Extremely Bright Pre-Wired Superflux 4-chip 12V LED - Customer Questions

Frequently Asked Questions by Oznium Customers

Nothing in the orange persuasion?
Sorry no, only amber.
Hi, in my scenario two 18650 or 26650 lithium batteries in parallel would be running a colored super flux led providing light to ends of a small bundle of 10 1mm fiber optic fibers. A single one of these LEDs would be used in each set up. For maximum brightness and longevity 1. Would you offer custom wiring some for me? if yes how much would you charge me? 2. Is it possible to run these without a resistor and at what voltage would these super flux LEDs run without need of a resistor? Basically I have to run them off of a dual lithium ion battery set up with minimum components between these and the battery. What would you suggest? I would prefer these to run with no buck transformer after the batteries directly connected to 4,2 V coming from the lithium batteries, can these LEDs be wired to accommodate that set up? Pls advise and thx a million in advance ;)
We can provide custom wiring if a large quantity is needed. If you use the prewired superflux no extra resistor would be needed, one is already wired in. If using the non-wired superflux and resistor would be needed but you only 8 v to the led. That will not provide full brightness.
Would these light be able to be inserted into a glass block tat has a 1 inch hole? - by Dee (calgary, alberta can)
Yes, they require a 3/8" hole.
Are the superflux led's dimmible? - by Mike
Are these LEDs RoHS certified?
I want to wire four superflux LEDs to one led rocker switch in my car. should I use a 5A fuse or a different fuse?
2 amps is large enough.
Do you have any Superflux 4 chip UV leds pre wired that can operate in a smaller power range like some of the 12 volt 5mm round leds do ? For example I think the 12 volt 5mm you sell run on 8, 9, 10, 11, or 12volts. If not can a different resister be used to lower the voltage required? My supply is a variable that could be between 5 volts up to 12 volts depending on how fast the motor is going. - by Gregory (kentucky)
Prewired leds can run at lower power levels, they are just not as bright. We also have leds that are not prewired to handle the lower voltages: https://www.oznium.com/loose-component-leds/four-chip-led
I have 4 of these superfluxes along with a rocker switch and an ATC 3 Amp fuse. Would there be any danger of wiring these 4 in parallel?
Go for it! That is exactly how they are intended to be wired :)
I just asked a question about installing Superflux LED's in some paper globes. Just to be clear, I was referring to the 4-chip prewired ones. Thanks, Tim - by Tim (Fond du Lac, WI)
Yes we understand.
I'm hoping to hang one each of the Superflux LED's in up to 24" paper globes for a wedding decoration, taping each LED to two CR2032 coin batteries. I have yet to check how long they'll last, but other than that, do you have any recommendations or anticipate any problems? - by Tim (Fond du Lac, WI)
Not really.
What size drill bit would you recommend to drill the hole for the led? - by Jorge (Fullerton, CA)
3/8 inch.
I want to use the pre-wired superflux 4-chip 12V LEDs in a landscaping project. I chose this product because they are waterproof. My LEDs will mount in a Standard white PVC screw on cap for replacement in 20 or 30 years,(size of the pipe pivots on your reply). I can seal the threads with Tplus2. The apparatus will be approximately 3" in the ground. Since my options are open on the easy to drill PVC caps, do you recommend a compatible grommet which can be used as a boot (i.e.-holder) for the LED? Thank you. - by BROTHER (GEORGIA)
Sounds like a cool project!

To be honest, I'd just try epoxy, silicone, or something similar to mount the LEDs.

Some customers have used these 10mm holders though.
How many watts are these?
80 mA, so at 12V thats 0.96 watts
What do I need to hook up multiple pre wired LEDs to a single power source? Are there specific connectors to use to combine multiple wires together? - by josh
You're welcome to use any sort of connector (we sell some). But it could be as simple as twisting the wires together.
do you have access to the 4chip led holders?
The 10mm holders fit the Superflux.
I have a string of 5 superflux 4 going in my car 12v. Can I mix the colors on the same power line? - by mike (New Lenox, IL)
How can i make the leds blink in series ? How far apart are the leds? I only need 3. How long will 3 blinking in series last on 2 d size batt. ? - by Gary (Norfolk Va.)
To make the LEDs blink, you may consider using one of our LED Controllers.

Your question "How far apart are the LEDs?" doesn't really make sense. They are as close together, or as far apart as you put them from each other. You decide. You have full control over how you wire them together.

It doesn't really make sense to power these with 2 D size batteries. 2 D size batteries would only give 3 volts, which is nowhere near enough to power a 12 volt LED. You could remove the resistor from the LED, and then power them with the batteries.

Sorry, don't have a time estimate of how long they'd last. Its best if you give it a try yourself and test it out to see how long they'll last.
How many milliamps do these use for the blue and red ones? - by ROBOCOP603 (AZ, USA)
80 mA for all colors
I would like to use them in house. Do you sell an A/C to D/C onverter kit so all I have to do is hook the wires leads in?? - by Richard (GA.)
Yes, use the adapter to plug into your wall socket and attach the leds to the adapter: https://www.oznium.com/power-adapters/ac-adapter
How do these compare in brightness (for a given color) to the Tiny Prewired Surface-mount LEDs (http://www.oznium.com/prewired-surface-mount-led/tech)? Would you please post technical mA and lumens for these like you have for many other products? Thanks in advance! - by Orn (Seattle, WA)
We are really working on getting a third-party to test the products like you see in the Surface Mount. As soon as we get that info, we'll post it.
Have you ever thought about making a mount using some sort of compression threading (like your toggle switches - a threaded barrel with a lip and a nut to tighten it up with) for exterior mounting applications?... glue isn't really the best option...
We haven't. Sorry.
How do you use the 10mm holder with these? Push in from back (interior where wire exit) or front (where LED bulb is) of the holder and do you just push/snap them in? Or do you have to secure them, i.e. silicon or similar?
Pull the wire through the top, and the LED head will sit in the little kook.
I want to make a 24ft long with 288 10mm LED bulbs and with sound activated. What do i need? - by LEON (Independence,MO)
A few of these https://www.oznium.com/led-controllers/cathode-music I can't say for sure exactly how many since I don't know how many mA those pull. But once you find that out, you can figure out how many you need per controller.
Can these be set up to work in a 2012 mustang?
Yes, they can be used in any 12v DC application.
With the prewired LED's will the one resistor run more than one LED ? - Ie to save space can I cut off the resitor from a prewired LED and solder a couple of positive wires to the one resistor. - by JON (CAIRNS QLD AUSTRALIA)
No, since the resistor wattage is designed to power only one LED.
I recently purchased 10 of the white superflux 4 chip LEDs to use as Rock Lights under my Jeep Wrangler. Have you had this application discussed before with positive or negative results and is there still a problem with Burnouts on the white ones? Do I need to add a resistor? My thoughts are placing 2 lights front, 2 rear, and 3 along each side.
The White LED issue is fixed. You don't need a resistor since these are prewired.

From the website:
"Our single lights are all waterproofed, with a built-in resistor and a foot of wire, so all you have to do is plug them in. Could it be simpler?"
I would like to add 14-16 pre-wired superflux 4-chip 12V LED to my sons PW Jeep. I have a extra 12v 5 amp SLA battery to use as my power source.
What gauge wire and connectors do I need to purchase so that I can run these to the back of the car? What size fuse? I will have 8-10 leds in the front and 8 in the back is there a easy way to connect them all together and go straight to the 12v with only 2 wires? thanks novice here... Just want to buy everything in one trip. - by John (Cincinnati)
Please contact us at cs@Oznium.com.
I wanted to make some drl's- looking for about 30 (15 in each drl) obviously it would be connected to car battery. I wanted to know if it's possible to to connect it to battery source via T10 "parker light" connection? what problems could you foresee? If not possible what fuse should be in the in-line fuse holder connected to battery?
Go straight to the battery with a fuse in-line. No larger then a 2-3 amp fuse. Try not to hook it up to the 'parker light' connection'.
If i were to put these in my headlight housing (and have them about 2 inches from an h1 high beam bulb), would the heat from the high beam mess up the led setup and eventually make them useless?
Not absolutely sure but a possibility.
Plan on making some drls with theses led. Want to cover them with a clear epoxy, do you have any recommendations??? - by Sundip (San Antonio tx)
What do you want recommendations about?
whats the volt range they will work with. as in, can i use a 9volt to run them?
You can use a 9v, but they won't be as bright and won't last as long.
I'm new to electronics how would I test these before putting them in my car to make sure they are working?
You can test them off your car battery or any 12v source, red to hot, black to ground.
i am wanting to put 8 in a boat. i would like them to run off one switch. how would i wire it? - by Kendall (cut off la)
Run a wire from the power source and run one to the ground. Take the positive wire from the Superflux and run that wire to the positive wire source. Do the same for the negative.
What value resistor is used for these?
2 watt, 150 ohm.
I believe your answer about a turn signal flashing too fast was wrong. The extra load resistor needs to be in parallel, not series.
Thanks for your input!
Are the yellow superfux really yellow? They look orange
They are orange.
I'm going to use these in a filament-to-LED turn signal project (9 LEDs per signal). Since these have resistors already built in, will I still have to buy an external resistor to prevent hyper-flash or will the built-ins do the trick?
It will depend on your cars flasher circuit. If they flash too fast or dont flash you will have to experiment by puting a resistor in series to compensate for the removed standard bulb.
Does the polarity matter when mounting these?
I lost track of which wire (leading to the product) was positive and negative. Will anything bad happen if I hook positive up to the black wire and negative to the red wire (reverse them)? - by Jakob (Kent, WA)
As with any LED product, nothing bad will happen if you reverse the polarity.
Can I run approximately 16 Superflux lights on a 5 amp fuse off of my cigarette lighter as a power source? By using my cigarette lighter I mean I have a cigarette lighter plug in basically with open leads that I can solder on to.
I'm new to this, and I would really like to know where to start with...I want to buy the "superflux 4-chip 12V LED", but i do not know how to install it, it would be great if there're instructions on how to install it, simpler, the better:P - by Cosme (saskatoon,SK Canada)
For these kind of questions our online forum is a good place to start. It would be hard for us to advise you based on the info you have provided as we do not know your car or your abilities. There are many helpful people on our forums and many posts that may answer your questions
I am looking to mount 30+ SuperFlux 4-chip LEDs to the LED Dimmer and Strobe Remote switch. I plan on using 16 awg wire, for a total of about 150 feet. Would this pose any problems? - by Dylan (Friendswood, TX)
I don't see any problems with this. Go for it!
are the white superflux a neutral white or cool white like your strips? - by Justin
More of a cool white.
i put 4 superflux 4-chip led in a 08 f250 superduty. positive hooked up to the dome light circut and ground straight to the chasis and they worked great for about two weeks and then started the truck and they all popped. what could have happened? - by Jeremy (mesa,az)
Does your dome light circuit use a relay? If so you may need a clamping diode on the relay http://www.autoshop101.com/forms/hweb2.pdf to keep large voltage spikes from destroying the leds
Do you make a holder for these or not? Once you say yes, use the 10mm holder, then twice you say no. What is it?
We don't make a holder for these. Many customers have reported good success however, using the 10mm LED holder. But that one is meant for a 10mm LED, and just happens to fit these. Personally, I never saw the point of using an LED holder with these. Couldn't you just drill a hole and stick the LED in? And maybe use some glue. If you drill the hole just right you could simply "pressure mount" it in place. Or how about mounting it somewhere using cable ties?

Where are you mounting the LED? Perhaps we can offer some more tips.
what is the max length of wire you can add before experiencing any type of problem - by Ruston (Arizona)
A few hundred feet.
I am wanting to light up a 3-gallon saltwater tank. I have seen other people do a little DIY LED setup. I was wondering what the K-rating of the blue led and what are the lumens for the blue and white led? I just don't want to go through the whole process of soldering and gluing everything on a heat sink and such. Any tips? - by Alvin (tulsa,ok)
Sorry, don't really know the lumen rating. I think it might be easier for you to use this product: https://www.oznium.com/linear-lights/smd-bar
Is there a distribution block to hook up 20 or more leds since they need to be hooked up in Parallel?
You could use this Junction Box, and hook at least three sets of wires into each screw terminal connector.
Can these be used as landscape lighing? I mke my own fixtures and they would be hooked up to a 12 volt transformer (like malibu lights)-Michael - by michael
Yes of course. Just make sure the wiring inside your fixtures is relatively safe from outside elements like rain, snow, heat, etc.
Can I mix and match colors and still get the discounted price for buying more than 10 or do they all have to be of the same color for the discount? ~ thanks Dave - by Dave (Arizona)
In order for the discount to apply you must purchase 10 of the same color.
can thease be used for directionals on motercycle
Yes, of course. Many customers have used them for turn signals before.
can a series of these 4-chip leds be used as tail lights in place a dual filament bulb? id like to create a custom set of led tails for my car, since there are no oem led tails, and no aftermarket companies that offer them. another customer brought to light the ability to wire them in parallel, which is why i ask if the bulbs are 'smart' enough to receive/react the same as a dual filament tail bulb would where they brighten when the brakes are applied. thanks!
You can certainly use these for custom LED tails, but be warned, it is quite a bit of work to do it right.

They are not "smart" on their own. You'd need to use or build a PWM (pulse width modulation) circuit to control the brightness intensity.
I just fired up my superlux prewired (red) leds. The resistor does get very hot (testing at exactly 14.0v). The resistor (assuming 120 ohms) is consuming about 0.85 watts. What is the resistor rating? 2 watts? 5 watts? - by Eric (Flemington, NJ)
2 watt, 150 ohm.
I have read that it is not possible to wire pre-wired superflux in series. But is it possible to splice all + wires together and all - together andhook up to the same power source. If so how what is an ideal number of superflux leds to have hooked up to one 12v power source? - by Fernando (O.C.)
Yes, that style is called Parallel Wiring. You can hook up as many as you'd like.
I am planning on running 4-5 white superflux on a 50mA dc transformer. I was wondering how many I would be able to connect to this transformer before seeing a loss of light. Also, are these superflux leds dimmable, and if so what dimmer would you recomend? - by tim (East Bay)
Each Prewired Superflux LED uses about 80 mA.

Are you sure your transformer is 50mA? That isn't very much. Maybe you meant 500mA?

They are certainly dimmable. This one is very popular.
Would these white 4-chip LEDs fit into the car tag lighting fixture of a 99 chevy silverado and be too much light or would it be better to go with a standard led? Would it be possible to just take the old ones out and splice the new ones in or do i have to run a new wire? Thanks! - by Brad (Moundville, AL)
These would work fine for that application. You can just splice into the existing wiring.
Can you run these off the positive and negative on my front door speakers? - by Edward (San Angelo, TX)
You'll want to try and see how much power is running from them, but hopefully it is enough for the LED's
are you working on a holder for these? chrome? - by James (Plainfield, IL)
I want to use at most (4) ea. superflux 4-chip LED, can I connect to the fuse box vs. battery of the car?
Yes, you could connect them to either the battery or the fuse box.
What would you say the color temperature is for the white version of these leds?
thank you, Stefanos - by Stefanos (Katerini, Greece)
If I use these to replace blinkers (motorcycle), about how many would I need to replace the typical lighting of a blinker? - by Jose
We don't know how large or small your blinkers are. Maybe try to fit as many as possible into the space.
Can I use these Superflux 4 Chip LEDs to light up a purge kit? - by Terry
Im wanting to build a directional lightbar for the back glass of my patrol car. What leds should i use? The bar will be approximately 38 inches long and 2 inches high. - by Shane (Arkansas)
SuperFlux LEDs are commonly used for these applications. You'll want to mount them to a circuit board.

You could also consider these High Power 1W Spot Lights.
If you wanted to put these in headlights or foglights, would you put them in place of the bulb that is currently in there?
If so, how many would be recommended for each headlight/foglight.
If not, where do you put them? Because wouldnt the light from your headlights/foglights outshine them?
You could replace your headlight/foglight bulbs with these, but then you wouldn't have any headlights/foglights!

If you still want to retain use of your headlights/foglights, it is best to drill a hole, and glue these LEDs in place.

These LEDs are not intended to replace your headlight bulbs, but rather give a colored accent to your headlight housing when the headlight bulb is turned off.
I want to install these SuperFlux 4 Chip LEDs into my cup holders, but I'm wondering what the best placement is for them. - by Chris (Clive, IA)
I suggest you put them in the bottom of the cup holder pointing up. Be prepared for massive brightness!
I have two cup holders. Planning on installing a 4 chip in each cupholder. Now, can I connect the same leads to the same power source/switch I'm tapping into? For example, have both red wires from each 4chip going to same positive line, and then both black wires from each 4chip going to same ground line? Thank you.
Yes, you will be able to connect them to the same power source. The Superflux 4 Chip LED's do not take much power draw, you will not have an issue.
I have 7 of these lights installed on a 12v power source right now. My question is.... How many of these lights can i put on a 12v power source? - by Garrett
The power draw of these are so low, that you will never run into a problem with multiple LED's on the same power source.
Do you know the power drain at 12 volts? I'm considering using these to backlight an acrylic sign I have on a travel trailer that will be powered via two car batteries, and charge via solar cells during the day..
Thanks! - by Mike (Buffalo, NY)
The Prewired Superflux 4 Chip LEDs use 80mA at 12volts.
How long is the life span? - by Ben
While I do not have a clear cut answer for the lifespan of our Superflux LED's, I can personally tell you I have had some in my car for 2 years and they are still going strong.
How many of these can I run off the dome light? I will have your 16 LED dome light installed too, and its in an 01 mustang (if that helps).

Im planning to install 3 in each mirror, and another 3 in each door (red in the door, white on the mirror), plus a few more in the door pockets). - by Uday (Tampa, FL)
You should be fine; the LEDs draw a pretty small current. You can always use a switched relay to power your LEDs or other lighting using the dome light without worrying about blowing fuses or anything. Check the "How-To" section of our message board for more info about relays.
Would 8 of these or two of the 1w flood lights cast more visible light. Contemplating some custom fogs and not sure how to go about it. Any other suggestions? - by Austin (Johnson City, TN)
You'd probably be better off with the 1 watt SPOT light since it projects a narrow beam: https://www.oznium.com/led-flood-and-spot-lights/high-intensity-led-spotlight
I see purple in the pic is the UV considered purple or how do i get them? - by Bobby (Bronx, NY)
LED Manufacturers do not make Purple LED's, so basically Purple is UV, It is a functional UV light.
i have 10 of these in my head liner and i would like to know what amp fuse i should have in the power going to the switch for the lights - by adam (minneapolis mn)
The Superflux 4 Chip LED's use very little power draw, but just to be safe, a 5 or 7.5 amp fuse will take care of the job.
Since the Superflux LEDs are designed for 14.6 V (car voltage), how much dimmer will they be when run on 12 V? - by Robert (Santa Barbara, CA)
They are ready to go, "prewired" to work on any 12 volt system.
Would a 10mm LED holder hold one of these? What about a 5mm holder? It doesn't matter too much if the superflux peeks out of the holder or not. - by Daniel (United States)
We do not have any "LED holders" that will fit these. My suggestion is to drill a hole just the right diameter and use some silicone/glue to hold the LED in place.
I was wanting to put a few in my headlights and I was wondering can I connect like 4 of them together and have them work on or off from a switch? Like by spicing all the negative ends together and all the power ends together. - by Mike (Kansas City kansas)
Absolutely, these LED's can be joined together by a switch, and personally I enjoy having all of my LED's switchable to where I can turn them off/on whenever I want.
Is there a way of mounting these without drilling a hole? - by Tim (Iowa)
It depends on how you are using them. You can glue or zip tie them in place, or you can even construct your own LED bar of sorts, and mount that. Be creative!
What color is closer to factory amber, orange or yellow? - by Mike (Newmarket)
Orange will probably give you the closest color match to a factory OEM amber.
Can I run these in my rock crawler remote controlled truck as headlights? Is there any way you can run them from a 7.2 volt power source?
You could, however they'd be very dim on a 7.2 voltage, since the built-in resistor is designed for ~14v. You should wire up your own LEDs, or find a kit specific for remote controlled cars.
How would these do in the engine bay? I am thinking about mounting them on the underside of my hood. Will these superflux leds melt? They would be offset from the top of the motor. - by Nick (Woodbridge, VA)
They will be fine as long as they are not directly contacting anything of substantial heat.
Would this work as a dome light? I don't have the room in my dome light area to mount your LED lights so I think this is my best choice. - by Anthony (pittsburgh)
Can I use the 4 chip LED to light up my headlights? Will it withstand the heat from the headlight itself? - by Gerard (Fresno, CA)
Yes, many people do that.
i want to put a few in my xbox 360 what do i need to do to power them. - by Thomas (Houston, TX)
Positive 12-14v DC and ground connections.
How does the light output of the uv leds compare to the green. I have one bike done in the green and it is lit up really good. I want to do another bike in the uv, do I need 2 or even 3 uv leds in the same place as the green to get a comparable lighting? - by Billy (Chicago)
The comparisson of UV to any other color is completely different as they are in a completely different color wavelength. The UV LED's are bright, but are not going to equal green.
What gauge is the wire leads? - by Robert (Santa Barbara, CA)
20-22 gauge.
Can I run these in series? I want to use some in my truck and in my boat, I see they should not mess up my night vision fishing............. - by Mark (East Tenn.)
No; the pre-wired LEDs have a built-in resistor and will not work properly wired in series.
What kind of glue to use? even on the exterior? - by Jim (St Louis, MO)
A heavy-duty glue like gorilla glue will hold it pretty much anywhere. If you want a less permanent solution, use silicone. It will hold the LED well, but not permanently.
What is "warm white" and do you have any pictures comparing it to regular white? - by Brian
Warm white has a more yellow tint to it - like a standard lightbulb in your home.
when you hook them up , is there a on and off switch which you can turn them on or off. - by Chris (Houston TX)
The LEDs do not come with any switches, however you can add a switch in between the LED and your power source to be able to turn them on and off at your disposal.
Is that blue or green LEDs in the shown picture ?
The color shown is our Aqua LED
You say they are good for cup holders. How exactly would you install them?
I would drill a hole. Then I would secure the LEDs with a combination of pressure fitting and glue. Then, I would run the power wires under the carpet, under the dash, and to a switch.
Are you gonna make an underbody kit with these superflux 4 chip LEDs ? - by Brad (Peoria, IL)
Yes. It will be ready by the end of June.
Do you have a rubber grommet available to mount these in headlights?
No, sorry. Please try your local hardware store.

I don't think you'll really need a rubber grommet though. Why not just drill a hole, stick the LED in, and silicone it up?
I want to install some superflux chips in my house, so I know I'll need a 12VDC adapter. What is the amperage of each LED so I know which adapter to buy?
About 80 mA
Do the LEDs come with a holder, or how would they stay in place after you drilled the hole? - by Chirs (Cali)
My best suggestion would be to either use glue, or even silicone to secure the LED's into place.
Once the LED is mounted, what's the protrusion depth? I'd like to put these in my doors, but they need to be shallow enough for some clearance. - by eric (orem, utah)
Here's a scale diagram with measurements of the plastic housing.

The height of the superflux LED is 5.7 mm.

So, depending on how you mount it, you will get different protrusion depths.

1) mount it with the "ring" sticking out, you'll get 2.40 5.7 = 8.1 mm
2) mount it with the "ring" flush, you'll get 5.7 mm
3) mount it with the whole thing flush, you'll get 0 mm
I have heard that these create more heat than typical LEDs, have you taken any measures to ensure that the heat dissipates? - by Mike (East Bay, CA)
While the LEDs themselves do not create heat, the resistors do put out a bit of heat. It shouldn't be a problem though.
Do you recommend drilling the hole to mount these just large enough to fit the dome (top, or tip of the led) thru the surface, or make a square hole and fit the whole thing in? As far as light projection and light output... - by Luke
Drilling a round hole is much easier than making a square hole. I recommend you drill a hole large enough for the entire LED to stick through. Drilling a hole just large enough for the dome (top, or tip of LED) to stick through the surface would not be so good.