High-Intensity LED Flood Light - Blinding! - Customer Questions

Frequently Asked Questions by Oznium Customers

Is the 3M tape waterproof? It appears to be their VHB tape, it that correct? Would it be sufficient to mount these lights on the transom of an Aluminum fishing boat, without the screws, and not worry about the lights coming off?
The tape is somewhat waterproof but not for under water. It will last several months to a year and then need to be replaced.
Your tech specs say these will operate from 12vdc to 24vdc. Will running them at 24vdc reduce life expectancy? - by Diego (Ile-bizard, Canada)
Running them at 24vdc will not reduce life expectancy. The internal LED driver is designed to handle 12vdc - 24vdc.
How would these compare to an 1157 bulb for the turn signals? Will it be able to be on dim and then get brighter when the blinker turns on? - by Cameron
This LED isn't designed to dim.
Don't know how many lumens a 1157 bulb puts out (there's probably a big range depending on type of bulb).
But you can see how many lumens this light puts out on the Technical Info tab.
I designed a lighting fixture using 4 of these flood lights. They are all powered to the same 12V battery. My hope is to be able to set up six or more of these lighting fixtures so we'll have 24 -possibly more flood led- in one room. Is there a remote control that can control them all at the same time? - by Jorge (Wichita KS.)
If they are all on the same circuit, you can use this wall mount remote control switch or this handheld remote control switch.
I have a Solar power system. I am looking for a 12 volt night light to place in the room. The room is 5 ft x 7 ft. The night light will be run 24 hours 7 days a week until it burns out, I will never turn it off. I need this light to be a low amp draw. What do you suggest and what is the amp draw and lumens? - by jeff (kentucky)
You can see the current draw and lumen output on the "Technical Info" tab.
It depends how bright you want it... Perhaps try this plus a few other options and see what you like best. If you don't want it very bright then you could use something as simple as a single Pre-wired 12V LED. You could also try this LED module and hook it up to an LED dimmer.
Do you make a bezel that mates to the front of the housing? Such that if I wanted to sandwich my mounting material between the light from behind and the bezel from the front? - by Evan
Sorry no.
Are there plans to eventually have the wiring come out the rear of the unit instead of the side? Or have a slot cutout so wiring can either come straight out the back or side?
We already have this feature, but haven't updated the photos online since we still have certain colors of old inventory, and some of new inventory.
Exactly which color LEDs and which color housings are you interested in? How many do you need?
I am looking for a high intensity light for docking my 21' ski boat at night.
What light or lights would you suggest? It needs to be bright enough to illuminate both the dock and boat side. Thanks - by Josh (Montana)
You should look at this tractor light: https://www.oznium.com/tractor-work-lights/54watt-led-light-bar
I'm interested in using these as turn signals/brake lights for my motorcycle, what do you suggest?
Will they get too hot and melt the plastic?
Will they be bright enough?
They do not put out heat, they are bright. They would work fine.
I'm planning to wire (in parallel) 8 as rock lights under my truck and 1 in the engine compartment. I want them wired to one switch. Should I wire them all in one run or two? What gauge wire should I use? Should I use a relay? What size fuse? - by Mike (Henderson, NV)
One run is fine. 18 to 20 gauge wire. No relay needed. 5 amp fuse is fine.
Can larger/new holes be drilled into the case mounting flange, without jeopardizing its relability?
Slightly larger yes, but be careful of the base
To order this in UV,..what would the minimum be? - by Christina (United States)
I'm not sure we can get them in UV, but it would probably be 100 pieces. Email us at CS@oznium.com
I am looking for something to use on the back of an ATV for a backup light. Would prefer a flood pattern. Which of your LED's would work best for this application? - by William (Arkansas)
This product.
Above these lights are listed as 1W and as drawing 0.5A. 12V@0.5A is 6W. 1W at 12V is 0.083A. Can you tell which one is correct? Thanks. - by Jeff (Richmond VA)
We had these tested, the results are here, please scroll down: https://www.oznium.com/led-flood-and-spot-lights/high-intensity-led-floodlight#tech This would be the most accurate information, sorry for any confusion.
Could I use these as rear fog lights for my car, or would the spot lights be better?
I would use a combination of both.
How many flexible strip LEDs would be necessary to achieve a similar brightness? For example, cutting one strip of 100 leds from a 16 foot 300 leds superbright spool would come close to the brightness from this high intensity flood?
Probably a 36" strip, but we haven't tested this, nor have a scientific way of testing this.
Can these be hooked up to an RGB controller and have the same basic (strobe, flash, fade, etc) functions as an LED strip? And what would the schematics be in order to power everything with one power source.
No, because these don't come in RGB.
I want to put headlights on my go cart. Would the flood lights or the spot lights work best? - by Caleb (Roanoke, VA)
Spot lights for head light, Flood lights for brake light.
i am looking to light my bowfishing boat up.what do you sugjest. led or halogen Low sodium ect. - by Dana (eau claire wi 54703)
The Floods like and Spot lights would work best.
Hi Im thinking of making a outdoor floodlight, it would typically be elevated about 2,3,4 or 5m of the ground (im european =) to get a fair amount of light on the ground would they be good enough ? and if so what would the circle diameter they would light up be .. (in meters please =) - by Lars (Norway)
We haven't tested what the diameters would be (we don't have space to test), but this video could help you. It is for the spot light; the flood light has a much wider range.

I want to make a submersible fishing light for use in about six feet of water. It will require about fifteen feet of wire. What kind of wire would be most appropriate for this application? - by Thomas (Freeville, NY)
14 to 18 gauge.
Do you have emission spectra? (green and blue) - by Cesar
Sorry, we do not.
Would one of these be a good choice to light up a 5" x 5" carving in metal from a couple inches away, or should I go with the spotlight?
Both would be a fine choice. You can't go wrong.
will the flood lights work with the Dimmer and Strobe Remote Switch and how many lights can you hook up i want to use 8 of the floods for rock lights - by Steven (grass valley ca)
The Dimmer and Strobe switch will not work with the Flood lights.
On one of the technical info photos, it shows "12V AC/DC" next to the wires. Are all of the lights capable of 12VAC operation even if they are not marked like the one in the photo? - by Bill (Medina, OH)
You would need to put a diode in line with these on 12 volts ac.
Would these shine down into water and light up the bottom 2-3 feet down? My husband is trying to find 12v lights for bow fishing that will run off a car battery instead of having to use a generator. If so, how many would you recommend? - by Diana (Michigan)
In clear water such as an aquarium they will light up the bottom of a tank 2 to 3 feet down. In murky water your results will vary. The spotlight version would be better than the floodlight version. Perhaps, buy one and test it to see if it will work for you
I have an older car with notoriously small taillights and brake lights and intend to modify the brake, turn and rear lights to LED.

- Are these brighter than a normal 12v brake bulb?

- The housing for the combination brake/turn/reverse/tail light is aluminum and pack all four separate bulbs into a circular light split into 2 triangular segments with a center. Do I have heat issues - ie could the heat of the LED melt the plastic lens segments?

- Last - for a center mounted brake light in addition to the rear assembly how many could be mounted/wired in series or paralell? - by Bryan (Brewster New York)
These are not brighter than a normal 12v brake bulb.

These get hot, but I've never seen them melt plastic.

You can wire an unlimited number in parallel. It wouldn't make sense to wire in series.
I'm in the landscape lighting industry. Do you think you will ever make let's say a 3 or a 5 watt spotlight?? Or more angle options??? maybe a 45 degree - by Denny (Aurora, Canada)
We have no plans at this time.
I installed three of these lights in my fish house and they work great. The only problem is when I turn them on they tend to interfere with my fm radio. Is there anything I can do to remedy this. - by Eric (Stillwater, Mn)
There are a couple hit-and-miss remedies you can try out. See this forum thread for more information: https://www.oznium.com/forum/topic20902
Do you make them in uv? If not, will you?
We do not make them in UV, but we could. How many will you order?
Can these lights be wired to a switch? I don't want to simply do a fuse tap as I want these to be separate lights from my regular driving lights on my truck. I have your LED switches with 3 prongs. What are your suggestions for wiring these up? Thanks - by Kohler (Maryland)
Yes, you're welcome to wire these to a switch. That's not a problem at all.
For under dash lighting and dome lights, would these be as bright as the dome lights you sell? mounting or wiring isnt the issue, i want a seriously bright, white dome light. - by Ryan (Kansas City MO)
These are comparable to the dome lights that we sell. For dome lights, I would recommend the Ultra Thin LED dome light.
I want to install these under my hood for engine bay lighting (along with a pin switch to turn them on when the hood is raised).

My concern is, when the hood is closed, these will be in close proximity to the main engine. Can these hold up to the heat of the engine bay? - by Mike
They will work great in the engine bay.
what if i wanted to mount them outside and i live in arizona and it can get pretty hot do u think it will melt or shorten its life span?
They are housed in an Aluminum housing, it shouldn't melt by any means. Life Span should be unaffected as well.
watts consumed per flood light
1 watt
how many amps does 1 flood draw?
.5 amps
if i mounted these in plastic trim, the hatchback of my VW, would they melt the plastic??? They do run at 120 degrees F correct?? - by Tyler
I don't think they would melt the plastic trim. Yes, around 120 degrees F.

EDIT: After testing, these will get warmer then room temp, but not reach 120 degrees.
What would be better, the LED floodlight, or the LED spotlight?

I want to light up the underside of my hood. I currently am using 2 of the round chrome modules, for the engine bay, but need a bit more light on the hood. For reference here is the hood/design I want to illuminate the pinstriped flames.

http://photos.sweetgt.com/Mustang/Boss%20Inc%20Hood/10220023_std.jpg - by Rick (Cincinnati, OH)
Flood Light would be the best.
i wanted to use this product to illuminate my instrument cluster in my 2000 silverado do you think 2 is to many? - by Bruce (florida)
I honestly thing this is overkill for that. It would be nice for show use, but way too bright for normal driving.
I want to add lights under the doors/runningboard area of an extended cab Chev. pickup. Would these be a good application and if so how many per side?
Hi! You might be better suited with our Waterproof SMD Linear Bars, but if you wanted to use the waterproof LED floods, I'd suggest them spacing them out every 8-12 inches for even light distrobution. Epoxy can be used to secure the Flood Lights, or you can use the included mounting holes.
What is the life span of the flood light? Of the spotlight?? - by Lucky (USA)
The actual lifespan has not been tested, however its durability and the longer lifespan of LEDs should give you years of repeat delight.
Will this work as a reverse light, obviously not plug and play with stock connections but will it be brigt enough to replace the 1156 incandesent bulb
It's hard to say. While the flood is very bright, it won't have as directed of a light as the 1156 bulb reverse light housing, which is specifically designed to shoot light in the proper directions behind your car. Honestly it's something you'd just have to try and see if you like it. You can always exchange them for something else if it doesn't work out.
I'm gonna use these red flood lights for my wheel wells.
1) Is one per wheel good enough, or do I need two since red isn't that bright?
2) Second, what size are the mounting holes?
1) That is subjective. Why not just run 2 per wheel so it is extra bright? :)
2) Close to 1/8" diameter
I was thinking of using these as "rock lights" on my Jeep Wrangler for going 4x4'n at night when you want to illuminate the terrain below your rig... I know someone that's used these in the wheel wells... I'm not sure if that's exactly where I'd place them, but I'm thinking that I'd do 4 of them... I'm also thinking of maybe using the red color because I've heard that red is the best color for night time illumination without destroying your night vision. What do you think? - by Trayson (Vancouver WA)
It's really up to you, it's all user preference. Red wouldn't be bad, but for true illumination purposes, I'd stay with the White Floodlights.
I was considering using these as a "fog light" on my car. I know they will not cast light to increase my visability. I'm looking for something that will allow other drivers to see more easily. Would you suggest this, or one of your other products. I will be making a custom mount, but I don't want to have to make a lens.
Thanks - by Michael (Toronto, Ontario Can)
These floods would be perfect for this application.
Can I use a computer power source to power these - just 1? Using the 12v output from the computer power supply or is there another/better option? For use in my home. - by William (Birmingham, AL)
You could do that or just pick up one of Oznium's 12V adapters.
I plan on installing four of the LED flood lights running them threw the Round Rocker Switch. Just need the recommended gauge wire to run and Fuse. Thnx
20 gauge, 2-3 amp fuse.
Was planning on putting some red LED's inside my air vents.. dont want the light shinning out just a nice glow. Do you think these would work well, if not what do you recommend? - by Camron (Mesquite, TX)
The Pre-wired Superflux LEDs would be a better solution. Just mount them in a place that you can't see!
I want to make a flood array to wash the front of my house in different colors. Can these be wired in both series or paraell to the power supply? Which is the perfered method? - by Richard (Texas)
These need to be wired in parallel, since they are already set up for 12v DC.
i want to add some lighting to me engine bay, will using 2 of these on the sides, and your flexible LED strips along the back and front be good - by Jorge (Miami, Florida)
Yes, I think with this combination you will be very pleased with the results.
Can you please post a picture of this item shining down on a white surface from a height of 3 feet? I would like to see the spread/pattern.
The Flood's light spread at 120 degrees is extremely wide!
LED flood light beam angle spread

At 3 Feet, it is virtually impossible to take a photo. If you wanted to illuminate a surface from 3 feet I would suggest using a tighter angle High Intensity LED like the
Spot: https://www.oznium.com/led-flood-and-spot-lights/high-intensity-led-spotlight
how many of these would it take to equal the light output of say a 25 watt compact flourecent? im thinking of buying in bulk for my whole house starting with the kitchen. - by Parth (Windermere, FL)
Two different technologies, it'd be difficult to exactly match them up. I'd say buy a couple and try them out, see if they will work for you, then order more from there. We'd be happy to work with you regarding bulk pricing.
Whats the viewing angle on the lights? - by TravisXRS (Tarpon Springs)
120 Degrees
I am thinking of using 4 of these under my Jeep Grand and hook them up to go on when the the corresponding door opens, to provide the look of what high end europen cars do with what they call pudel lights. Would this be bright enough or will I need two per door or use the prewired superflux. Also because I using thies to see, not for looks would you go with white or the warm white? - by Jeremiah (Colorado)
One under each door will be plenty. These are a better option for your application than the pre-wired superflux. I'd go with Warm White. I think you should really consider the Spot instead of the Flood.
What is the lumens output of the LED for a typical current?
100 lumens
I want to light up my grill area in my avalanche. I was going to get the 4-chip superflux LED's til I saw this.

Both are waterproof, and for the price I can get 6 prewired superflux for 1 of these. What would you recommend to light up the whole grill area? Would 1 of these be enough with the wide viewing led or would i need 2?
I'd recommend using the superflux LEDs. For the price, the superflux LEDs will provide a better glow for your grill area than these High Intensity LED Flood Lights.
What is the average temperature of the heatsink/case during operation?
The average temperature is about 120F to 130F degrees.

EDIT: After testing, these will get warmer then room temp, but not reach 120 degrees.