How to wire a rocker switch to a circuit is a common query many people have. There is the basic on/off rocker switch that we’re are all familiar with but not everybody knows how to wire, and then there’s also the lighted variety that even less people may know how to wire up!

Below you’ll find a basic on/off rocker switch wiring diagram as well as an easy to understand illuminated rocker switch wiring diagram so no matter what your needs, after reading this, you’ll want to put switches on all your LEDs by yourself. And you can because it’s so simple and you’ll find everything you need to know about it right here.

Rocker switch wiring diagram 

This is the most basic type of switch – the On/Off rocker switch, (as shown using Oznium’s Black Anti Vandal Toggle Switch, mounts in 16mm or 19mm hole).

It has just 2 prongs:

Oznium’s rocker switches can be hooked up to any 12volt source, everything else is pretty self-explanatory, just follow the rocker switch wiring diagram and you can’t go wrong.

LED rocker switch wiring diagram

For the LED rocker switch, pay careful attention to the position of your ground, power and acc pins, follow the diagram below, (it uses Oznium’s LED Round Rocker Switch with recommended mounting hole diameter of 3/4″) and you should have no problems wiring a LED rocker switch:

Our rocker switches are available in:

  • Plain/Regular (No LED. Does not light up)
  • Blue (LED lights up when switch is on)
  • Red (LED lights up when switch is on)
  • Green (LED lights up when switch is on)
  • White (LED lights up when switch is on)
  • Amber (LED lights up when switch is on)
  • On / Off / On (A 3 position switch. No LED)

Scion OEM style rocker switch wiring diagram

This switch also has a built-in LED that lights up when it’s in the on position, so if you’ve purchased one of these, below is a wiring diagram showing how you would go about wiring this particular rocker light switch, remember to pay careful attention to the markings on the pins:

3-way or 2-way switch wiring for RV

Do you want to control one light from two switches? Let’s say you have a large RV, and want to control your lights from a switch at the bedroom as well as a switch at the kitchen. You can use two of our on/off/on switches, and wire them like this:

I hope this helps you with your next LED lighting project, make sure to check out the great variety of switches, rocker switches, toggle switches we have to offer.