There are few things more frustrating than flipping the switch and realizing that your new motorcycle turn signal won’t blink.

Well, whether you did the installation yourself or you took it to a professional, there are a few reasons why it could not be behaving as it should.

  • Your new bulbs might not draw enough current
  • One of your wires could be reversed or grounded
  • Your flasher wire could be faulty or not connected at all
  • You’ve blown a fuse
  • Your relay connection is not functioning correctly
  • One bulb of the bulbs has burnt out

Once you’ve established what the problem is, it will be much easier to fix.

Extra Information


This is a link to the wiring diagram to my bike (2001 Honda shadow spirit 750): are the lights I am trying to use as turn signals and running lights: is what I have done:
1: cut the positive and negative wires to the front right running/ turn signal light
2: matched the positive and negative to the led wires
3: turn on bike and both the running and turn signal work but the turn signal flashes quicker, as if light is out
4: cut the positive and negative on rear right running and turn signal
5: matched the positive and negative to led wires
6: turned bike on and both front and rear right running lights works normally
—- but when right turn signal is turned on both front and rear running/turn signals do not light up7: took the rear positive and negative on the stock lights and added to the rear running/ turn signal ( front has LED and rear has LED and stock all working the same)
8: turned bike on and both front and rear right running and turn signals work with the increased frequency on the flashing.Thank you!!!


increased flashing from the little power the led’s take. you need an LED flasher to make it where it doesn’t flash fast. for the right side not working… something is wrong it seems. i’d double check connections to make sure. also meter the current of the wires when its on.

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