On/Off switch diagram:

The most basic type of switch – the On/Off switch. It has just 2 prongs:

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Built-in LEDs Switches:

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Buy these On/Off switches from Oznium. We have a variety of switchesrocker switchestoggle switchesand more.

Our Rocker Switches are available in:

  • Plain/Regular (No LED. Does not light up)
  • Blue (LED lights up when switch is on)
  • Red (LED lights up when switch is on)
  • Green (LED lights up when switch is on)
  • White (LED lights up when switch is on)
  • Amber (LED lights up when switch is on)
  • On / Off / On (A 3 position switch. No LED)

These other switches have built-in LEDs that light up when the switch is turned on:

Rocker Switch – Scion OEM Style:

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Extra Information


Hey man,
This is so useful. I recently got a 2001 Tiburon for my first car and I love it! I’m for sure going to get either led strips or cathodes (which do you suggest?). Also this diagram is well presented and everything, but one thing could you make one showing for several “light source”. My plan is one under each dash (passenger and driver) and underneath the seats (one on each for the back). Sorry last thing, for the “light source” under the seats will their be a problem with space? Will it rub? scratch? break? Just hoping no…

Thank you.

New oznium fan!

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