What Is The On Off Push Button LED Toggle Switch?

The On Off Push Button LED toggle switch is the one of the popular electrical switches by pushing the operating lever up and down or left and right for switching ON and OFF the electrical circuits. Even if you are wearing the gloves, you still can push the operating lever for switching ON and Off easily.

The Latching Style LED Toggle Switch

The latching style LED toggle switch changes its position when actuated and the lever will remain in that position until you push it back. The LED ring will be illuminated when the LED toggle switch is actuated, it can be seen obviously even using at the dark environment.

The LED Toggle Switch Is Super Durable

A high-quality monolithic chrome housing with IP65 rated. With the solid structure, mechanical life of the LED Toggle Switch is more than 500,000 cycles as well as electrical life is more than 200,000 cycles.

Easy Installation

The LED toggle switch usually mounted in a box or on the panel, you just need to simply drill a 16mm hole and using a nut for installation. With a slim and small panel design, it looks elegant after mounted on a panel. As well as the LED toggle switch is come with the wires, you don't need to solder the wires by yourself.

Looking for a Custom Made LED Toggle Switch?

We can custom made the LED toggle switch which is perfect fit for your applications. Such as:
- Input Voltage (From 5VDC to 48VDC)
- Housing Material (Brass, Stainless Steel etc)
- Housing Color, shape, size etc.

Modifying latching to momentary style LED toggle switch as long as you can order a certain quantity of the LED toggle switch. Please don't hesitate to contact us for further discussion, we are happy to assist with.