Wondering if those pimping purple lights will get you pulled over? While the Indiana lighting laws place no restrictions on accent lighting, well or underbody lights, there are some basic new laws to note that have come into effect as of 1 July 2018:

  • Headlights and all other lamps that are mounted on the front of your vehicle have to be either white or amber, but you can get away with any shade in between. Any colored lights will unfortunately not be permitted.
  • Stop lamps and taillights are required to be red.
  • The indiana license plate light law requires that your license plate light be white.
  • Your backup light has to be white or amber.

Extra Information


Upon getting my newer lighting-project (’01 Celica), I called the State Police (again) to check if the laws had changed since my last project started (in ’09)…
Instead of a simple ‘nope’, I got..
They can be any color, as long as only the glow is visible outside the car. No exposed bulbs, except normal operating lights…
–(no problem, it’s what I like)
If they are Blue, Red, Yellow or Green they cannot flash while on the roads (They are reserved colors for various State and Emergency vehicles
–(What about pulse/fade)
White and Yellow bulbs may be exposed where permitted by law (Front / Sides)
Red bulbs may be exposed as per law (Rear, dimmer than break lights if not hooked into same circuit).

More of a rant if you keep readin’

Back in ’09 I had my SC2, had blue inside, the headliner, under, in the hood, sunroof, etc… I had 2-Music Sensors setup, 1 set very low, 1 set a bit higher… Made it feel like the lights were more responsive. As I hit driveways/gas-stations/24-hr burger joints; I’d turn on my music-sensors and let people know I was there… Cops would often either park right by me, or across the street. As I left, immediately before hitting the roads, I’d turn them back on to steady; I knew what they wanted….

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