Camper Bed LED Light Installation

Project by Colorado4x4Van


A bed lighting project in a 1973 4wd Chevy Van by an Oznium customer (Colorado4x4Van)

  • Chevy Van LED Light Modification
  • Simple & Easy to do
  • Flush Mount LED Bolt


This is a 4-Step bed lighting project in the ceiling of a Chevy Van.

The customer’s wife often sits on the bed with her laptop on the bed of their Chevy van. The ceiling above the bed had no LED lighting or USB port and they needed to be installed.


High Intensity Flush Mount LED Bolts from Oznium, and various other components used for this project. 

  • 4 x High Intensity Flush Mount LED Bolt, 11mm, Aluminium, 1 Watt, in warm white
  • 1 x Laser Backlit Rocker Switch Kit for Vehicle/Boat/Marine, on/off, interior light, 20A 12V LED light, in blue
  •  1 x Rocker Style Car USB Charger – with blue LED light dual USB power socket for rocker switch panel


  1. First, the ceiling panel above the bed area was taken down.
  2. The correct placement was found for the switch/USB port combo and Oznium’s sleek High Intensity Flush Mount LED Bolts, they were marked and the correctly sized holes were cut out.
  3. The ceiling panel was given a light sand, primer was added, then it was ready to be painted.
  4. Once dry, the High Intensity Flush Mount LED Bolts and switch/USB port combo were inserted, wired up, and the ceiling board was put back into place.
Project by: Colorado4x4Van

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