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High Intensity Flush Mount LED Bolt

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Flush Mount LED Bolt

Price: $5.99
In Stock
LED Color: Cool White
Cool White
Warm White
Size: 11mm(0.43")
Housing Color: Black
Lens: With Lens
No Lens
With Lens


New for 2014, we designed these from the ground up, to be super bright, and super sleek.

The applications are endless. The only limit is your imagination. You can use them for architectural accents, indoors, outdoors, in walkways, in railings, decks, etc. Use them for car lighting, in the front of your car, back of your car, or even inside your car.

The CNC'ed aluminum housing (choose from either silver, or black) helps dissipate heat from the 0.5W LED, so they don't get too hot.

Super easy to install. Just drill an appropriate sized hole, feed the wires, and LED bolt through. Tighten the matching nut from the back side, and everything will stay sturdily in place. Wires directly to any 12 volt power source.

The housing is fully waterproof, with an IP68 rating.

Hole size? 6mm, 11mm, or 16mm (0.23", 0.43", or 0.63")

Product review & unpacking from a satisfied customer:

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mc.turn signals

Reviewer: barry libow (Helendale, CA)
Item: Flush Mount LED Bolt

i recived the lights in good shape and the shipping was fast i use 3 of them on each side of my faring for turn signals they are fairley bright

Perfect LEDs for a boat

Reviewer: Matt Jones (Jamestown, OH)
Item: Flush Mount LED Bolt

I love the bolts! They work great...honestly almost too good! I think i went a bit overboard with my application. I used the white LED bolts for the white stern marker light on the rear of my boat. They're mounted in the top of my starboard-side Power Pole ( so i don't have to worry about installing the usual pole-mounted white marker when the sun goes down. It also keeps that annoying light pole out of my co-anglers way when i have someone fishing from the rear deck.

I mounted a 16mm LED bolt on each side of my Power Pole Blade. The 16mm LED bolts fit in the holes machined into the aluminum housing without the need for drilling or any other mounting hardware. I also drilled small holes and installed the 6mm LED bolts equally spaced on the leading side of the Blade housing. To be honest, those two were the over-kill! The first night out i had to devise a way to 'soften' the light a bit. I ended up taking off my shoes and socks and pulling BOTH of my socks over the top of the Power Pole to act as something of a filter. I think the two 16mm LED bolts in the sides of the Blade housing would have been perfect with the addition of just one 6mm LED bolt to the front edge. This is in no way a negative comment about the LED bolts...rather a comment that they produce WAY more light than i'd anticipated and i could have got away with using less (and spending less money [not that they were horribly expensive to begin with!]) for my application.

Those four LED bolts provide an absolutely stunning amount of light. I think it more than satisfies the 360 degree white light visibility requirement for that stern navigation light. I would still like to devise a way to mount some sort of light to the rear of the housing, just to be safe. Running the wire to light that rear-facing marker would be difficult however as that rear housing moves slightly independently of the front housing. The wiring for the four lights i have mounted to the front housing fits perfectly inside the front housing and runs into the boat hull with the Power Pole hydraulic lines, making for a totally clean, invisible install. People don't even know the LED bolts are there until i turn them on!

I also ordered two of the 9.5 inch flexible LED strips, one in red, the other in green. These i used for the front navigation lights. Using the technical data i found on your website, i measured and marked the rubber insert on the rub rail at the bow, drilled 1/4 inch holes, and installed the LED strips from inside the rubber insert. The only thing visible from the outside are just the faces of the LEDs on the strip. Very clean, very bright, very cool looking install! The strips are totally enclosed in the rubber rub rail insert, ensuring they'll be protected from all but a direct, hard impact.


Reviewer: richard klein (West Chicago, IL)
Item: Flush Mount LED Bolt

Phil, could not be happier with the install and look on the amber
led bolts. Have them wired to parking lights. Sort of a "raptor" fuse & quick disconnect (for easy grill removal).
photos included. Thanks for the great product & customer
service...Rich Klein

Bolts in boat

Reviewer: Chris Levien (Woodsboro, TX)
Item: Flush Mount LED Bolt

Easy install, worked flawlessly from the start, great product and customer support.

tacoma raptor lights

Reviewer: roger (Yucca Valley, CA)
Item: Flush Mount LED Bolt

I purchased these lights for a Satoshi/raptor grille mod i did to my 2009 Toyota Tacoma. The easiest part of the whole project was the installation of these lights. Popped 3 appropriate sized holes, set the lights in and screwed them down in place. EASY!! Wiring was just as easy. Wired all the pos + in series and grounded the black wires and tapped into the parking lights.

I was impressed with their light output and quality build and the price is just right! not to mention the fast shipping!

i will definetly order from Oznium again! Thanks!!

Great product!

Reviewer: Bryan J (Aledo, TX)
Item: Flush Mount LED Bolt

I found a link to these lights on a forum and they are competitively priced and had good reviews. I was not let down at all! I love them and they work great. Thanks for a great product at a fair price.

bright little led

Reviewer: C. Denham (Sherwood, AR)
Item: Flush Mount LED Bolt

Purchased 2 of the 6mm cool white led bolt's from and couldn't be happier. I am using them as accent lighting in the cupholders of my 2013 tacoma. The 6mm bolt's mount almost completely flush and provide the perfect amount of light for this project. Couldn't be happier with the product and the great communication from oznium before, during, and after the order process.

Led bolt is an Awesome product!

Reviewer: Eagle Rider (Palmyra, IN)
Item: Flush Mount LED Bolt

I found your web site by accident on a youtube video that showed using the led strips for an additional turn signal minder on a motorcycle. I went to your site and was very impressed by the layout and indepth discriptions of your products. I too wanted to rig up a turn signal minder of my own on my 2005 VTX 1300r motorcycle. I looked at the led strips first but then the led bolts caught my eye. To make a long story short I ordered the 5 led strips in (1) amber and (1) green not knowing which color would be bright enough in direct sunlight. ( Green is diffinitely brighter) I also orered the led bolts in amber and green. ( I wasn't sure which way I wanted to go. ) I went with the led bolts which I attached to two cutout skulls (one for the left signal , one for the right signal) made of aluminum. I wired them into the bikes turnsignal wiring and they worked like a charm. After I figured out the logistics and such it was fairly easy to do. I love these low wattage bolts. I don't have to worry about power drain or in line fuses. I will try to send pictures of the project when I take some and post it to the other link you sent for posting photos. Thanks for a great product and price.

11m flush amber led's

Reviewer: Ken Day (Aurora, CO)
Item: Flush Mount LED Bolt

I bought 6 11m flush amber led's and my project turned out awesome! I made a led running light bar and mounted it in my grille. The led's were very easy to work with and quality is AAA+.

Door and overhead trunk ights

Reviewer: Phillip T. (Temple City, CA)
Item: Flush Mount LED Bolt

These lights work great for my application. Put one each under each door and hooked them up to the door switch. Put 2 in the trunk of my XB and it lights it up flawlessly. Will buy more since I want more light!

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