There’s a couple of sections to the lighting laws in the US:

SECTION 56-5-4830. Special restrictions on lamps; degree of intensity; red, blue and flashing lights. [SC ST SEC 56-5-4830] SECTION 56-5-4840. Selling or using devices or equipment to change design or performance of lamps or reflectors. [SC ST SEC 56-5-4840] SECTION 56-5-4530. Illumination of rear registration plate. [SC ST SEC 56-5-4530] SECTION 56-5-4540. Motor vehicles shall be equipped with rear reflectors. [SC ST SEC 56-5-4540] SECTION 56-5-4590. Color of clearance lamps, side-marker lamps, reflectors, stop lights and back-up lamps.[SC ST SEC 56-5-4590]

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Extra Information


It is ok to have any lights on the car as long as they are solid, cannot be seen, and do not draw attention to your car to put anyone around you in harm….The pink license plate frame would be a definite no in this case….As long as your light source (The tubes) are hidden then there will be no problem…You can run any color as long as you do not have red or blue facing the front and visible….As for the wheel well lights as long as the source cannot be seen when lit they should be ok, but be careful because if the light is behind the wheel enough it will look like it is “flashing” and you will be ticketed for that….

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