Add A Unique Look To The Interior Of Your Z06 or C5 In An Hour!


Thanks to Carleton Yoder with 2003 Corvette Z06 for contributing this install.

Materials Needed

  1. Dremel With A Sanding/Cutting Attachment
  2. Six blue LEDs with Resistors (4 on driver side, 2 on passenger side)
  3. Towel
  4. Flathead Screwdriver
  5. Soldering Gun
  6. Solder
  7. Acid Paste Flux


(click on pictures for larger versions)

(1). A shot of all the materials.
(2). Grab your flathead screwdriver and towel. Wrap the towel over the screwdriver, then carefully pry up the switch panel. On the drivers side, do this from the bottom (where a clip holds it on). On the passenger side, pry it up from the top.
(3). Show how the drivers side panel is pried up (sorry for the dust – I took this picture after I had done this, so I hadn’t cleaned the panel off yet)
(4). Here is a picture of the panel all but removed from the door. Gently squeeze on the plug that is attached to the panel.
(5). Panel completely detached from the car. Notice the four small circles. These are the lights we are going to take out.
(6). Get your flathead screwdriver again, and unlock the lights. Works in the same was as if you were taking out a screw (lefty loosey, righty tighty, heh).
(7). One of the lights out of the panel. These guys are small.
(8). This is a shot of the back of the light. If you look closely, you can see that part of the wire from the light ends at the back. You are going to need to pry up those small wires, and unwrap the light from the plastic holder (this is hard to explain unless you are looking at an actual light…if you are doing so you will know what I’m talking about). I was able to pry the wires up by using a one of the leads from an LED.
(9). Shows the wires undone from the plastic holder.
(10). Now, we need to separate the small light from the plastic holder. You can first try to pull up on the light. This worked about half the time. The other half I had to push the wires from behind to help nudge the light out of the holder.
(11). Go grab one of your LED’s. If you have purchased LED’s that are small enough to fit right into the plastic holder, you can bypass the next step. However, the LED’s I purchased were a bit to large, so I had to tailor them up a bit. On a side note, I choose to use Blue LED’s to replace the factory white lights.
(12). As said, if your LED is small enough to fit into the plastic holder, bypass this step. If not, go get your dremel and either a sanding or cutting attachment (I used a sanding one). Now, we are going to shave off just a little of the sides of the LED, and a good chunk of the top (just be sure not to cut to deep thus affecting the diode). All the cutting of the LED does, is diffuse the light of it more (which doesn’t matter in our case).
(13). The LED’s leads should fit perfectly into the stock holes on the plastic holder.
(14). Obtain your solder, soldering gun, Acid Paste Flux, and resistor. Put a little bit of the paste on the longer lead of the LED, and the resistor (will make the solder take better). Next, heat the gun up, put a little solder on it, and attach the resistor to the longer lead (the +) of the LED. The resistor orientation does not matter.
(15). A shot showing the LED, plastic holder, and resistor soldered to the LED.
(16). Next, we wrap the LED lead and resistor lead back in the same manner as the original bulb. Again, this is hard to explain unless you have the actual assembly in front of you.
(17). Here is a shot showing all four modified lights back in the drivers side panel. You are going to need to push down the top and bottom two resistors to make room when you put the panel back in the door.
[NOTE] The LED’s have polarity, thus if you put them in the wrong way they will not light up. Make sure the LED’s are all lit up before putting the panel back in the door. If they are not, simply take them out, and screw them in the opposite way.
(18). Before and After photographs of the passenger side door switch panel. And let me tell you, these pictures do no justice. It is a very deep blue color, and bright!
(19). Drivers side panel. Again, the blue is much brighter/deeper looking in person.
Final Word –
Hopefully everything went smoothly. I must say, that for less than ten dollars worth of LED’s and resistors, this is a very cheap yet unique mod to do. I first saw this done by a member of and had to try it for myself. Remember to keep all of the small original lights, in case you every want to put them back in.