

If you'd also like a fuse holder, please buy one too.
What are the dimensions of the switch? Length specifically, from the bottom of the pins. - by Raven (Colorado)
Please click on the "Technical Info" tab. As you can see from the dimensions there, the total height is about 28 millimeters or 1.1 inches
I bought the Red LED Switch, and in the wiring diagram, it displays a component called "Fuse & Fuse Holder". Is this AKA the resistor?
Nope - a fuse and fuse holder are completely different from a resistor.
would i be able to use the round switches with leds on a boat? using the flexible led strips for running lights :D or are the switches not weather proof?
-thanks - by Ethan (Forney, TX)
Yes, you can use them on your boat, just don't get them wet.
Can this switch work on a Hamilton Beach Deep fryer? It is looks like my switch that broke. It's round and has three prongs just like the button ya'll are selling. Here are the numbers on the side of my button...... RS 1215 165 15A 125V AC 7.5 250V AC and it's a SING FAI button. Hamilton Beach doesn't offer a replacement part for my deep fryer. They were no help to me. So I seen ya'll's button and hoped it would work. I haven't had my deep fryer but a year and maybe used it 10 or 15 times before the toggle button used to turn it on broke on one side. - by Marcie (Tennessee)
Sounds like it'd work just fine.
Do the led lit switches work on 125vac as shown in the tech diagram on the more pics section of this page. Line 3 reads electrical rating 15A 125vac(UL) - by nick (usa)
Yes, that's the electrical rating.
what type of fuse should one use since the switch runs 16 amps and the only fuse i see/know are 15 and 20 amps thanks!
You can use an ATC fuse or Bus Fuse. Whichever you want.
i want to put 4 sets of 12in cathodes in my car do i need 4 switches? and is there any other way to power the cathodes without using the cigarette lighter or car battery? - by Ike (atlanta georgia)
No, you can use one 1 switch for multiple cathode kits
The round rocker switch with LED is only ON/OFF right? Well, can the ON be wired to two different power sources? For example, one power source would be when the dome light turns on (door open) and the other power source would be when the headlights turn on.
Yes, that would work.
Will this work on 24v? - by peter (Richmond TX)
The switch will work on 24 volts just fine, but the LED wont.
Am I able to wire your On/Off/On switch like the dome light switchin cars, with (On/Off/Door).
can these be used w/ a power source less than 12v? - by Fernando
if you use the on/off/on switch to power leds from 2 different power sources, how will that affect the led in the switch? will it cause the switches led to turn on when the led its powering is turned off? confusing wording- sorry - by Matthew (Coraopolis, PA)
on/off/on switches do not have indicator LEDs in them.
do you need additional items to use this switch? - by Jorge (Miami, FL)
I have a relay for my fog lights that requires a live (12V) wire to be grounded (circuit closed) for the fog lights to come on. To use a lit rocker switch with three prongs, how do I hook it up? My thought is I would just use two wires - to the power side and the ground side, and when the switch is closed the LED in the switch would light up and my fog lights would come on - is this right? - by Alan (Calgary, Alberta, Ca)
Yes you have it correct!
Its really just a regular switch but an extra prong for the LED
Can these be wired so that when i "CUT" power to my source the led will turn ON and when the power is restored to my source the led turns OFF.........
so basically opposite from the way it supposed to be?
I have a traction monitor on my car so i wont lose control ect....
but when i toggle the traction OFF i want the led ON and when i toggle the traction ON "stock" i want the led OFF.....sorry if its confusing hope you understand what i mean......? - by Fernando (san jose ca)
It might just be easier to wire a separate LED and a separate switch.
I would like to use this switch to turn off my Car Interior lights. I know I just have to Loop the main source from the Fuse Box but how do i wire the switch so the LED lights up while the Circuit/Door is open. Thank You. - by Maic (Miami)
You will have to wire it into existing lights that do what you are looking for already, that is turn on when the door opens.
Can this switch be used on an RV to switch between an air horn and the stock horn? I'd like to wire the switch so that when it's turned on the LED will light up.
Yes, this switch can certainly be used for that. You'll likely need a relay too.
I really do like the idea of the black lighted rocker switch. I would like to replace an existing toggle switch I have with this for the LED's I'll be installing. I also would like to know if this would handle the load for driving/spot lights on my bike-approx. 35W each. This, like the LED's, would be on a fused line. I would like to use these switches as opposed to the toggle switches-they do look sharp! Please advise if I can use it for my driving lights. - by John (Ocean Isle Beach, NC)
Yes. The maximum current load is about 16 amps at 12 volts.
Are these painted black, or black plastic? - by T.J. (PASADENA, CA)
They are not painted. The plastic housing is already black.
Do I need to install an in-line fuse in order for my LED Strip not to fry out? - by Peter
You should always use a fuse. The fuse isn't really meant to protect the LED strip, but rather the wiring in case of a short.
I've got two different color LED's in my glovebox, but want to control them from one switch (one on at a time or both off), would the on-off-on switch work? - by Laurence (Highland Mills, NY)
You are correct, you will need our On/Off/On switch.
Does this switch have to be physically held in one position to stay on? - by Paul (new york)
No. Once you flip the switch to the on position, it stays on. Likewise, once you turn it off, it stays off.

We also offer a Momentary Rocker Switch.
With the LED lighted switches, is there a way to put a resistor on the feed to the LED to reduce the intensity of the light 'glow' for night operation?
Yes, putting a resistor on the feed to the LED will reduce the intensity.
For the LED switches, is there a resistor pre-wired to the LED itself, or is that something I have to rig up myself? - by Aric
The LED is installed directly in the switch with no further wiring necessary except to hook up your power and ground sources.
The switches say they are rated at 10A 120V AC. I just want to be sure that these will work on a 12V DC circuit. - by Alex (Anderson, In.)
Absolutely! Nearly 100% of our customers use these switches on 12V DC circuits.
What gauge wire comes installed on switch terminals? - by Elliott (London, Ontario, Can)
About 20 to 22 gauge
Do you attach the ground wire to a bare metal spot on the chassis of the vehicle, or do you attach it to the negative post on the battery? - by Nick (Simi Valley)
Either will work. Because the negative post on the battery is essentially connected to the metal throughout the car, it all has electrical continuity.
If I want to "switch-ground" (close ground
Yes, but only with a relay.
I have two different power sources that I want to control a light at different times. Can the "on-off-on" switch be wired to control one light with two different power sources?
Yes, you can certainly do that.

Hook up your power sources to the outer switch terminals. Hook up your light to the inner switch terminal.
I have the rocker switch with the Blue LED light. I have the ground on it hooked up to ground, and the power source hooked up. I also hooked up the third wire to my LED strips, and grounded the LED strips, but they won't light up when the switch is turned on. The LED on the switch lights up though. What's wrong? - by Christopher (Vincennes, IN)
Sounds like something is wrong with the LED strip. Double check all your connections. Also make sure you have the 12v Power and Acc wires on the switch in the correct place.
Is this switch waterproof?
None of our switches are waterproof, however you could rig something up to help protect them if you wished.
How do I connect the wires to the prongs? - by Andrew
As already explained on the product page, these switches come pre-wired with approximately 5 inches of wire. If you happen to lose them, or purchase the on/off/on version, crimping female quick connects to the ends of your wires is the easiest and most effective way.
What size drill bit should I use for drilling a hole for the switch? - by Rob
Hole size should be about 0.8 inches (but you can try using a 3/4" hole saw)

LED Round Rocker Switch Hole Size Panel Cut Out
How can I hook up 4 tubes to one switch? - by Thomas (Norcross, GA)
Is there an adapter so I can use a circular switch in a rectangle cut out?
There probably is somewhere, however we've never seen one.
Do you have to wire a resistor on the blue ones? I had some before which stopped lighting up by the second day. Someone told me I needed to use a resistor on the positive side of the little prong.
No. You do not need a resistor for the LED Round Rocker switches of any color.
What are the dimensions of the switch?
Click on the "More Photos" tab, and look at the dimensions photo.
On the rocker switch without an LED, does it matter which prong is neg or pos?
On the rocker switch with no LED, the prongs do not have polarity. They are neither neg or pos. They simply close or break a circuit.
Could you possibly show me a diagram on how I could wire up three switches off of one power source? - by Kane (manhattan)
Can this be used in a 12volt (car) applications? Will the LED work off of 12v? - by John (Orlando)
Absolutely! 12v is what they are designed for.
How many tubes hook up to the switch?
There is no limit. You could hook up 100,000 tubes to the switch if you wanted to. You are only constrained by the amperage rating of the switch which is around 16 amps.
I really like the look of your switches. Is the "on-off-on" switch a dual pole dual throw (DPDT) with center off? - by Jim (Muskegon, MI)
The "on-off-on" switch is SPDT (single pull, double throw) with center off. If you need DPDT, we can supply it with a minimum order of 50 pcs.