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High Intensity Flush Mount LED Bolt

Flush Mount LED Bolt

In Stock
LED Color: Cool White
Cool White
Warm White
Style: Aluminum (1W)
Aluminum (1W)
Stainless Steel (3W)
Diameter: 11 mm(0.43")
6 mm
11 mm
16 mm
Housing Color: Black
Lens: With Lens
No Lens
With Lens


New for 2015, a 100% Oznium exclusive, we designed these from the ground up, to be super bright, and super sleek.

The applications are endless. The only limit is your imagination. You can use them for architectural accents, indoors, outdoors, in walkways, in railings, decks, etc. Use them for car lighting, in the front of your car, back of your car, or even inside your car. Use them for marine or industrial applications.

Not only does the CNC'ed billet aluminum housing look cool (choose from either silver, or black), it helps dissipate heat from the high power LED, so they don't get too hot.

Super easy to install. Just drill an appropriate sized hole, feed the wires, and LED bolt through. Tighten the matching nut from the back side, and everything will stay sturdily in place. Wires directly to any 12 volt power source.

The housing is fully waterproof, with an IP68 rating.

Hole size? 6mm, 11mm, or 16mm (0.23", 0.43", or 0.63")

Are you seeking ultimate performance?
Want the best brightness possible?

We've got you covered. Choose our Premium Stainless Steel (3W) version, which packs a powerful punch of triple the lumens (yes, 3X the brightness!), in a durable marine-grade Stainless Steel housing.
We originally designed it for use in really harsh caustic industrial environments, so its guaranteed to stand the test of time, and shine strong for years to come.

Our premium Stainless Steel (3W) version is only available with these options:
✓ Silver housing
But naturally, Stainless Steel is slightly darker than Aluminum
✓ 11mm (or 0.43")
For now, to keep things simple, we're just producing the premium Stainless Steel (3W) in the most popular 11mm (0.43") size.
✓ No Lens
We fill the top part with a durable 2-part epoxy, so nothing can touch the LED. Because there's no lens, the viewing angle is nearly 180-degrees.
As an added bonus, it also comes with a high quality marine-grade cable, which is double insulated in a black sheath.

◊ Comparison between 1W no lens bolt and 3W Stainless Steel bolt:

We use epoxy to seal both the top and bottom of the 3W Stainless Steel bolt:

A new UV (ultraviolet/blacklight) color is now available, and its REALLY bright compared with most other UV LEDs

Note: because of customer feedback (thank you!), we now include two nuts instead of one with each bolt. Two nuts can help keep everything secure, especially when exposed to vibrations. You can also try a dab of Loctite thread fastener, or some other adhesive to keep the nut secure. Anything produced after January 2015, will include two nuts. You may however still receive old inventory produced before January 2015 which includes only a single nut. For example, with certain variations, we may still have inventory which was produced in 2014, and until we sell these, we don't produce new ones. It doesn't make sense to open all existing bags to add an extra nut. Thus, if you absolutely need two nuts, we recommend you buy an additional replacement nut.

Product review & unpacking from a satisfied customer:

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Customer Reviews

155 Reviews
1 star:
Average Customer Review
(155 customer reviews)

Great little product.

Reviewer: Steven K (Edgewater, FL)
Item: Flush Mount LED Bolt

I like the product very much, I used them for turn signals on a light bar I fabricated to go under the trunk of my Goldwing. I have emailed a few photos of the install, and here's a video of the Bolt LEDs in action.

Best $15-20 I've spent for a Truck Mod yet!

Reviewer: Cory (Las Vegas, NV)
Item: Flush Mount LED Bolt

The 11mm LED bolts are awesome. Super easy to work with, long 3ft wiring (would love 5ft) and extremely bright for such a small thing. These worked out perfect on my Toyota Tacoma grill. Flush, barely visible, then glow at night. Gotta love it.

I'll be buying more soon.

Reviewer: Lee Brown (South Eastern Ontario, Canada)
Item: Flush Mount LED Bolt

I purchased the 11mm (1W) Black Flush Mount LED Bolt to make a "Raptor" Style setup behind the grill of my 2014 F150. These lights work perfectly. They are very easy to install and are just the right brightness for the application. They are visible in bright sunlight and not too bright in complete darkness.

Home remanufatured puddle light awsome!

Reviewer: JetmechAl (Gloucester, Canada)
Item: Flush Mount LED Bolt

Very satisfied . Bought cool blue 16mm no lens 12v led and used them to re-manufacture the puddle lights on my freestyle. A little bit of work taking the lens out of original assembly , drilled out base , ran through the led assy , tightened knurrel barrel nut and regooed the whole back end and reinstalled lens with 2 part epoxy for moisture prevention and assy integrity. Wired borrowing original connector , splicing and heat shrink---pretty easy.
Looks just like factory which I could not find to buy.
The lights are mounted to the underside of door rear view mirrors and light up the area beside the car so that obstacles can be seen.

Gotta like that figuring out what will work can't be any easier as long as you know the voltage of the system your integrating in.

Great product...nothing really comparable out there.

Reviewer: daug (Bend, OR)
Item: Flush Mount LED Bolt

After finding these I looked around for other options and there's nothing really that compares in either build quality and size/color offering....not to mention price. Haven't had it long enough to judge longevity but otherwise great product. Like them so much I'm looking for lighting projects just so I can use them.

my 1st time working with LEDs

Reviewer: Ric (Reston, VA)
Item: Flush Mount LED Bolt

These were easier than i thought to install. Only used 3 (of 4) since they were soooo bright. Also used a dimmer knob/switch since I like the brightness control and did not want to fuss with add't resistors (use them for courtesy lights in my 2007 FJ).

6mm black aluminum used as Motobiker license plate light. Boy is this tiny light brigh!!!

Reviewer: Michael H. (Naugatuck, CT)
Item: Flush Mount LED Bolt

This little cool white light worked good to mount on my bike as a custom light for the license plate. It's tiny 1/4 inch approximately circle and it works tremendous. It hooked right to the 12 volt supply and runs constantly. Sitting perfectly flush you can't see where the light is comming from it cool. It gives it a good look. Shipping was lightning fast pretty much two days standard shipping. You cannot go wrong and you got a customer for life.

bolt light

Reviewer: Ian Johnston ( Australia)
Item: Flush Mount LED Bolt

Great little light, I am using these lights as clearance lights on the top of guid poles on my boat trailer,
also make a great guide to line the boat up when loading on the boat ramp.

6mm led bolt

Reviewer: Justin (Denham Springs, LA)
Item: Flush Mount LED Bolt

The only bolt I could find on the market small enough and bright enough to use for what I needed. Daylight brightness is great, from what I found most other factory drl options use 1w leds like Rostra or Nolan.

Unobtrusive and bright.

Reviewer: Tim (Florida)
Item: Flush Mount LED Bolt

They mount flush, easily install, and are deceptively bright for their size. Can't go wrong with these.

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