Halo headlight installation is pretty straight forward, just follow these simple instructions on how to install halo headlights and your ride will have a cool new glow in no time!

You’ll have 4 wires coming from your halo’s, 2 red, these are your positives, and 2 black, which are obviously your negatives.

Connect the positives to each other, and then connect the negatives.

Stay on the safe side and be sure to fuse the inbound power to the switch.

RGB angel

Extra Information

bad venge

fairly straight forward grround all four
then wire 2 whites together and 2 reds together
there are two outputs from the switch one feeds the whites , one the reds
fuse the incoming power to the switch …Or you could do it with a relay

bad venge

Most Halos have the resistors built in , If thats not the case here I’d solder them near the halos but outside the housing for appearance and ease of service/repair

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