Out with the old and in with the new! When it’s time to change your motorcycle turn signals, you may need some guidance on the best way to do this. Simply follow this guide created to help you install your motorcycle led turn signals safely and easily.

Installing LED turn signals on a motorcycle:

  • Before doing anything else, disconnect the negative cable from your battery to prevent a short-circuit.
  • Remove the front fairing or if you’re changing the rear turn signal lights, remove the seat first and unscrew your tail fairing.
  • Then remove the old turn signal lights and screw in your new ones.
  • Take your new motorcycle LED turn signal lights and hook up the wires of the LEDs to the wires of your motorcycle, as usual you’re going to solder positive to positive and negative to negative.
  • Polarity is important here, so test them out first and if you have them hooked up the wrong way, simply switch them around and they should work.
  • Next install your resistors, you’ll need these to avoid your LEDs from hyper flashing, they should be pre-wired in parallel, they have no polarity so you can go ahead and put them in any way you choose.
  • Resistors get extremely hot so they’ll need to be placed somewhere relatively cool and should never be fully enclosed or mounted near plastic parts.

Now that you know how to install LED turn signals on a motorcycle and it’s all set up, you may discover that something’s not quite right. You flip the switch and realize that your new motorcycle LED turn signals are not blinking, and after all your hard work! There are few things more frustrating.

Well, whether you did the installation yourself or you took it to a professional, there are a few reasons why it could not be behaving as it should.

6 Reasons why your motorcycle LED turn signals aren’t blinking

  1. Your new bulbs might not draw enough current.
  2. One of your wires could be reversed or grounded.
  3. Your flasher wire could be faulty or not connected at all.
  4. You’ve blown a fuse.
  5. Your relay connection is not functioning correctly.
  6. One bulb of the bulbs has burnt out.

Once you’ve established what the problem is, it’ll be much easier to fix. Still not working? Contact us, we’re more than happy to help!

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