How to install LED Boat Deck Lights

Project by Mike Barker


This is a brief explanation on how to install LED boat deck lights as done by Oznium customer, Mike Barker, using 11mm High Intensity Flush Mount LED Bolts. He chose to use both red and cool white in his project. As it’s a marine project, he went with the marine grade, stainless steel housing option offered by Oznium.


The boat did not have deck lighting and needed all-round lights to accentuate it.
For this project, the 12 volt LED boat deck lights would essentially need to be a waterproof, flush mount LED boat light.
Red LED boat deck lights were balanced out with white to create a bit of contrast.
The goal was to create a soft red glow around the interior of the boat.


  • 4 x Red 11mm flush mount LED bolt, marine grade stainless steel housing 
  • 2 x Cool white 11mm flush mount LED bolt, marine grade stainless steel housing
  • Drill
  • 11mm Drill bit


  1. The first step was to measure and mark out each LED’s position, ensuring that they’re all equally spaced. 
  2. Once the placement of all the LEDs were all successfully marked, the holes for the new LED boat deck lights were drilled with an 11mm drill bit.
  3. Oznium’s flush mount LED boat lights were inserted into the holes and wired up.
  4. The nuts were tightened from the back and secured and the wires were connected to a 12 volt power source.
Project by: Mike Barker

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