Tesla Model S P85D Lighting Upgrade

Project by: Audi S3 Fanatic


This is an explanation on how to upgrade the interior lighting of your Tesla, as done by The Audi S3 Fanatic in a Tesla Model S P85D, using Oznium’s Tesla interior LED light replacement. Oznium’s recently developed Tesla interior light is a clearer and much brighter option than the OEM.


The OEM interior lights were far too dim and needed to be replaced.

For this project, all old interior lighting was removed and the old Tesla lights were replaced with Oznium’s Tesla interior LED light replacement. Oznium’s Tesla LED lights were much brighter and clearer.

The Tesla puddle lights, trunk lights, rear footwell lights and front hatch lights were removed and replaced.


Oznium’s Tesla Accent Puddle Light used in this tutorial video. 


    1. Using a non-marring plastic opening tool, the Tesla puddle lights were carefully removed from underneath the door. 
    2. By pushing down the small clip on the LED, it could simply be plugged out.
    3. The loose Oznium LED was plugged in.
    4. Taking care to tuck the wires back in, the light was pushed into the hole.
    5. The same method was applied to the Tesla trunk light and all the other Tesla interior LED lights.
    6. Replacing the rear footwell LEDs initially posed a challenge as the light needed to be removed from under the seat. However, this was easily done by raising the automatic seat, removing the entire LED holder which simply clips off the bar and then using the same method that was used with all the others.
    7. The new rear footwell LEDs were clipped back into place and were ready to go!
    Project by: Audi S3 Fanatic

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