Flexible LED Light Strips For Cars - Weatherproof And Economical - Customer Questions

Frequently Asked Questions by Oznium Customers

Can you cut LED Strip lights and put it somewhere else would it still work without the power supply on that certain Srip. Without having to connect it up again - by Isaac (United kingdom)
No, that is impossible. Each section of strip needs to be powered separately.
thinking about RBG with controller. If I wire to an existing switch, I assume I wire the controller in as per instructions. Will the power button on the remote only be active then when the switch is on? Anything else I should know on this desired approach?
These strips do not use an external controller, you would need these strips for that application or other RGB items designed for an external controller: https://www.oznium.com/flexible-led-strips/led-ribbon
Is the two side tape sufficiently durable to hold a light strip on the trailing edge of an elevated rear spoiler where the installation is subject to all road and weather conditions? - by Albert (Del City, Ok 73115)
Sorry, we haven't tested this specific example. Without actually testing it, its hard to say how long it'd last.
hey good day ive decided to instal some led strips around my console but i want to have them work with the rest of my dashboard therefore i also want to be able to control them with my dashboard dimmer switch how should i go about doing this corectly without placing in a new switch. - by brandon (canada)
Simply splice into some wire that is already controlled from your dashboard dimmer.
can i simply tap the led wires to my car's park light wires? will it cause any problem?
Yes you can. No it won't cause any problem.
I am buying 4 4.7 inch white. i want to use the music and flash interface will that be too much amps for the interface or will i be fine with using all 4 with it?
Interface is designed for 2 amps. No problem with 4 strips, you could add even more.
hi i am building a 5ft fish tank and want a white and blue strip or modules how much would i need and how do i power it thanks - by brett (england)
Those strips come in a 6 foot length that can be cut: https://www.oznium.com/flexible-led-strips/led-flex-strips

Power with this: https://www.oznium.com/power-adapters/ac-adapter

Start with one strip of each color, not sure how much light will work for you.
I've made my own RGB led wheel rings (16 total feet) and also have RGB led halo rings in my head lights & fog lights. How would I wire these to two separate toggle switches to be able to turn heads & fogs on/off & wheel rings on/off but all controlled with one remote? - by Shaun (Portland, OR.)
You could use this 4 channel switch: https://www.oznium.com/switches/remote-switch

We should have a 2 channel option soon also.
I'm installing 2ea Flexible LED Strips around my RV headlights. My installation theory is to combine the two off one switch on the dashboard. I plan on using 18 gauge wire with a 3AMP fuse and tapping into an existing hot wire. This way I don't have to run a hot wire to the rear of the coach. However, do you recommend I run a dedicated wire to the batteries in the rear of the coach? Chuck - by Charles (Las Vegas, NV)
If you tap into another hot lead you don't need to run another wire to the battery.
I have seen in several Q/A's that the Flexible LED Strips do not need resistors. Why? Are they built in to the beginning of the strips? - by Scott (Connecticut)
Resistors are wired into each section of 3 leds. That is why you cut them in groups of 3.
What gauge wire is the 3 feet that come with the strip? - by Scott (Connecticut)
24 to 26 gauge
Why would the + side of led strip arc out onto the metal surface of my truck ? Has anyone else come across this problem and how would get around it ? I hooked them into plugs already fitted to the truck and is a 12v power supply. - by Dave (Marton, New Zealand)
Please check strip for any breaks in the insulation or silicone which could cause an arc. Check all wiring.
In a 2014 Ford truck the cab lights automatically dim down when turning off. Can a flexible led strip be directly connected to this cab light. - by Enrique (Washington state)
I have 24 white led strips on my motorcycle but what kind of box do I need with remote to run those my last one burned out and I wanna keep the strobe and dimmer any help? - by Mike (New Haven ct)
Not sure what size strips you are using, remote dimmer and strobe switch can handle 6 amps per channel or 12 amps total.
I purchased 2 16ft rolls of blue 3528 60 led light strips from what u have read i can hook them directly to 12v marine battery with a inline fuse of 3 amps i will be hooking to existing switches in boat and am not sure of gauge wire to use id rather go to heavy than too light does this setup sound ok and suggestions on wire gauge to use. - by chad (usa)
18 gauge is fine: https://www.oznium.com/wire-12v-and-relays/hookup-wire
3 amp fuse is fine, setup sounds correct.
If I cut the strip to certain lengths, how do I access (or attach new wires) from each cut strip?
With this strip, it'd be nearly impossible, so you're better off just discarding the other side of the cut portion.
I bought some running leds to install in my fog lamps the wire that came with the product has to be at least 24 gauge in the instructions they want me to run the wire to the battery I'm afraid that with time the cable is going to melt there's also a 10 amp fuse.
Use clamp connectors to connect the wire to the battery, 10 amp fuse is too big for leds.
Will these LEDs show up in bright daylight? Not the light from the LEDs, but the LED elements themselves. Specifically, will they show up in the rear camera of a motorhome if they are on the nose of the tow car and turned on? They would have to be waterproof and pretty bright. - by Dean (New Mexico)
They are visible during the day, they are waterproof and bright.
When wiring my motorcycle led lights. Do I absolutely have to have a fuse between the on and off switch and the positive terminal of the battery? If so what size fuse and where can I find one - by Buddy (sumter, sc)
You don't 100% have to. The lights will still of course work just fine. The fuse protects the wire from melting/burning in case there's a short.
The size of fuse totally depends on the current draw of the lights you're using. Usually you'd be fine with a 5 amp fuse though.
You can find a fuse at your local car part store, or even most hardware stores. Oznium also sells fuses here: https://www.oznium.com/install-bay/atc-fuse
Will wiring my led lights straight to the battery kill my battery. I only want my led lights to come on only when my motorcycle is turn on. Is this possible for me to run the wires straight to the battery poles?
Wiring LED lights straight to your battery will not kill your battery unless you leave them connected for a long time.
It is of course possible for you to hook up the wires directly to your battery poles.
Have you considered using an on/off switch? That way you can simply turn them on when you want them on.
Can I wire led lights straight to my motorcycle battery?
Yes, of course. You might want to use a fuse too, but its not 100% required.
What size strips would you recommend to put these in the wheel well of my impala ss? Single or multiple strips per well? Also as additional waterproofing & adhesion would coating the strips in a clear silicon epoxy work and would it have any adverse effects? - by Brian (Brooklyn, OH)
We are not sure what size strips you need, please measure your wheel well area. Single or double strips depends on how much light you want, single is usually enough. They are fully waterproof, no need for extra silicone.
When I hook my two 36" LED's up to the batter they work, but when i wire them into my toggle switch, they dim. Why?
Please check the wiring to the switch, could be a bad ground. If you continue to have problems please call customer service 800-245-8131.
There is a positive wire and a negative wire attached to the lights... so if i attached the 2 positives to either side of a switch i bought inside of my car,then what do i do with the negative wires? And how do i get power? do i need another wire or do i just attach the negative wires to where ever the power comes from? - by Maggie (Canada)
Wire both hot leads to the hot on the switch and the same for the ground wires. The switch will be providing the power so the hot and ground on the switch go to the power source.
I just bought 6 one foot strips and I have a switch. How do I hook them up to the battery in my truck?
Here is video on that:

i bought a 1.2 inch Flexible LED strip a while ago but i can't figure out how to wire it to anything. I have read the other questions but it doesn't help. can anyone give me instructions on how to wire this to my car or even the inside of my xBox? - by Daniel (West Palm Beach, Flo)
You can wire the strip directly to your battery, the hot lead to the hot on your battery and the same for the ground. Or use the fuse box in your car and wire the same way, hot to hot, etc. If you have further questions please call Customer Service at 800-245-8131.
I have a 1995 Mustang v6 Coupe, I'm currently trying to hook these two flexible LED strips on the inside but am not sure as of where to connect the power/ground wire. Would you happen to know where?
To your fuse box or your battery.
I have a set of led flexible strips and I want to put under the bed rails in my truck,, I have a rocker switch that says the max ampage is 15 amps.. can I wire it into a fuse in the fuse box or do I need to wire it directly to the battery
You can wire it either way, if to the battery them you need to add am inline fuse.
I have a 2010 civic, and i was wondering where i would connect the wires if i use them on the bumper by the foglights?
You can connect to the wiring in the foglights or to your battery.
I would like to install flexible side emitting led strips to the color matched bezels inside my sealed headlight components. Can I paint the wires to match with automotive paint if I mast the sides of the leds where the light emits? Do the strips get too hot for painting. - by kim (san antonio)
Yes, paint
No, not too hot
I am thinking of using these on my push bike
How would I power them please? - by Allan (United Kingdom)
can you pause the "million" stips on one color or do they constantly keep changing?
Constantly keep changing.
What happens if you hook up the led light strip direct to a 12 volt 450 cranking amp battery.
The LEDs will light up.
I'm making a halloween tombstone prop and I'm wanting to use the flexible strips on it. What would be the best way to power the strip? Is there a way to wire them into an ac adapter or would a battery be the best way to go? - by Josh
Yes, its quite easy to wire them into an AC Adapter or a battery. If you don't want to worry about changing the battery, and are able to plug it into a power outlet, then just use an AC Adapter.
I'm trying to illuminate the AM/FM dial on a vintage boombox. I want to run the flexible strips off the battery supply, which is 8 D cells. If I understand correctly, 8 Ds make the necessary 12V, but only if they are aligned in a certain way? All I know so far is they are in 2 rows of 4. Where does this leave me? Am I plug & play or do I need to buy a slide ruler and 2 semesters at M.I.T? - by Kelly (Houston, as in We ha)
1 semester at M.I.T. should suffice.
Just try it and see what happens? Thats probably your best bet, without getting too technical.
Can I run 8 feet of flexible 5050 LED strips off a 10 amp fuse?
Use a 2 Amp fuse. 10 Amp is way to high.
Will using a 20 Amp fuse work for my LEDs? Im running several into the interior of my truck. - by Mike (Alexandria, VA)
It depends on how many you are using, 20 sounds too high.
Will the underglow work on a truck?will it reach the ground?
It should.
I am edge-lighting 3/8" polycarbonate and I am looking for the most lumens per unit length. Which is "brighter" the flexible strips or the waterproof SMD bars? - by Calvin (Kirkwood, PA)
The Surface Mount LED Bars are brighter.
Okay so I am looking for pink LEDs and here seems to be the only category with pink http://www.oznium.com/led-flex-strips but I need them to be pre-wired. And there are some that say pre-wired strips but this just says flexible LED strips. Is there a wired that comes attached to the strip so I don't have to solder anything? - by James
As you can see from the photos, wires are already attached.
Will 16 gauge wire work for hooking up 9.5" Flexible LED strips (2), 2.4" Flexible LED strip (1) & Rocker Switch? Accidentally bought 16 gauge instead of 18 and was wondering if it would still work.
I want to add to the underside of a 42' motorhome thats about 90' can they be conected together and with one controller - by Greg (Calif.)
They can be connected to the same circuit / switch / controller.
I would like to use the waterproof LED on a costume that will go into water. It will need to be completely self contained. Where can I find more information about this?
This strip is fully waterproof. You'll need a battery pack that is waterproof, but we don't carry such. I'm sorry.
I plan on using two of the p inch strips for my foot wells. Do you have any recommendation as to how to power them? Should I go off existing wires or run new ones to the battery? - by Christopher (Colbert, WA)
No recommendation. Do it whatever the way you want. Some like going to the battery, others like using existing wiring. Just be sure that if you do go off of existing wiring, the fuse size isn't to crazy high.
What are the resistance and amp ratings per strip? I wired 18 up to a transistor to get it to pulse to the sound of music. As i add more strips it gets dimmer and dimmer and wont reach its full voltage potential all together. - by Austin (Indiana)
It varies by the length of the strip and the color - https://www.oznium.com/flexible-led-strips/led-flex-strips#tech
How long are the wires that are attached to the strips, im looking to hook up a 28" white strip in a fish tank and i want to make sure the wires will reach out of the water. - by Tyler
The lead wires are 3-ft long. You can always extend wire if you want.
I brought a 6ft flexible Led lights. I want to cut it in 3 pieces. Do I need to do anything else after cutting? How do I get power to the pieces after cutting? - by James (Shoreview, MN)
What ever you cut, you won't be able to use the section(s) without the wires.
I need a light for my tool cart at work. I want a stip and power it off a battery pack, say a pack of 4 AA batteries, would that work?
Considering each AA battery is 1.5 volts, wiring them in series would only give 6 volts (1.5 x 4). To power the 12 volt LED strip, you'd want to use 8 AA batteries, (8 x 1.5 = 12).
can you wire the led light to a fuse? and what kind of fuse? and any of the wirse need to be grounded? im wanting to put the led light under the dash of my car anything will help to know
Yes. Depends on the length / color of the strip. Check the Tech page. Yes, the negative needs to be grounded.
i want to put the led light under my dash on both sides and i was wonder if i could just hook the wires in with a fuse that my head lights run off of so when ever i turn my light on the led light turn on? and do the light require and ground?
Don't hook them up with your headlights. Your headlights allow more Amps then you Flex Strips need. You'll kill your strips.
If i want to wire 4 1foot strips all to the battery what type of fuse should i use for the positive wire?
A 3 amp fuse would be fine.
Hi, I was wondering if i can connect multiple strip of LED lights (lets say 4), wire them together as one, then wire them to cigarette lighter adapter and plug them into cigarette lighter in a car. Could i do that? - by Vlad (USA)
Yes, certainly!
I need to bond a LED Flexible Strip to PP Plastic. Will a Polymer Bonding Adhesive work OK with the strip. What type of plastic is the LED Flex Strip? - by Keith (Clemson, SC)
I'm not sure if that will work, but I don't see why not. The strips are encased in rubber.
Do you have any transformers that can be hardwired into 120V A/C, and not plugged into a receptacle? - by Jeff (Sacramento)
Yes, of course: these and these.
How would I mount these under my car? would it work if I used the underbody mounting kit hardware in your "replacement parts" section? I really don't want to use the 3M tape because i have used these in other places and they fall off quickly so i just resorted to zip-tying them down. - by Tyler (Port Orange, FL)
You're welcome to use the mounting hardware. Or just go to your local hardware store and find something that'll work.
I have a corvette Z06 with a 9" space in the nose. What I would like to do is put LED light strip in that space and have the light go back and forth like the KIT car in the movies. Is this possible? - by Jack (Salisbury, NC)
Sure! Try our Scanning Strips https://www.oznium.com/flexible-led-strips/12v-scanning-led-strip
If I hook the flexible led strips to a speaker will they blow out
If the speaker puts out more than12v, you will have a problem.
I have a Yamaha Wolverine 450, and i wanted to put LED's under the fenders, in the grille, and behind the plastic near the engine. I was wondering if I would have any problems with heat, moisture, or dirt. I ride in the mud holes, and they would probably be submerged. Will this have any effect on them? - by Justin (Easton, PA 18040)
We haven't tested them rigoursly. However, plenty of customers have use these in their dirt bikes, ATVs and other outdoor vehicles with minimal issue.
How would i go about connecting two strips of the side emitting Headlight LED Strips to a toggle switch and to a 12V Battery Holder to power them? connecting to the car battery is not possible. - by Joe (Ireland)
Battery>Switch>Strips... these can all be wired together.
If I wanted to reduce the brightness of a 19" red strip by half, what kind of resistor would I need to do this? - by Caleb (Roanoke, VA)
It doesn't make sense to use a resistor for this. You should instead use one of our LED dimmers.
Can those led strip flashing: i mean from right to left or left to right in sequence?
Call me if you can not understand my question. - by Jean (Boisbriand, Quebec,)
These in RGB will flash without a controller, but they flash in a random sequence that can't be changed.
Can I use them for my instrument panel and if so can I use the same wiring
I have no idea. I don't know what your instrument panel rating is. I don't know what type of lights are already in there. And I don't know if you can use the same wiring.
How could I wire my smd strip to a rocker switch by tapping into the cigarette lighter wires, and would it be safe? - by Dan (ohio)
I wouldn't recommend wiring it up to the cigarette adapter. Just go straight to the battery with a fuse.
can you hook these up to a transformer?? - by Justin (Moore)
Yes, you can use one of our AC Adapters https://www.oznium.com/power-adapters/ac-adapter
What color wire is positive and what is negative on the flexible led strips - by Todd (Green Bay, WI)
Normally the gold looking wire is the positive, but it could be reversed. Please try it both ends.
can you make 1 color strips into a rgb strip
We have single strips and rgb strips as well.
How hot do these get? I want to mount them in the peak of my tent, but I'm worried about them getting too hot for the tent material.
Thank you,
Billy - by Billy (Sacramento, CA)
They would get warm but should not cause any problems.
Want to use 3 lights on a strip under my roller skates (Please don't judge (Lol). But ideally I'd like to not have to use a battery pack at all. Is there any option on charging the light before hand instead of trying to find a place for the battery? Thx in advance. - by Sarah (Kansas City)
Cool idea! But you'll need a battery.
Yes and yes.
so damn basic, but... If I pull out a cig lighter and tap into the wires direct and then put a switch in between the led and original lighter wire WILL IT WORK? I dont plan on soldering, just elect tape and a nut. - by Richard (Htown)
Should be fine.
I am using flexible LED strips to replace incandescent strip lighting in my motorhome. The coach battery charger can go as high as 15v. Will the LED strips take this high of a voltage. - by George (Federal Way, WA)
Yep, it should be fine.
How much are the led lights - by Troy (1613 fortune drive c)
The prices are on the right side of the page - https://www.oznium.com/flexible-led-strips/led-flex-strips
i want to stick leds to the bottom of my ice skates but most are powerd car lighter someone told me you could stick on a 9volt battery pack iam not sure how to do that anyone help - by luke (london)
You could use our 27A battery and holder, it should be small enough to attach to the bottom of the skate, maybe use sticky double sided tape. [https://www.oznium.com/install-bay/12v-led-battery-holder]
do you still sell those clamps that you can screw into car and then zip tie l.e.d to. i cant find them on your website?
These? https://www.oznium.com/replacement-parts/mounting-hardware
i need a diagram to hook up a music interface to leds with a toggle. i think i know but would like to be sure. thanks. and the interface has a pos and neg and 2 white connectors (with red and black) second question is how many amps do both the white connectors handle. thanks - by jason (fort worth texas)
https://www.oznium.com/led-controllers/cathode-music Here is a video. The Music and Flash interface can only handle up to 2 Amps.
I need to put 2 strands inside of a plastic disc. One green one for the inner hole, one white one for the outside. What would be the best way to attach these to a power source and switch?
You can just attach all the positive wires together and all the negative wires together. Or you can use a Junction Box (https://www.oznium.com/install-bay/junction-box)
"The Million color LED strips have red, blue, and green LEDs. They come with a tiny controller which automatically fades through millions of colors."

What is the exact size of this "tiny" included controller? - by Corvelle (Nor Cal)
2-1/4 inch x 1-5/8 inches high.
Can i hook up 3 or so Million color LED strips with just one of the million color controllers that they come with. - by Austin
Yep, you'll toss out the other two controllers, and connect the wires together in their respective positions.
I was thinking of buying the flex led strips to create the effect of fog lights bc i have ugly covers. Can I use the battery holder to power these and will the lead wires reach to the inside of car?
You can use batteries and battery holder to power these, you could also wire them to your fog lights or battery. You will probably need to add additional 18 gauge wire to reach inside your car.
What's the big round widget attached to the Flexible LED wires? - by Stick (Arlington, VA)
It is the controller to make the lights cycle, it is only on the RGB strips.
I have a 07 Tundra and the grill has rows of a honey comb design. what I am looking to do is install white LEDs in the top row of the honey comb. The spacing I need for the LEDs are 1" and I need 32 of them. Do you have anything @ 1" or will I need to build it from scratch? - by Matthew (Florida)
I'm sorry, we don't have any Strips that are spaced out by 1 inch.
Would the white flex strips 9.5" put light out in a pattern and bright enough to be used as back up lights? Mounting @ bumper level. if not, any recommendations? - by Michael (Roanoke, Tx)
Not sure about a pattern but would be bright enough for back-up lights.
I am going to substitute my third brake light, which is currently a standard incandescent light bulb, with two of these strips. The strips will be behind plastic that is already tinted red. Should I get white or red strips?
Get the White.
I was just on vacation in Barbados and I saw this car with stunning leds inside his wheels. i have never seen anything like it before because the leds were in a perfect circle around his brake rotor. they were very very bright,like a flash light shining from behind every wheel. the leds did not rotate but were stationary.
I wanted to know if you have seen this application and would this be possible for your led strips? I didnt get to take any pictures but i'm thinking he had the mounted to the plate directly behind the brake rotor. do you think your leds strips would hold up to the heat? - by george (New York)
Like this? https://www.oznium.com/product_photos/large/481.jpg https://www.oznium.com/product_photos/large/507.jpg https://www.oznium.com/flexible-led-strips/led-flex-strips

I'm not sure about the heat.
I installed the multicolor LED strip in my car and tapped into the cigarette lighter as it is a 12V, but the only color I can see is green. I was wondering if you knew how to solve this problem.
Please contact our Customer Service Department at 866-332-6411 so they can help you troubleshoot this problem.
putting two or three in my car around my interior. 19" uv and a 9.5 blue. 1. after cut how easy is it to connect to a wire or anything else? should you think twice about cutting it? 2. should this be hooked up to anything other than the battery and the chassis? - by Andy (Bloomington, MN)
You can cut these every 3 leds, then wires would need to be soldered to the end for the strip to work. This can be hooked to the battery for the power and the chassis for the ground.
Thinking about using this for an R/C project. Will the 38" Flexible Strip operate (obviously being dimmer) at voltages lower than 12, such as 7.2?
They will work for a short time, but they need to be at 12 volts.
do you offer a light bar that goes from green to white by changing with a controler - by Foley
The rgb heavy duty tri-chip waterproof strip, the shine chip rgb bar and the chip rgb bar could do this with a controller
Building a Lotus 7 type kit car and I am interested in using this technology for brake lights and turn indicators. Do you have a product bright enough to use for this application and something that will allow me the flexibility to design the fixtures from fiberglass ? Thanks, good looking products by the way. - by Barron
Customers use our Flex Strips for Turn and Brake Lights.
Can these bend easily from left to right?

I want to put these on the bottom of my side view mirrors in like a U shape. And I want the whole bottom of the U to be sticky. Is it flexible enough to do that?

If not, which strip would you recommend? I'm looking for light output bright enough to hit the ground. - by Ross (NWI)
Yep these can certainly bend like that.

I also recommend this product: https://www.oznium.com/led-bolts-prewired-leds/led-modules
I'm looking for a very strong LED strip. I have the FlowLighting Inferno - Million Color LED UB Kit but there are no small tubes for that kit. Is there anything you could recommend that would withstand the heavy bass from subs that will be very close to the subs and in the sun..... - by James (Florence, KY)
The Flex Strips or the Ribbon strips would work great.
I have purchase a 4.7 green and a 4.7 red strip. Plan on putting on front of my boat to replace OEM navigation lights. In looking at the technical section it appears the red is 1500 brightness and the green is 8000 brightness. Does this mean the green one will show much brighter than the red at night on the water?
Thanks - by Tony (Wartrace, TN)
Yes. Green is much brighter than red.
Correction to my ? earlier. I want to connect 2 Flexible LED's together. My adapter reads: Input 120V AC 60Hz 100mA; Output 12V DC 500mA. Would this work? - by eddie
I bought the white version of these strips, I'm trying to match the color exactly with one of your dome lights. They look to be cool white in color, do you think the 5mm dome light or the superflux dome light would be closer in color? - by Chris (Elkridge, MD)
The 5mm thin flexible dome light would match closest.
I have an older car with a rear window that slopes at a low angle. The rear window deck shelf is 3" to 4" below bottom window so a conventional brake light would look bad. I would like some type of ultra thin LED strip that could mount to inside of glass with adhesive to use as a 3rd break light. What would you recommend. - by John (Mustang, OK)
Ribbon LED strips. Or the Flexible LED strips.
I would like to put a strip on each side of my Toyota Tundra Crew Max under the doors. Is there any way to dim the lights so they are not as bright?
This is certainly possible with one of our dimmers:

Remote Control Dimmer
Rotary Dimmer Switch
how much heat can these handle? im thinking i might put these under my engine cover if they can hadle the heat - by Phil (clearwater fl)
We have had customers put these in their engine, but we do not know the max heat these can take.
I was going to by 2 x 2.4 green led light strips. would i be able to light these with a 9v battery? and if it dims the leds how much?
Sure, go ahead. It will dim slightly. We also sell 12 volt batteries.
I'm thinking about putting 2 of the 28" UV lights on each side of my boat, in the molding for night fishing. How for will these cast a beam of light from my boat each? Approximate footage will be fine.
This hasn't been tested, so we don't know. It's also VERY hard to tell since UV doesn't actually output any truly visible light. They are fairly bright for a UV product, though. Whether or not they're suitable for night fishing (if there is a practical purpose for UV lights and fishing - none of us here are knowledgeable in that area) we can't say.
Just wondering what did you use to mount the strips in the wheel wells? silicone, ties? also wondering how would I mount them to my scion tc's grill like neothin did? i'm really curious how to do this and i need help.
Zip ties.
how bright would it be if i used one 28'' flex strip in each wheel well? - by Justin (West Virginia)
any chance this style strip would be available in yellow ("amber")?
Yes, the Orange color we have is like an amber. I suggest you try it as I think it will meet your needs.
I don't think anyone directly asked this question, but could I tap the flex strips directly into my parking lights, or is that too much power? - by Andrew (Watertown MA)
Yes this will work just fine
I am buying 8 9.5's, 2 28's, 2 38's, and 3 4.7 inches. I have siz switches to operate different locations to my car. Will my alternator handle this? What kind of fuses do I need to install? Can i extend the wires at all? I want to put a few of them in my enigne bay and run it to a switch on the dashboard. - by Josh (Greensburg, PA)
Your alternator can handle this just fine, with all of the Flexible LED Strips your using less than 3 amps so a 3 amp fuse will be perfect
i want to light up my engine bay of my tc can i wire these million color into my inferno v1 kit and what size do i need aswell can i by lights for my interior and can i wire that into it aswell? - by Ashton (indiana)
These are not compatible with the Inferno.
If I dont hook them up to a switch do they have to be hooked up to a fuse or can I just run the positive to my battery and ground the negative? And If i hook up a switch do i have to use a fuse? - by Dillon (Alexander, AR)
You should always fuse anything you hook up. It doesn't matter if its hooked up to switch or not.
Can you run over the flexible LEDS without breaking, is there a certain limit to running them over or will they be unbreakable
We have not tested running over the strips.
how do you connect to the car
Hook the positive lead to any 12 v power source and ground to any metal part of the car.
I was wondering what gauge wire comes attached to the strip.

Also, i read about the controller for the million color strip. Is there anything i could buy that would store the color so i wouldn't have to cycle through each time i turned the strip on? - by dave (downriver, michigan)
It is around 16 gauge, you would need to buy one of our LED Controllers.
Do you offer RGB Flexible LEDs in which I can change the color of them at any time? - by Charlie
Yes. Our million color strips along with a controller.
how many amps should i use for 2 19" strips
19" LED strips use 320mA each. A 2 amp fuse will be fine.
Hey I was wondering if purchase four 4.7" flexible LED strip, can I hook it up to an existing fuse and switch I already have? Currently I have two set of cold cathodes running with a 5amp fuse and a switch. I was wondering if I can tap four positive wire from the 4 LED strip to the existing ACC prong switch. It would seem that there would be a lot of wire on a single wire to an acc prong switch. Would it still work? - by Douglas (El Monte, CA)
This would work fine.
I have a streetglow music interface modules that can hold up to 6 amps of current draw. Will this flexible led work with it? - by Marko (Blacksburg, Virginia)
I want to put the flexible LEDs in the headrest's of my car. Will they work there? Also how would I wire them to a rocker switch? - by Steven (Long Island NY)
They will certainly work there. Here's a few helpful diagrams for wiring the LED Strip to a rocker switch.
I want to run a strip of the UV black light above the rear window of my single cab F-150. If I buy the strip does it come with every thing I need for it to work? Just run some wires to the battery? If I just wire it to the battery is it always on, or is there a remote to turn it on and? - by Kevin (Onekama)
The LED Strips do not come with any switches. If you have a chance, please look at our wide range of switches, including our remote control switch.
Could I use these really bright LED Strips for the license plate lights? - by Timothy (Orlando, FL)
If I wanted to use an "add a circuit" on my car and use between 2 to 4 of these strips, what number amp fuse would you recommend? - by Dan (Cincinnati, OH)
A 3 amp fuse will be sufficent for this.
I have ultra thin led dome lights will the color blue from those match with these if I get blue? - by Dan (Cincinnati, OH)
Not exactly but pretty close.
i want to use 2 38'' milion color flexible LED strips, 2 9.5'' million color flexible LED strips, and 2 19'' million color flexible LED strips for a table. How many home adapters would i need and also would it be possible to hook them all up to a music interface so they change color while also "dancing" to the music? Thanks alot. - by John (Bellevue, WA)
The 3.25 amp adapter would be best for you. As for the music interface, the LED strips don't really have a memory built into them, so they will restart the color cycle once they're turned off then back on. If you hooked it up to a music adapter, it would likely only flash the same color over and over.
I would like to use the strips at home here in Singapore. But the voltage here is 230volts off the wall. Will your AC transformers work or do i need to get a step down from 230 to 110v? By the way, do you ship to singapore? - by Stanley (Sinapore)
Our adapters are capable of handling up to 240V AC. And yes, we ship to Singapore.
Can I hook up multiple strips to the same switch? - by VInce (Ft.Benning GA)
If I hook up 4 of the 4.7" LED strips to my cig lighter do i need to add or change the current fuse? - by kevin (orlando)
Can I use these led's with a sequencer? And do you know where I can purchase a sequencer? - by John (Metairie, La.)
You can use any LED with a sequencer. Sorry, we don't know where to purchase a sequencer.
I am looking at the 6' length to use in my son's room. Which of the three AC transformers that you sell would be proper? - by Richard
Since one 6 foot strip uses 1200 mA or 1.2 amps, any of the AC adapters will work.
I have a Raptor 350 (atv) how would i install the flexible LED lights on it?
As long as your ATV has a 12volt electrical system, you can run these Flex Strips.
Im going to get 3 million color flexible strips. what controler do i buy, the common positive or common negative?? - by Brogan (Mosinee, WI)
For these type of RGB(million) LED Strips you will need a Common Negative Controller.
I currently have 4 LEDS (Which act as my DRL's and Front & Rear Turn Signals). In order to get the blinkers to blink at a normal pace, I had to install TWO 3 OHM Load Resistors in the rear. Now, I just bought 6 Flexible LED strips to put in the lower grill and I want to tie them into my turn signals. Will I need additional Load Resistors or will my original set up take care of this? - by Jason (Fort Lauderdale, FL)
I don't know. We have not done the research on this yet.
Can you dim the White LED flex strips? if so any ideas on were i would find a dimmer for a 12V system? - by Galen (Bay Area)
You can dim pretty much any LED by using resistors or pulse width modulation. You'll have to do some experimenting and/or calculations to get your desired level of dimming.
I was wondering if it is possible to put the led strip under the hood into the headlight to look like the new audi lights. I have a 2004 civic. Would the led bulbs fit into the headlight? And i need continous 60cm of the led strip and your 19'' is too little and then you have an option of 28'' which is too much. Could you build one that is 60cm?
It is certainly possible to put the LED strip under the hood / into the headlight.

I don't know about fitment details with the 2004 civic. You are trying to do something custom.

We can certainly build a custom length, but we'd require a minimum order of a few thousand dollars.

Why don't you just purchase the 28" strip and cut it to your desired length?
We are looking for wholesale pricing. we have a customizing boat shop. We have a customer that wants an illuminated floor as well as other lighting. The floor will be 5'x22" polycarbonate. We are looking to put a strip around the perimeter of the floor but it needs to be bright enough to illuminate the entire floor, not just the perimeter. Can you help us with this? - by Dave (Detroit, MI)
We offer wholesale pricing and we are happy to help. Just click the "Wholesale" link which can be found at the bottom right of every page.

Another product you may consider for this is the Waterproof SMD Bar
is the million unit a common positive or a common negative?
also, what is the closest I can have the leds to what im illuminating without being abol to see each individual red, green and blue light before the light all comes togethar as one? - by Rhino (Colorado)
Usually the "million" color units are "common negative".
Every installation is different, I can't really say how close you need to be.
i had a blue 19" led strip under the front of my car but i want to get a million color led strip can you make them pause at a certain color or does it keep flipping through them - by Christian (Pamra , OH)
You will need the RGB Million Color Controller, this controller will cycle through all million colors and there is a "pause" button on the controller.
So when you find the color that you desire just press the button.

for the 9.5", what kind of fuse would i need to use so the strips wont blow? maby a 10? but i dont know. - by Jacob (Harrison, AR)
The fuse doesn't really protect the strips from "blowing". The fuse protects your circuit/wires from overheating in case of a short-circuit.

Sure, a 10 amp fuse will work.
On the new 2008 ninja 650R the Metallic Black with matte maroon rims what color do you think would be best that is not blue white or red? - by Harry
Try green. It will look amazing.
What is the color temperature of the different diodes? - by Matt (Chicago)
All of the technical information is available here: https://www.oznium.com/flexible-led-strips/led-flex-strips#tech
Hi, I have pinball machines. These machines have metal & plastic ramps that the pinball rides on. I was wondering, do you have 12 volt dc, non transformer type 4 foot LED strips in green, red & blue, covered in small clear tubing with two faced adhesive on the bottom side for attachment. It should have at least 3 to 4 feet wiring to apply to a 12 Volt dc source. Can you people help me? What would be the part number of each LED string and pricing in volume and each? - by Robert (Stockton, CA)
Our Flexible LED Strips are 12volt ready, with a simple 3ft. positive/negative wire hook-up, they also come with a 3M VHB double-sided adhesive tape.
These are available in varying sizes from 1.2" to 6 feet and varying colors.
Your LED strip lights are offered in white. Is that warm white or bright white with a hint of blue? - by Phil (Penticton BC)
The cool white is the one with a slight hue of blue to it.
can be used under (clean - 5") water?
What is the wire length included on each strip?
2-3 feet.
I am thinking about placing a 6 ft UV strip inside of a 2 ft diameter clock, between the face and the glass, and painting the numbers and hands with flourescent paint. Do you think the UV leds will cause the numbers to glow?
Yes, I think the UV LEDs will cause the numbers to glow. I think it will look very nice.
Do you offer a battery pack which can be used with the Flexible LED Strips? I want to make a collar for my pet, as well as some wearable art using LEDs.
Sounds like a cool project, but unfortunately we do not sell battery packs.
I'm thinking of using a number of led strips in the back of a cargo van to illuminate shelves and tools. How can I wire multiple switches to control all of the lights as a set? I'd like to have 3 switches (dash, side door, rear doors). - by Brian
Just wire up the appropriate lights to the appropriate switches. Nothing fancy needed. Unless you're trying to do something more complicated than you expressed, in which case you'll have to be more specific.
Do these strips put out the same color as your 5mm Prewired LEDs? In my case, specifically blue. - by Chris (Louisiana)
Because the LEDs may come from different lot bins and production runs, they may be slightly different, but not by much.
Are these lights a set, or do they come with one strip? And what do I need to buy to be able to dim them? Thanks for your help :) - by Steph (Florida)
Sold individually. If you want to dim them only to a specified brightness, use a resistor. If you want to dim them any brightness between full and off, use a potentiometer. They can be found at many electronics stores such as Radio Shack.
I want to hook up 4 9.5" strips of flexible LEDs to my domelight so that I can control them with the interior light switch and so that they will turn on when I open a door as well.
-What wire gauge do I need?
-Would I need to add a fuse for this or would I be ok by just splicing into the domelight's wires?
-If so, what capazity should the fuse be?(for all 4).

The strips are going to be installed under the dash and behind the front seats so that the floor is iluminated, will 9,5" a piece be overkill?

Finally, a general question, how many LEDs can you hook up by splicing into existing 12v wiring without having to use a fuse?

Thanks and sorry about the long post. - by Jose
Wire between 18 to 24 gauge will work. Use whatever you find easiest to acquire and handle.

You do not need a fuse since the dome light is already fused. You should be OK splicing into the dome light's wires.

The total length of LED strips you hook up to the dome light depends on the current fuse size in the car. As a practical matter, you can hook up more than you'd likely want to without a problem. If you start to hook up more than about 20 feet worth of flex strips to that one dome light circuit, you should consider other options, like a relay and more professional wiring (straight to the battery with its own fuse).
I want to replace my car's fog light with one of these LED strips. Can I just cut the fog light out and use the same cable to connect the LED strips.
Yep! These strips run on 12 volts just like your existing fog lights.
are these compatable with all the LED Controllers you guys sell? - by Parth (Windermere, FL)
A list of compatible controllers can be found on the Flexible LED Strip category page - https://www.oznium.com/flexible-led-strips
Are these LED's dimmable? - by Tom (Manteca, CA)
Wow, this is an amazing website! I have an LED strip with which I plan to make a coil on a board that a macro (close-up) lens can poke through. I hope by doing this I can effectively light a subject without the flash. What will I need to buy so I can turn them on/off and dim them from a switch? - by AlexGWoodruff (Phoenix, AZ)
You will need some sort of 12V DC power supply, either battery or outlet powered. You can use one of our AC Adapters for it. Then it's just connecting the wires.
My power source is coming from the aux. fuse box. Will I still need to add an in-line fuse? - by Michael (Tacoma, WA)
The fuse box should be fine. You just want to make sure that it is fused at least somewhere.
i want to hook up the LED strip inside of my instrument panel (gauge cluster) but i want it to turn on like factory, what would be the best way to hook up the power? 12V off the illumination switch? - by Jason
Use a multimeter to find a source for your current illumination, and splice off that.
Can I use these strips for front turn signals and wire them directly in place of the old ones?
Yes you can use these as turn signals.
Could I cut the tiny million color controller off of the million color strips and wire it up to a different RGB LED product?

Does it have a red positive, green positive, and blue positive I could use? - by Shaun (independence IA)
ooook. Can these strobe through the colors like the Million Color Thin LED Strips do in the video thats posted for them? Is that a demo mode for those or what? - by Trent (Florence, Oregon)
These do not strobe, they simply fade through the color spectrum. The strobing is for the thin strips only.
What is the best way to power the lights if I am going to put them in the grille of my truck? Should I just wire them to my fog lights, or should I run a fused wire to the battery? - by STEPHEN (LAWRENCEVILLE,GA)
We advise running a separate fused power wire from the battery to a switch. It is nice to have the ability to turn the on and off. Mounting the switch is up to you - find a nice flat spot that is easy to access in your interior, drill a hole, mount the switch, and run your wires hidden and clean! =)
Will you be coming out with a flexible strip with spacing other than the 1/2 inch. I need the sealed length of 9.5 inches but only about half the number of lights for my application. Thanks. - by Mike (Hilliard, OH)
There are some plans available, but no products in the immediate future.
Within the wheel well, where do you mount the flexible strip? - by Andro (Fayetteville, NC)
You can mount it to the top of the well along the (usually plastic) cover, you can mount it to some of the suspension behind the wheel...there's lots of options! Crawl under there and take a look for yourself. It'll vary by vehicle.
Can you custom make a continuous 10 foot LED strip? - by Rick (Cottage Grove, MN)
Absolutely. We are happy to produce a custom length. The minimum order for something like this will be about $1000.
What would I do to connect these up as a turn signal on a motorcycle? Would I need to use one of those power equalizers?
You'd need to find the power wires from the turn signals and tap into them for power. You might need to use a load resistor, but only if you are removing your current bulbs. If you add the LED strips on, you don't need to do anything special.
I have a place I want to install these but no way of attaching them. Would you see a problem if I super glued these strips to a couple magnets so I can attach them to metal? Would the magnets have any affect on the LED's? - by Audio (Enola, PA)
That is a great idea, and the magnets will have no adverse effects on the LEDs. We've even thought about producing some with magnets built in.
Are they completly waterproof? - by Stacy (Tomball, TX)
Are the LEDs able to go onto your engine for engine accents our will the heat make the LEDs melt? If so, what size LEDs should I get? I was thinking about getting 12 - 13 x 9.5" and mounting them around the engine block and in front of the radiator on the grill.
Yes, you can use the strips in your engine bay so long as you keep them from coming in direct contact with hot surfaces or moving parts. As for the size, that depends on your engine bay and glow desires. Use a measuring tape and your imagination!
Can I power a 4.7" strip from a 9 volt battery? It is for a paintball hopper. - by Luis (Kissimmee, FL)
Yes. It will light up, but it will not reach its full brightness potential.
I understand you connect the strips to 12v but looking at your strips in the bathroom closet I don't see any wires or adapters. How do you go about hiding all this?
You first need to get an AC adapter and put it in the bathroom closet. There are many ways to hide the wires. It really depends on your particular application.
I was looking to add light to my wheel well. I was wondering should if I go with the flexible LED lighting or should I go with the actual wheel well kit? Which one is brighter? And which one is best for the elements? - by Andre (gary indiana)
The "Flexible LED Strips" are usually brighter. I used 5 x 9.5" green strips in each of my wheel wells. I'd recommend at least maybe 28" or 38" per wheel well. Both an actual wheel well kit and the flex strips are durable.
What is the width and height of these LED strips? - by Mark (WNC)
0.25" wide, and 0.50" tall
Is the material used for the "tubes" of the flexible strips appropriate to use as a frenched in taillight assembly ?
Will it mount flush with the metal work ? - by Kevin (Jerseyville, ON)
I've never done any metal work, so I don't really know. You should buy one and see if it will be suitable.
How do i actually fuse your lights?

I briefly read about "http://auto.howstuffworks.com/wfc2.htm" and sort of get the reason for a fuse. But I have no idea how to actually do it. - by Alan
Use a fuse holder. One end of the wire goes to the positive terminal of the car battery. The other end of the wire goes into your car, to your switch, and then to your flexible LED strips.
When you put the LEDs in your cabinets and closet what are you hooking them up too ? How would you do this?
Can the LED Flex strips be "strobed" by an external controller like one that would react to music? - by Mike (East Bay, CA)
Are there amp ratings for each LED strip posted anywhere? I can't seem to find it. - by Josh
Yes. Click on the "Technical Info" tab at the top of the product page. Then look for the column titled "Current (mA)".
Do the million color LED strips use tri/quad color LEDs or just different color LEDs next to each other? - by Kyle (Nor Cal)
Just red, blue, and green LEDs next to each other. There's a link to the video in the product description.
Could the orange ones be used as turn signals on a bike?
They can be used for anything your heart desires.
What is the life span of the LED strips? - by Adam (Mississauga, Canada)
That has not been tested, however LEDs are very durable and should last a long time if treated properly.
Are these legal in most states? I am looking into buying them for the interior of my car. - by Thatcher
It depends on the laws in your state and where in your car you install them.

Even if the law says they are legal, you could still get pulled over and hassled because the cops may not know the law. Even if they are illegal, you could go for years without getting pulled over because cops don't care enough, or might not see you. If you have some LEDs under your dash you will probably be ok. If you have flashing red and blue LEDs glued all around on the outside of your car, chances are, you'd get pulled over.

Trying to figure out the legality of LEDs in a certain area can be very difficult. It isn't as simple as looking up the vehicle code for your state. Vehicle code can be very confusing and conflicting. Even a call or email to your local police station can be misleading.

People have been told one thing and even had written proof, only to be pulled over and slapped with a ticket by an officer who may not know the intricacies of the law.

Regardless of the law in your area, there are things you can do to reduce your chances of being hassled.

- Hide the light source so it is not directly visible from the road. Make a shield with a long piece of "L" aluminum or steel. Use black electrical tape to hide a section of the light.

- Take extra caution to obey all laws. If LEDs are perfectly legal in your area, and you are speeding just a few miles over the limit, a cop is more likely to give you a speeding ticket than if you had no lights on.

- Save the strobing red/blue for the car show or your driveway. Blue and red might be fine to cruise with as a solid color, but as soon as they strobe, you may cross the line as "impersonating a cop"

- Keep a copy of the vehicle code in your car. You can just print or copy the section that deals with lighting. Present it to the officer if you are pulled over.

- Respect police officers. They protect you when you are being shot at, they protect you when your house is broken into. Respect them and they should respect you.
Is it possible to use these LEDs for computer case lighting? What would be necessary to hook one of these up to my computers power supply unit which has plenty of amperage on the 12v rail?
Yes it is possible. You can hook them up anywhere there is 12 volts DC. You just put the positive and negative flex strip wires to the appropriate power wires from your computer.
I am using this on a Yamaha YFZ 450 four wheeler (ATV). Will I need anything else to get these to work?
Nothing but 12 volts is required to "get them to work".

But to complete a professional installation you will likely need: wire (to extend the strips or the switch), cable ties (to mount the strips), an on-off switch (to turn the strips on or off), crimp ring terminals (to connect the wire to the battery). Some other things that make for a professional install include: solder and heat shrink.
I have an 05 Corvette and was thinking of putting the LED strips behing the front grille and in the fender holes. Are the wires long enough so that I can connect them all to one switch? Will 1 strip in each hole give sufficient light? - by Myron (Indiana)
No the wires are not long enough. You should just extend them yourself, it's not difficult at all. At least 19" worth of strips in each location should be enough to look great!
If I took two million color flexstrips (4.7"), twisted all the positive wires together and hooked them up to a switch, fuse and power, and twisted the negative/ground wires together and grounded them to the same spot, would the two strips stay in sync with each other?
No, you'd have to take the output wires from the controller and hook those together. You'd have to put 2 strips onto one controller.
How many LEDs are in the 4.7" strip? What is the spacing between the LED?
12 LED's come on the 4.7" strip. They are spaced about 1cm apart, or about 0.4".
What is the max temperature rating of your strips? I would like to mount this (or a similar product) underneath my engine cover. There is about 1 1/2" of space between the cover and the spark plug wires and valve cover. - by Brian (Maryland)
The temperature rating of the Flexible LED strips has not been tested. Many people have used them in the engine bay with no issues. As always, you should properly fuse the lights.
I just ordered 4 9.5" flex strips to install in the wheel wells and was wondering if 1 in each wheel well is going to give enough light to get the effect as the photo above in your ad. How many strips and what size strip is used to give that BRIGHT effect? - by Daniel (Chicago)
In this photo, there are 3 x 9.5 inch strips per wheel. I'd suggest using at least 28 inches worth of strips per wheel well. There is no right or wrong way. Obviously the more you use, the brighter it will be.

Wheel Well LED Glow
Is it beneficial to use a relay in wiring up the LED strips if they are going through a toggle switch? Why or why not? Thank you.
The only reason to use a relay is if the the switch amperage rating is less than the amperage/current draw from the LED strips.

As a practical matter, unless you have hundreds of flex strips, or have a very tiny switch, you do not need to use a relay.

The typical toggle switch can handle at least 10 amps, and the LED strips, depending on size, draw much less than that.
You mention that you connect the positive and negative wires. I attach my positive to the power source. Then do I have to ground the negative, or complete the circuit? - by Matt (Blue Bell, PA)
Yes you need to ground the negative wire. When both the positive and negative wires are connected to your power source, a circuit is completed, and the lights turn on.
I was planning on getting some of these strips, and I read the details and it say that it requires 12v DC. But does it require a transformer?
Yes, you are correct: the Flexible LED strips require 12 VDC. Whether you need a transformer depends on your source voltage.

If you are using the strips in your car which already puts out 12 volts DC, you do not need a transformer, nor resistors. You simply need to hook up the positive and negative wires.

If you want to use the strips in your house which has 110 volts AC, then you need to use a transformer that puts out 12 VDC.