Pre-wired Ribbon LED Strips - Super Bright Light LEDs for 12vdc - Customer Questions

Frequently Asked Questions by Oznium Customers

can these support making a 90° turn? ie: on the underside edge of a table around the perimeter. i realize it cannot be entirely flat at the 90° bend, but is it possible to do with a bit of a loosely folded turn?
Short answer, yes. The strips not be bend side to side for a 90 degree, only front to back.
I only want to power two of your six inch strips. I don't want to connect them end to end but instead use a splitter. Do your sell a splitter connector? Also, with only powering two six inch strips, what size AC/CD amp power supply do I use? I don't see the electric specs for the six inch strips? Do you power supply plugs mate with the power strip end plugs?
You may use this Y adapter: https://www.oznium.com/replacement-parts/waterproof-1-to-8-y-adapter

You could use this 12V adapter (non-waterproof), 2amp is fine: https://www.oznium.com/power-adapters/ac-adapter

Or if you need it waterproof: https://www.oznium.com/power-adapters/waterproof-led-transformer

Each LED strip comes with an extra plug, you could use the extra plug connecting to the 12V adapter.
I have an application that requires a ~40ft long run of the 4pin wire between the controller (Freedom) and a 16ft strip. How do these strips handle voltage drop in a situation like this? Will they run OK at less than 12 volts?
Brian, from my experience, the 40 ft long wires wouldn't affect the voltage very much. Voltage drop will be occurred when you connecting 3 or 4 rolls 16 ft strips in series. But I would recommend you to order the LED amplifier to avoid the voltage drop issue.

Product website: https://www.oznium.com/led-controllers/inline-rgb-led-amplifier

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
I didn't pay attention to + or - when I cut off excess 120 wire from transformer and hooked a new plug back on with them reversed. lights worked for about a day but won't work anymore. Did I burn out the LED ribbon lights? - by Dan (Portland, OR)
Not sure what was cut, please call customer service 800-245-8131.
How many lumens/ft does this strip output? - by Andrew
1 cool white 1 ft strip is 34.8 lumens. More information can be found here: https://www.oznium.com/flexible-led-strips/led-ribbon#tech
I'm building a display case and I wanted to use led strips to light it. The problem is that I want it to have a fairly decent CRI and most strips are either poor or unlisted.
Do you offer any high cri strips?
Can I wire an RGB unit to emit all colors? If so would it be a good CRI?
Do you know if combining different white temperatures would improve CRI? I know that was the thing to do with fl. lights but LED is totally different to me. - by Marshall
>> Do you offer any high cri strips?

How high of a CRI do you require?
Generally most LED lights do not have a CRI higher than 90. Normal white LEDs have around 70 to 80. We can source the LEDs with a higher CRI such as 85 but the cost of each LED would be at least double or triple the cost.

>> Can I wire an RGB unit to emit all colors? If so would it be a good CRI?

No. RGB LEDs will not have a good CRI.

LED Flex Strip CRI

To determine the CRI rating, we test 8 standard color samples R1-R8 (& may also include 7 additional samples R9-R15) for reference.
The lights spectrum from RGB LEDs could be made similar to the fluorescent lamp in its "spikiness" but those particular wavelengths do not perform like incandescents on those sample CRI colors. So the CRI of RGB LEDs is generally low, around 30-40.

LED Flex Strip CRI wavelength

If you want the ability to select different colors as well as switch to a regular white with high CRI, you could however use an RGBW strip (something with an RGB LED, with the addition of a normal white LED). Or you could simply place an RGB strip next to a regular white LED strip.

>> Do you know if combining different white temperatures would improve CRI? I know that was the thing to do with fluorescent lights but LED is totally different to me.

Yes. Combining different white color temperature LEDs would slightly improve CRI. The amounts of CRI improvement actually depends. It could be 0.5 or sometimes 3 or 4 difference.
Can I use on golf cart and hook to 12volt batt
Yes, but I would suggest the waterproof ribbon strips: https://www.oznium.com/flexible-led-strips/thin-waterproof-ribbon
Can you cut led strip lights and they still work?
Yes (cut between every third LED)
I have a 16' roll and want to do 12" of lit LEDs and 12" of no led's. Can I cut the strips at 12" intervals, add 12" of extension cable, 12" of led's, and 12" of extension cables...and so on.
You can cut the strip between groups of 3 leds so the cut may not be exactly on 12 inches. While you can do this, every time you cut the strip you would need to solder wires to the ends to add the extension cables or led strip.
Can you use these to attach around halo lights that are in headlight housings or would it get to hot? - by David (Rural Retreat, VA)
Should work fine. Go for it!
Are the RGB lights the same ones used in the video for the Music Beat LED Controller? - by Alahdin (Calgary, Ab)
Hi. Can I power it with a 12V adapter that has negative center DC with a 5.5 x 2.1 mm barrel plug? It's a power supply for guitar pedalboard. If not, do you sell an adapter for it? Many thanks!
Barrell plug on adapter is 5.49mm x 9.48mm long, we sell these for the ribbon strips, here is the link: https://www.oznium.com/power-adapters/ac-adapter
Are these waterproof? - by Michael
No, these come in a waterproof version also: https://www.oznium.com/flexible-led-strips/thin-waterproof-ribbon
i have some LED ribbon that has been cut off the main roll and would like to use it on another project. what is the best approach to re-using any cut off LED ribbon? thank you - by john (Slidell, la.)
You've got to solder wires to the two power points.
I have your 20" surface mount LED bars. How bright are these compared to those and would these work for under counter kitchen lighting? - by Vince
The brightness is pretty much the same.
Both will work well for under counter kitchen lighting.
I'm looking to hook up 4 x 6" UV LED strips to a portable device. If the device will only be used in 30s to 1min intervals, what kind of power supply would you suggest?
It's hard to say, because I'm not sure what you mean by portable device. Do you want batteries, or an AC Adapter? We carry both and both would work flawlessly.
I plan on placing lights around foundation supports and then surrounding with glass block
How would I get lights out if they needed to be replaced? - by Michael (Chicago ill)
I don't know the details of how you're going to install them, but how about trying to do it in a way so you can easily replace them?
Are they wareproof, could i submerge them in aqarium?
Rechargeable AA batteries are 1.2 so I would need 10 batteries total and each rechargeable battery has a 2300 mA so I'm pretty sure that would be efficient enough to give us some good running time - by Stephen (Bowie Maryland)
So if I was to use these for a hula hoop and I was going to use rechargeable battery's at 1.2v wired in series that's 10 AA to make 12v and it would be about 8 to 8 1/2 feet of the million led light ribbon what would be the running life in hours I should expect - by Stephen (Bowie md)
All AA batteries are 1.5v, so you'd only need 8 batteries to make it 12v. Not sure how long it would last as rechargable batteries may have more or less mA available. Check out our "How long will the battery last?" section: https://www.oznium.com/install-bay/12v-led-battery-holder
I have installed these under the cabinets in my kitchen and they work really well but the long strip I used has fallen off. What can I use to reattach them so they wont fall off again.
Thanks - by Bryan
Tape, glue, zip ties, brackets
I am looking at adding these to a RC Quadcopter, The local Hobby store sells similar, but I like you guys more. When I cut them every 3 LED's, is there a solder spot to add my own power leads? Being on a Quad, you end up needed to cut every 3 LED's and solder power wires between them. Thanks - by Ryan (Beaverton OR)
Yes, of course. There is a solder spot every 3 LEDs.
Is there one of these strips that will cycle through just these colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple? - by James
Check out the Million color option of this product: Flexible LED Strips. It comes with a tiny puck that automatically cycles through the colors.

Or if you need more control, use the Pre-wired Ribbon LED Strips with one of our LED Controllers
I want to put one of these in my Xbox 360. The video I watched on how to install said I need a resistor soldered on and then attach the wire to the resistor. But, I don't think he was using prewired LEDs. Can I attach it straight to the positive port in my xbox because they're prewired or do I need a resistor? - by James (USA)
Depends on how much power is coming off that line. Each resister is a bit different and just because it's prewired (has resistor) doesn't mean it can just be hooked up to anything. Hope this helps!
I need connectors between the light strips that are 3 and 4 feet long to go between the upper & lower kitchen cabinets. Are thise available?
Theresa, GA - by Theresa
Yes, the Extension Cables, different sizes available: https://www.oznium.com/replacement-parts/linear-light-extension-cable
can we install this led strip in lighting photos and if yes then what would be its cost for an strip with its regulator????? - by Ankush (himachal pradesh)
Yes. The pricing for the strip is on the right hand side, and the AC adapters can be found here: https://www.oznium.com/power-adapters
I want to put 2 of these strips in my cars grill. how would i wire them to turn on with the parking lights but off with a manual override switch?
Wire them to your turn signals. On the power wire from the strips to the power wire on the turn signal, add a switch - this will override the power.
i want to buy your product but im stuck i want to place the led lighting under my queen size bed how much would i need in order for it to bright ?
How about just lining the bed with the ribbon strips.
Simply take a tape measure, and measure the edges. Then buy that length.
what is the longest distance you can run on one 12 volt driver - by Marty (albion mi)
Depends on a few things.
What is the amperage of the 12 volt power supply?
The Ribbon Strips draw about 110 mA per foot.
You can run about 32 feet of continuous ribbon strips before they will start to dim.
You could certainly hook up an unlimited number of 32 foot sections to a single power supply though, assuming your power supply was strong enough to power them all.
is there any way to shorten the width of these lights so that it is smaller than .32 inches?
We can make new ones that have a narrower width. How many feet do you need? And what is your target width?
Of the three shades of white which one is brightest?
Cool white, it has a little bit of a blue tint.
I have a personal road bike project. I want to add LED lights to the rims of my wheels in order to have them light up at night. I do alot of night cycling and I am tired of almost getting hit. Is it possible to use LED light strips on my wheels and have them hook up to a portable battery source or can i only put it on the frame? - by Elmer (LA, CA, USA)
It is definitely possible to put these strips on your rims or on the frame. You can hook them up to a battery: https://www.oznium.com/install-bay/12v-led-battery-holder
ok, i ordered the 1foot rgb because the tube of my infiniti i35 cluster just stop working. i just received them, my question is that i want to install them as if it was the florescent tube. it has to light up whenever i turn the ignition key and dimmed it as i please, they should turn off when exit the car with the automatic turn off. how do i do that, if it is possible. - by JEAN (Brooklyn, NY)
The easiest way would just be hooking it up to a circuit in the car that already does that.
I have a 2011 Ford F150 truck and I would like to place strip lights in the bed of my pickup to provide light at night. The lights would be located on the perimeter of the truck bed. I plan to install 2 55" strips for the bed sides and one 50" strip for front of bed. Can all 3 strips be powered from same source? I am concerned of too much draw damaging my truck. What size fuse should I use? Should I connect directly to battery or do you recommend another source? I have a retractable cover that uses rails for sliding the top. I am able to stick the led strip lights to this rail, but led will face horizontally or I can stick where it faces down. The approximate height from bed to rail is approximately 3 ft. My understanding is the led has a light angle of 120 degrees. Will enough light make it to the bed? Will I need to install at 45 degree? That would make project more expensive if I have to install aluminum channels at 45 degrees. Sorry I have a lot of questions. Thanks for your help.
Yes! They can all be powered on the same source. Depends on the color, but you could use a 3 Amp fuse. Anything higher would be bad. Straight to the battery! Yes, this will make enough light. The 45 degree angle is up to you.
What is the best way to make a strip 68" long and another 86" long? Can I join a 4' strip and a 2' strip and then cut it to 68" for example?
Yes, connect a 4' and 6' strip together. And then cut it down to the length you need. Remember, you can only cut every three LEDs.
I want to use in a motor home and will hook up to the house battery bank. I concern is that some times the battery charger delivers over 14 volts to the batteries to recharge them. How much can these strip tolerate and should I install a voltage regulator to the light strips? If so do you offer such a regulator?Thank you - by Martin (North Carolina)
They will be fine with the 14v spikes. Use a fuse and we don't carry regulators.
does it come with a remote to change colors
No. When you order a strip, you'll receive just a strip.
I dont know if you have already had them and they didnt sell, but I wish these came in pink. - by Kenn (Lake Geneva, WI)
Sorry, don't have them in pink right now. Thanks for the suggestion, we do carry there in pink https://www.oznium.com/flexible-led-strips/led-flex-strips.
How UV reactive is the UV strip compared to a good quality UV cathode? - by Kenn (United States)
Its a bit subjective, so perhaps you can buy a sample, test both, and then evaluate which will work best for your project.
The Million Color Strip if I connect 2 8 AA battery packs together how long will the battery's last? Also can I hook up the music contoller to these and does that effect the battery times? - by Jason
The rule of thumb for one battery is 2 amps for 1 hr. Eight batteries would run for 8 hours.
How can I make leds pulse to my bass in car without anykind of controler?
Without a controller, you can\'t.
Will these flexible LED strips work inside of a PC? - by Jason (Surprise, AZ)
Can these LEDs respond to music, to where the LEDs light up everytime the bass in a song would hit? And they won't short out if plugged into the amplifier in the car? - by Troy
Rather than hooking them up to your stereo's amplifier, you should hook them up to a music interface which is designed to beat to the music.
i just bought these rgb leds, but how do you know which wire is the red green blue or common positive? - by Aric (33566)
There should be tiny colored labels on the wires. But by hooking the wires up to your 12 volt power source, you can also just use trial and error to figure it out. One wire is common positive, and the other three are for the colors.
Do you sell the leds seperatly (to solder on) as I blew a couple by accidentaly shorting it.
Oh no! Sorry to hear that. We don't sell the LEDs separately.
Would the resistors be enough to stop these leds from blowing if i attached them directly to my car amp for making them pulse to the beat? I dont want to use a microphone based music interface as i have heard they pick up road and other noises. Thanks
No. Resistors don't do that. Fuses would blow if to much power gets to it.
I plan to install a 16.4 ft strip inside a display cabinet. The strip will be behind the four edges of the face frame where it will not be visible. The LED light will be directed toward the center rear of the cabinet. 1st Question: What is the minimum bending radius to assure that the ribbon is not damaged? 2nd Question: Can I mount the self-adhering strip to a beveled wood strip that will direct the maximum light toward the center rear of the display cabinet?
Thank you,
John - by John (Virginia)
1 - These can bend to a 90 degree angle or they can bend back to back. 2 - Yes.
Im thinking about attaching a foot of blue under each side of the dash and both seats. would this be bright enough? I would prefer it to be to bright rather then to dim as i can dim it when needed. Thanks - by John (Australia)
Yep, it will be perfect with a foot under each side. Go for it!
The tech data sheet for the UV LED ribbon strip says the wavelength is 449 nm. That wavelength is blue. Do you have better information about the true peak wavelength in the UV part of the spectrum? I suppose the LEDs may appear dimly blue to the eye, but I would like to know where the true peak is. Thanks. - by Alan
These were recently tested. Sorry, that is the most current specs we have on this.
I want to light up three sections A,B,C by multicolor stips. The strips in all sections must be able to change colors together from one common controller. Section A is 23 feet long. Section B is 70 feet long and section C is 28 feet long. How can I do that.
For that many strips you could be looking at 18 amps or so. You would need either the LED Synchronous Controller [https://www.oznium.com/synchronous-controller] which can handle 8 amp and be linked together for more output or the Multifunctional Controller [https://www.oznium.com/multifunctional-controller] which handles up to 24 amps. These controllers should give you the control you need for the strips.
If I want these on my pedalboard (pedals for guitar), is there any way I can use a Dunlop DC Brick to power these? The Dunlop DC Brick has only 9v and 18v outputs. - by David (Nashville)
You're welcome to hook them up to 9 volts, and they just won't be as bright as on 12 volts.

You could hook them up to 18 volts, and they would be very bright, but probably wouldn't last very long.
What if I need a longer length like 18ft 3'' ? - by James (Spring tx)
Just add 18 gauge wire to the end of the strips.
what fuse is recommended if i wanted to use the led rocker switch with the led strips? ex a 12v fuse?
It would depend on which strip and how many.
is the 16 ft just one whole length or is it smaller lengths daisy chained together? thanks! - by Elbee (Upland, CA)
The 16-ft comes in one long 16-ft roll.
is it possible to control was led turns on? e.g. first led on second off third led on etc.? - by Brian (mayo ireland)
No. They are either all on or all off.
what gage hookup wire would be best for these lights?
18 gauge, we sell this.
What voltage and amp supply are needed to powere 6ft of these pre-wired led ribbon strips - by Jesse (New York)
12 Volts, 2 Amp AC Adapter.
Is there a portable power supply for a 3ft supply of the Red LED light strips? If so which would you recommend? - by Jesse (New York)
Like Batteries? https://www.oznium.com/install-bay/12v-led-battery-holder

Or a 12V AC Adapter https://www.oznium.com/power-adapters/ac-adapter
Can you tell me how many 3-led cuttable strips are in every foot? - by Mike
What will you recommend for light weight portable 12V that is rechargeable. I need it for my bicycle. - by Paul (Home)
2 Ribbon Strips.
I purchased the red 3ft Ribbon LED Strip. A couple questions:
1) Would I need to purchase a Load Resistor?
2) I would most likely need to purchase fuses to tap it into the fuse box, am I correct?
3) So in general, all I need for this to work is a switch, fuse, and the prewired strips right?
No resistor needed.

Yes, you'll need a fuse.

Which is the distance from the END of the strip to the END of the plug?
In centimeters, please. - by Luis (Sant Feliu De Guixol)
For which length of strip? Each strip has a 6-inch lead wire on either side of the strip.
Can you provide the LED dimensions for the RGB ribbon?
Yes, click on the Technical Info tab.
Do you have (or are there such things as) "LED-free" extension strips for daisy-chaining multiple LED strips while creating "gaps" in the lighting? I'd like to light multiple bar shelves with a single strip (powered from a single source) but only want the horizontal sections of the strip to be lit (not the sections used to get vertically from one shelf to the next. Thanks! - by Jacques (Forest Hills, NY)
I think you are looking for this: https://www.oznium.com/replacement-parts/linear-light-extension-cable
I just bought a cool white led strip, wired and plugged it in. It's pulsing on and fading off every second or so. Did I do something wrong? My understanding is that these stay on when plugged in. I'm connecting the strip directly into the 12v adapter I purchased from you as well. Thanks!
Its like a bad adapter. Please contact CS@oznium.com or give us a call!
I would like to light up my room in my apartment.I want to run these ribbon LED multicolor strip all around the walls up high to light up the entire room.will they be bright enough to fill the room.is this the right product for the job?if so,how much feet of strip should I set on each wall in a 12x10 room.thank you - by david (houston tx)
Yes, these will work. I'd use 12' of ribbon strips.
Will the UV strips work well in an application to shine on special UV paint?
If I cut the 16 ft led strip how do recoonect the leads to repower the 2 halves. Do u have a diagram of how to reconnect the leads.
Every strip already has power wires coming out of both ends. If you cut the strip in the middle, you don't have to re-connect anything, since the power wires are already attached. This diagram should help clarify:

How and where to cut LED Flex strip
If I need to cut a 16 feet strip at 10 feet long and connect it to remaining 6 feet one (in order to turn at a 90 degree angle flat) do I need a special connector? If not, how is it done? Thanks - by Alex (Montreal)
You will not need a special connector. Just power the end with the wires and it will work.
Can this or the waterproof be ordered in 1 piece lengths for anything over 5'? If so how do you go about doing that?
Yes of course. We offer a 16 foot length. Just decide how many you'd like, enter the quantity, and press Add to Cart.

You'll see all the lengths we offer on the page: 6 inch, 1 foot, 2 foot, 3 foot, 4 foot, and 16 foot.

If you need a different length, we are happy to custom make it for you, but we will require a minimum order of about $2500.
I'm using a pair of 6 inch ribbon strips for component lighting in an entertainment center. They are too bright at night running 12 volts, but at 6 volts are just right. Is there any issue with running these at less than 12 volts?
Nope, no issues at all. Go ahead and dim them down. You may be interested in our dimmers:

Rotary Knob Dimmer
Remote Control Dimmer (and strobe / heartbeat function)
Can i wire these into the speaker leads of a 1500 watt amp? I want it to pulse with the music. I have used other LEDs before but they all have blown above half power. If not do u sell a music controller for them? Or what wattage amp could be safely use with them? - by Andrew (West Virginia)
No, that won't really work. We do sell a music controller.
Do you carry this product in an orange/amber color? I noticed in the picture section there is one picture of multiple colored strips and one of them looks to be orange but there is not an orange one listed for purchase.
This is our Yellow color which as you can tell is quite orange / amber. I think it will be suitable for your needs.

Amber Orange LED under cabinet lights
can i put these under my door so when my door is opened the lights are shining on the ground
In your picture with all of the colors, can you tell us which colors are which? I have a pretty good idea but wish to be sure. - by Anthony (Pittsburgh)
Warm White>Red>Blue>Yellow>Green>Neutral White>Cool White
What gauge wire is recommended? I just tried 16 and the solder did not hold well. I'd like to get smaller, more flexible wire for my application. - by Jeff
Usually 16-18 gauge will work.
Do you know the color temperature of the Warm, Neutral and Cool White colors? I want to buy multiple products from you (for example, dome light and strips) and want to ensure the colors will all be the same, or at least very close, in color temp.
All of our products that have options in white will be very close to other products in the same variation of white
My questions concern the million color strip. Are the red, green and blue leds combined in a single chip or is there a separate chip for each color? Are the strips wired common positive? What are the typical wavelengths for the red, green and blue leds in the million color strip? And are the specs the same for the waterproof strips? - by Bob (Bristol, CT USA)
Red, Green and Blue are in one LED, so if you get 1 foot of a strip, you get 18 LEDS.

They are common positive.

We do not have information regarding the wavelengths. Other technical information can be found here: https://www.oznium.com/flexible-led-strips/led-ribbon#tech

Yes, they are the same spec for the waterproof strips.
What is the width and height?
0.32 inches wide x 0.09 inches tall.

Please see the "Technical Info" tab for more specs.
How do you run a 1 foot strip of these LED's along with a couple separate LED's that are of different color, and do you need resistors for the separate LED's? - by William
Attach all the positive wires together, and all the negative wires together, and attach your power source. Resistor are required for separate LEDs if they are individual LEDs, and not pre-wired.
Want to use them for my Hobby HO Passenger Car lighting. Available Voltage: 18 V AC . How do I use them - by Paul
The voltage should not exceed 12 volts or otherwise you may burn out the lights.
This product is perfect for RC cars and airplanes, as it lightweight and thin.
do these come with leading wires? - by Blaine (Santa Rosa, CA)
Yes, they are pre-wired.
I am planning on using these as undercabinet lights in my kitchen. How do I determine which AC adapter I need (i.e. how many amps)? - by Mark (Vancouver, Canada)
Figure out the current (mA) that each foot draws from the Technical Info Page, then multiply that number by the number of feet you are going to use, and then pick an AC adapter that can provide at least that many amps.

For example, lets say you want to run 20 feet of the white strips which use 130 mA per foot:

20 x 130 mA = 2600 mA

2600 mA = 2.6 amps

You could use our 3.25 amp adapter
are they available in a 4.5 volt verision I want to use them in a solar application - by Ron (Oregon)
Sorry, these strips are all 12v ready for automotive applications
I would like to install these in my home could they be put on a dimmer switch [possibly a inline roller type] also would I wire the lights to the dimmer,then run wires to the ac adapter ? thanks
You can dim them, however you will want to dim the 12V DC output from your adapter with a 12V dimmer.
What are the million color LEDS and what do they look like?
Groups of Red, Blue, and Green LEDs can combine at varying brightness intensities to produce a smooth fade through the full color spectrum. Unlike the single color strips which use just 2 wires (a power and a ground), the million color strips use 4 wires (3 for each of the colors, and 1 for either a common power or ground). These 4 wires are hooked up to an LED controller.
Can you run them in circuit? Connecting multiple separate strips so that they can all be turned on at the same time even if they are in separate areas under the dash and back seat? - by Bryce
Yes, absolutely.
Do you have an estimated life expectancy on the LEDs? - by Blake (Boyne City, MI)
We have not tested the life expectancy of these LEDs.
First time buyer and user. I want to puts strips of light on dash board in the car.
How do i power up the lights. Where do i run the wires to?
Ultimately, the LEDs will be powered from the car battery. You could also tap into the back of the cigarette lighter, or another 12 volt source under the dash.
Can i use a regular batteries,if so what kind and size? - by Jerry
You can use regular batteries. You'll need the batteries to provide about 12 volts. You can use any kind or size as long as they put out a total of about 12 volts.
Can these Ribbon LED Strips be used in outdoor applications?
We do not recommend using the standard Ribbon LED strips for exterior applications, as there is no protection from moisture or other elements.

Please use our Waterproof Ribbon LED Strips for exterior use.
I want to buy these strips to put around my new bar area at my new house, how exactly do these plug in or get them to work, - by Corrie (Pennsylvania)
Plug them into an AC adapter. It's very easy!
Will these be coming in Orange?
Please try the Yellow color. Yellow and Orange LEDs are very similar in color.
How would I go about powering these in my motorcycle? What would I hook them up to?
You'd hook them up to the battery. Hooks up just the same as your car.
Can you get these without the adhesive backing?
That is possible. If you place a large enough order (say $2500), we can custom make them without the adhesive backing.

Keep in mind though, that the adhesive backing does not really affect the performance. The adhesive backing is unobtrusive. You can also remove it yourself if you so desire.
Where did you run the wires to power the strips in the soffit? Can you connect it directly to the lamp power source?
There was a power outlet installed in the attic. Then there was an AC adapter which put out 12V DC secured in the attic. There was a small hole drilled for the wires to run down from the attic and then be soldered to the ribbon strips.

You could tap into the lamp's power source, but you'd have to install an AC adapter.
How do you power LED strips like this in household use? Car usage just involved tapping into the regular 12V source, but I don't see how you plug these into the wall in your home.
How would you make these strips waterproof? - by Raymond (utah)
Silicone, or put them inside of a clear tube and seal the ends.

Or check out these products which are already waterproof:

- Waterproof Ribbon LED Strips
- Silicone Encased LED Strips