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Frequently Asked Questions by Oznium Customers

I understand your music beat LED controller. Its been on my motorcycle for 3 years now. Won a couple bike LED shows. Since I am running this on just one speaker/mono, I was thinking why not split my lights up. So I am going to replace all my LEDs half the bike for one controller and the other half to another controller for the other speaker. My question is can I use the same remote for both Music Beat LED controller ? - by Gary (Venice, FL)
You can use the same remote for both Music Beat LED Controllers.
Okay so just to start this off i have very little knowledge on this type of product. What i am wanting to do is hang the led strips around my ceiling and connect it to this controller. My question is can i do this with 44ft of lights? Second if I were to simply connect an AUX cord to this would my lights change with my music?
The unit can handle 12 amps so 44 ft of lights will be no problem. You need to use the jack that comes with the controller, you can wire up the line-in audio wire to a line-level (pre-amplified) audio source from your stereo.
Can you buy your own LED strip and put a daisy chain from this site on it
Any led strip will work with the controller.
What is the power plus and minus in the back? What do you insert into it?
We sell AC Adapters which plug into a standard wall outlet and output 12VDC to power the controller.

How to power LED Controller
Can you show a video on how you hook up the led lights/strip to the actuall thing.
Here's a quick instruction on how to hook up your LED wires to the actual thing.
Does it make sense? Or still want a video?

LED Wiring to Screw Terminal
I'm getting a feed back buzz when the unit is in single color mode, it's really bad when just the white is on. Is there anyway to stop this feed back through the speakers? - by Ray (North Carolina)
Sound like you may have a poor ground. If it is grounded to a ground block or metal that would probably cause the problem. Try grounding to the same power source as the hot lead.
I installed a rocker switch to turn on the device. It powers up. The Led light indicates power the green light flashes on, but the remote will not turn on any lights. Is there a sequence to power up from the remote? Or shoul I scrap the rocker switch? I even replaced battery in remote. It worked perfect a few days ago - by Greg (Denver)
The remote turns the controller on/off. I would not use the rocker switch.
Is there a mode where the lights stay on and not flash - by Greg
Yes, the single color buttons on the controller provide a steady light.
If I hook up a single color strip, [3 ground + 1 positive] will the LEDs be on or off when the music stops? - by Ike
Usually on.
Does a led set/light/strip come with this awesome product or could you recommend one for me
This product does not come with any lights, but you should check out the RGB / Million version of these Ribbon LED Strips.
do i need two power sources? one for the controller and one for the LEDs? - by Steve
A single power source will suffice.
So i'm trying to use the Music Beat LED Controller with RGB (Million) Ribbon LED Strips, and I'm seeing two options that say '2-pin plug' and '4-pin plug.' Not sure which one to buy to use with this controller. - by Steve
Either one will work.
If I have multiple controllers, can they all be controlled with a single remote? So for instance, four controllers with four separate audio inputs (i.e. so they all have a different LED strip that reacts to different sound inputs) but the choice of mode etc on all of the controllers be controlled with one remote? Is there a solution for this? - by Owen (wales)
Yes, just in the same way you could put four TV's next to each other and control them with a single remote, you could put four of these next to each other and control them with a single remote.

If you expect them to "sync" up, that is not possible though.
What led strips are these that change 8 different colors with remote and the controller box I plan on getting them both but I could not find the led strips on your website
I wired this controller to the 12v going from my subwoofers. When I turn my car off the power light on the controller still stays on...I would imagine this is a tiny drain on my car battery, but to be sure.....the controller being on wouldnt kill my battery? - by Max
Uses minute amounts of power, if you are concerned you could wire to the stereo and splice it in to only get power wen the ignition is on.
If I hook this controller up to my subs through rca and I have rgb leds, can I have them flash to the subs? And can you make them only flash one color say just have the red flash instead of cycling through all the colors? - by Luke
You need to use the jack to wire to your speakers, will only flash to music on the Auto setting, no way to select just one color to flash.
I love your product, but as i would ship it to Denmark, at great cost, i need to ask some questions first:

I need it for a case mod, which will be with green led's.
Is it possible to use the music feature, but only use the green color? (I know i can just plug it into G only, but will it then light all the time? or turn off when it goes to R / B instead? )

I am not sure how your controller is programmed, but if i were to plug 3 green LED strips into all of the channels (R/G/B) would each strip react differently with the music playing (which would be the idea) or would they flash together?

- Mads (Copenhagen, Denmark)
You can wire single colors into each port and the controller will control the strips as if it were a RGB strip. If only 1 or 2 of the RGB ports are used there will be no light at some point when the controller tries to access that port. The controller does not care if you use a RGB strip or single color strips, it will run the same programming.
The auto mode makes the led flash extremely fast, nearly seizure fast. Is there any way to slow down how quickly the colors change when connected to the aux input? - by Daniel (Victoria BC)
There is a speed mode on the remote.
if i use a single colored led strip can it perform the fading and flashing functions that the remote offers? also if i hook rca cables from the output of my amp can it be just the regular two wire rca cable, but just using one of the two cables to plug into the module from the amp? - by alex
Yes, and yes.
can it be hooked with car charger /cigarette lighter output
Yes, you're certainly welcome to hook it up with a car charger / cigarette lighter output. (Any 12V source...)
i have a single color led 3m strip light with 2 wires coming off where do i put them on this - by Tim (United States)
For the single color LED strip, simply wire it like this:

One single color LED strip to music LED controller interface
So, is this compatible with other led strips?
Say I need to run one long continuous strip of 50 feet. What would I need to do this? - by Patrick (Aiken sc)
You can use the controller with single color strips. 50 feet is roughly 3-16 ft strips, the controller can handle up to 12 amps. Wire the strips to the controller and you're done.
Will this product be able to power 10 meters of led light stripping? The strips require 12 volts but I'm not sure how many amps
When i first started using it, it worked fine, but now when power goes to the main unit the signal led does not come on like it used to, and i cant control anything with the remote. I know its not the remote battery because i can see the remote light up on the end when i press buttons. So why has it quit connecting to the unit? - by Michael (Utah)
Please call Customer Service at 800-245-8131.
what would be the best way to make these hook up to my subs? can it handle the power going from my amp to my 400 watt sub? or do i need to have resistors? - by Michael (Utah)
This controller picks up the audio either from the controller's built-in microphone, or the auxiliary input jack.
If you use the auxiliary input jack, you should hook it up to the line-level (pre-amplified) audio signal.
Or just stick with the built-in mic.
Resistors are not necessary.
I have four 6.5" round speakers that have a RGB ring around the speakers. Can this one controller do all four speaker rings? Also, the box will be mounted behind one of the speakers. Will the mic pick this up? - by David (Gerogia)
The controller can easily control 4 RGB rings.
The mic will also easily pick up the sound.
So you cannot make this unit stay one color in music mode? - by Tyler
You certainly can. Simply hook up just one color of the LEDs.
the aux input on this controller can be hooked up to my amplifier so I can just get the lows from my sub signal... so what is the max input this controller can handle coming from my amp - by Ron (Indiana)
12 amps, make sure your amplifier is less that that.
can you advise the wiring schema for using this music beat led controller along witht he wifi controller. i want to be able to run everything from my iphone and then be able to switch to the audio music beat mode from my iphone .Cannwe do this?
Is there a way to instal this device to light up only when my sub woofers are playing and light up when the subs are being played - by Travis (Oklahoma)
Yes its certainly possible. You could hook up the signal that goes to your amplifier to the aux in on the music interface.
For installing in a car do I hook up the +wire to the battery, then the other to a ground? - by Landon (Nebraska)
Two questions...
I have individual leds which require only about 3v each for white, green, and blue (and just 2.3 for yellow, orange and red). What is the output voltage (so I know how many to put in series)?
I know the input for the device is 12v, but can it handle the 14.(something) from the car battery, and would that increase the output v?
Thanks. - by Robert (United States)
The input and output is both a nominal 12v.
Yes, 14(something) from a car battery is fine.
Yes, it'd increase the output voltage.
The dimming of the LEDs isn't done by adjust the voltage, but rather through PWM (Pulse Width Modulation), which means the LEDs flash on and off at a rate faster than the human eye can detect.
I have taken a picture of how a single light is supposed to be connected and bought brand new lights today and I only get power on the controller. Does the signal light suppose to flash? I can't figure out if it's a bad better on the remotes or a bad product.
Thanks - by Chaz
The signal light should be steady. Please call Customer Service at 800-245-8131.
You say it can drive 12 amps (144 watts).
Is that per channel or is it 4A DC per channel? - by EricUht (Napa)
4A per channel, so 12A total
If I have the outside power source being used. And plug in the D/C input will this overload the device?
I don't see why it would. Just make sure you hook it up to a 12VDC power source. You could just use one of our AC Adapters.
So all I would need would for it to be installed inside a vehicle would be the LED strips, a 12v adapter, and the music beat control box then BOOM... It's all set and done right..

You don't need a 12v adapter, since your vehicle already has 12v.
The 12v adapter is used if you're installing it in your home, etc.
Contemplating using this to and your Pre-wired Ribbon LED Strips to add a light show to a portable boombox. It contains 4x10" full range woofers and 4xtweeters with a 2" casing. How much power would this controller draw lighting up 4x 2 foot RGB Million Pre-wired Ribbon LED Strips and 4x 1 foot RGB Million Pre-wired Ribbon LED Strips? - by Tom (Norway)
The strips would draw around 1.1 amps. That is what you need to measure, not the draw from the contoller.
Can I use this without having it plugged into the wall? How long would it last?
Use can use a battery pack with 8AA batteries, it would last 1 week or more depending on how many leds you have hooked to it. https://www.oznium.com/install-bay/12v-led-battery-holder
I would like to set this up in my car in a few different places. For example on the roof, trunk, and by my feet... Is it possible with one unit? and Is it possible to set it up to my subs and not throough the mic?
Yes, and yes :)
Does it come with a dc in adapter? If not, where can I find one?
You're welcome to buy this 12V AC Adapter.
can the rope coil be unrolled and mounted as a length of LED wire instead of coiled?
You're referring to the Ribbon LED Strips.
Yes, of course they can be uncoiled.
Okay so I have a couple questions in here, I'm assumming the mic is built in the to controller is that correct? Also what would the specifications be of the lights I would need to buy in order to hook it up to the controller. Like a name and some technical info. Thanks! - by Mike
The mic is built in. You can use the Ribbon strips or any RGB item to have this work properly. https://www.oznium.com/flexible-led-strips/led-ribbon If you have more technical questions please call Customer Service at 800-245-8131.
Can you pos a video with it playing to music? the one you had on youtube didnt show it pulsing to the beat that well, maybe it cause the mic's sensativity was up too high or something. but im really interested in this product if i think it can work for me. thanks again
Sure! Here's another video:

I have a 50' L.E.D. green rope light, it consumes 27W and goes straight into the power connector to plug into a household outlet. If I wanted to use this to make it work, would I just have to cut and splice the wires from the power connector that would plug into the outlet and then attach those into your RF controller? - by Marc
Sorry, won't work. This is designed for 12 volts DC, but your lights are 110v AC.
in music controlled mode, is there a setting where the lights are off by default and light up (flash) in a random color (or cycle through different colors) when triggered by sound? - by SKICK
No, but this other one does have such a mode: https://www.oznium.com/led-controllers/rgb-led-remote-controller
I already have my ipod connected to my stereo with something that connects to the charger outlet of my ipod, so if i just hook up an aux cable from my ipod to the box.. will it work? - by cooper (United States)
Yes, assuming an audio signal is still coming out of the ipod headphone jack even when it is playing through the charger outlet. You could test by plugging in headphones to the ipod while you have it hooked up to the charging jack and see. There's a good chance it won't work, but its easy enough to test with headphones and see.
I have 5050 multicolor lights will that work
Wen putting it in my truck can i use the 12v power on wire to the stereo and splice it in to only get power wen the ignition is on. Or can i put a positive red wire from my 8gage power cable into my amp thanks./)(\
Yes, and yes.
Will it work on UK voltages. Is there an adapter to convert the two pin American plug to the 3 pin UK plug? Am i correct that 5 metre rope lights I have in UK will work with your controller? - by Bob (Thornton Heath,Surre)
If you have RGB strips they should work with the controller. We don't sell an adapter pin for that.
What size power plug does this controller use? - by Brian (Clinton, TN)
5.5mm x 2.1mm (which fits our AC Adapter)
If i buy this Music Beat LED controller, what else will i need? Of course i will need atleast one ledstrip, but what about the power source? Can i connect this to the socket? And im thinking about connecting it to my ipod, do a AUX cable come with this or do i have to buy one seperate? And is the mic built-in inside the box? Thanks :) - by Magnus (Norway)
You will need to power it with 12 volts. That could be a battery for example, or an AC Adapter.
Doesn't come with AUX cable, so you'll have to buy one separately if you'd like to use the AUX feature.
Yes, the microphone is already inside the box.
This thing is awesome!

But does the remote have to point directly at the controller or can the controller be hidden out of sight and still be used by the remote? - by HeSPorts (In.)
RF signal so you don't need the remote pointing directly at the controller.
Can I run 8 Pre-Wired Surface Mount 12V LEDs off of this if I am powering it with a 12v battery holder? - by Michael (Oxford, MS)
The leds yes, it won't run well on the battery holder.
Can I run a scanning rgb led strip off of this? - by Michael (Oxford, Ms)
Not really.
Couple Questions: 1. neither my head unit nor my amp has a line out or any available speaker connections that are not in use, so how do i hook up wire to the provided "stereo plug" that connects into the Music Beat Controller? I assume I just connect to one of the speaker wires or connections, but my question is, is one more ideal than another, like the sub ... or does it matter?

2. Where do I initially connect the wires that go to the stereo cable and into the controller? Do I connect them @ the head unit, amp, speaker or make a jumper after the speaker to connect them into?

3. If I have some extra single color floods or spots, can I also connect them into the sequence so that they go off when that color is activated on the sequence? - by Chris (Tampa, FL)
1. If you don't have access to line level audio, then don't hook anything up to the controller. An amplified speaker output is not line level. Just use the controller's built-in microphone. Should be fine.

2. n/a

3. Yes, of course. You're welcome to hook up as many LED lights to the controller as you'd like.
Hoping to purchase this for my son... excuse my ignorance. If he uses the audio input to connect his iPod... what must he do to hear the music? Right now he uses a small speaker system that the iPod sits on.
A simple splitter should work.
Does this controller have a memory function? Meaning, does it need to be hooked up to a constant 12v source to remember the last setting or can it be hooked to a switched 12v?
Has memory, can be disconnected from power and returns to the same setting.
Could I use the amp power wire from a headunit to run this along with the amp? - by Cooper (Georgia)
By amp power wire from the head unit, I think you're referring to the remote turn on signal wire from your head unit.
If so, that's generally a bad idea, since that wire isn't designed to handle much current.
You should check the manual, or specification for your head unit to see how much current the wire can handle.
Controller worked fine last week when I hooked it up. Now it won't power on when I press power on remote. The light on front of remote lights up when buttons are pressed. Any suggestions?? - by Ricky (Slidell LA)
Please call Customer Service for assistance; 866-332-6411.
In reply to my previous question, I am just confused as to which LED to purchase from this site because when I go to the section "LEDs", the only RGB LEDs that I find are the "Magic RGB Auto Fade Million Color Changing LED" and it says that when they are hooked up to a power supply that they will automatically change color, but I want to use the controller. - by David (United States)
If I want to use single RGB LED's, do I get white one's? Also, is there a tutorial on hooking up single LED's to this controller? - by David (United States)
I don't really understand.

Do you mean does this controller come with any LEDs? No, it doesn't come with LEDs.

You're welcome to hook up any of your own LEDs to it. So you could hook up RGB LEDs, or you could hook up white LEDs.

An RGB LED is certainly capable of producing white (by combining the R, G, B), but it will never look as nice as the white from an actual white LED.

It doesn't make sense to have a tutorial, since its quite simple: there's 4 wires on the RGB LED, and these 4 wires simply go into the outputs from the controller.
Common positive, and then 3 negatives for each of the colors (R, G, B).

And then of course hook up the 12V from your power supply to the 12V input of the controller.

If you're expecting this controller to control multiple "pixels" of LEDs, then you should look elsewhere. This controller controls only a single "pixel". So that means you can hook it up to LED strips, LEDs, LED spotlights, etc, etc, and all of the LEDs you hook it up to will do exactly the same thing, at the same time.

If you hooked up 100 x pre-wired RGB LEDs to this controller, all 100 of the LEDs would be on the same color at the same time...
Can single rgb led's (not led strips) be controlled by this? - by David (United States)
Yes, of course.
In the Sound activate mode can you specifically control what color lights turn on , if you had four different color strips ? - by Jason
No sorry. It will just cycle around with all the different colors.
If I wired the incoming positive from my fusebox with a switch, would the controller and LEDs come on? Or would I have to use the remote after flipping the switch?
If the remote is required, is there anyway I could change that? - by Taylor
Adding a switch would work but you need the remote to make the unit do anything. There are no controls on the box itself.
Can this be wired to a switch without using the remote? - by Taylor
No. The remote is what controls the box.
What cable did the guy use in the video to connect the controller to his iphone?
It is an standard audio cable that plugs into the headset piece on the phone.
Can I use a cord that I already have (I used it to connect my iPod to my aux port) to connect my head unit to this controller? - by Taylor
I don't see why not. Give it a try...
How would I wire this to my head unit? It has RCA outputs but none that look like the one that comes with the LED controller.
The RCA outputs are connected by a RCA cable. The cable has a 5mm jack that plugs into the controller
Is it possible to set the controller mode to flash just one color with a million color strip? Ex: flashing only the red lights to music via the aux input. Thanks! - by Robert
No sorry, it will cycle around all the colors.
How could i hard wire it to a car stereo - by Skylar (United States)
Wire up the line-in audio wire to a line-level audio source from your car stereo.
What light strip is featured in the video? Can they be cut/spliced/connected? Do u have to use specific cables to connected? Adhesive backing?

Also, how do you connect the "line in" from the stereo? Do you splice in off a speaker wire?

Thanks? - by chris (tampa)
The Ribbon LED Strips (waterproof in the video) https://www.oznium.com/flexible-led-strips/thin-waterproof-ribbon Yes, they can be cut every three LEDs. No, no specific cables are needed. yes they have 3M tape on the back.

No, don't use the speaker wire. Run the wire from the back of your radio to the line in section on the controller
Can you hook up the million color flexible leds to this controller?
No, since the million color Flexible LED Strips are common negative (our only LEDs that are common negative), and this controller is common positive.

How about using our Ribbon LED Strips instead which are common positive?
How many strips can this one unit control? - by Rick (Cayman islands)
12 amps. Depends how much current each strip draws.
What is the difference between using the microphone and the stereo input. I am using the microphone but am wondering if the audio input would offer any advantages.
The microphone will pick up other noise (if loud enough) while the audio input will be exact and directly from the stereo
Can a single color cathode work with this products and flash to the music - by Luke (Saginaw, TX)
Yep. Check the page description in the tan/yellowish area.
Is there a way to connect 4 separate led strips to be controlled by the same remote? If so how? - by michael (arizona)
Yes! Just run all the strips to the controller. Depending on how bit the wire is, you can jam as many as you can in the green connector piece.
With a single color LED on auto will it pulse fully on and off and does it fade when it pulses or is it a more abrupt flash on and off? Could you possibly post a quick clip of the controller on auto with the single color LED strip to see how it would work? Thankyou also would the flashing with one color on auto stay on the whole time (continuously changing to one color) or would it still flash on and off. End rant lol - by Joe
It won't pulse fully. It will flash on, since it is staying on a color (if you had 3 colors on there).

Here's a quick video to show you:

If I were to hook up a single color LED strip, would it pulse on and off to the music on auto? - by Matt
Does it come with the AC adapter?
how many watts/amps can it drive? - by Ryan (Tallahassee, FL)
144 watts / 12 amps
would it be hard to just connect one colored light strip up to it for same sound effects? - by David
It would be quite easy. Go for it!