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High Intensity Flush Mount LED Bolt

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Flush Mount LED Bolt

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LED Color: Cool White
Cool White
Warm White
Style: Aluminum (1W)
Aluminum (1W)
Stainless Steel (3W)
Diameter: 11 mm(0.43")
6 mm
11 mm
16 mm
Housing Color: Black
Lens: With Lens
No Lens
With Lens


New for 2015, a 100% Oznium exclusive, we designed these from the ground up, to be super bright, and super sleek.

The applications are endless. The only limit is your imagination. You can use them for architectural accents, indoors, outdoors, in walkways, in railings, decks, etc. Use them for car lighting, in the front of your car, back of your car, or even inside your car. Use them for marine or industrial applications.

Not only does the CNC'ed billet aluminum housing look cool (choose from either silver, or black), it helps dissipate heat from the high power LED, so they don't get too hot.

Super easy to install. Just drill an appropriate sized hole, feed the wires, and LED bolt through. Tighten the matching nut from the back side, and everything will stay sturdily in place. Wires directly to any 12 volt power source.

The housing is fully waterproof, with an IP68 rating.

Hole size? 6mm, 11mm, or 16mm (0.23", 0.43", or 0.63")

Are you seeking ultimate performance?
Want the best brightness possible?

We've got you covered. Choose our Premium Stainless Steel (3W) version, which packs a powerful punch of triple the lumens (yes, 3X the brightness!), in a durable marine-grade Stainless Steel housing.
We originally designed it for use in really harsh caustic industrial environments, so its guaranteed to stand the test of time, and shine strong for years to come.

Our premium Stainless Steel (3W) version is only available with these options:
✓ Silver housing
But naturally, Stainless Steel is slightly darker than Aluminum
✓ 11mm (or 0.43")
For now, to keep things simple, we're just producing the premium Stainless Steel (3W) in the most popular 11mm (0.43") size.
✓ No Lens
We fill the top part with a durable 2-part epoxy, so nothing can touch the LED. Because there's no lens, the viewing angle is nearly 180-degrees.
As an added bonus, it also comes with a high quality marine-grade cable, which is double insulated in a black sheath.

◊ Comparison between 1W no lens bolt and 3W Stainless Steel bolt:

We use epoxy to seal both the top and bottom of the 3W Stainless Steel bolt:

A new UV (ultraviolet/blacklight) color is now available, and its REALLY bright compared with most other UV LEDs

Note: because of customer feedback (thank you!), we now include two nuts instead of one with each bolt. Two nuts can help keep everything secure, especially when exposed to vibrations. You can also try a dab of Loctite thread fastener, or some other adhesive to keep the nut secure. Anything produced after January 2015, will include two nuts. You may however still receive old inventory produced before January 2015 which includes only a single nut. For example, with certain variations, we may still have inventory which was produced in 2014, and until we sell these, we don't produce new ones. It doesn't make sense to open all existing bags to add an extra nut. Thus, if you absolutely need two nuts, we recommend you buy an additional replacement nut.

Product review & unpacking from a satisfied customer:

You may also be interested in our Side View LED Bolt, or if you don't want it to be as bright, check out our Aluminum LED Indicator Light.
Need metric drill bits?

Buy them conveniently from us in various sizes to match the diameter of your LED Bolts: 6mm, 11mm, and 16mm.

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Customer Reviews

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(185 customer reviews)

DRL's on Land Rover

Reviewer: James W (London, England)
Item: Flush Mount LED Bolt

Finally got around to properly fitting the LEDs on my truck.
I used them to create DRLs on my trusty off-road Land Rover - proprietary kits for a Land Rover require a complete new bumper, at considerable cost.
I simply drilled out 4 x holes each side of the existing bumper and wired the LEDs into a $10 relay control. In the EU, DRLs must go off with headlights so they don't dazzle at night.
The pics show the result. I am more than happy with my modest investment.
I particularly like the robust construction of the LEDs, the double lock rings and the brightness. Have had many admiring comments from fellow off-roaders. So far they have proved to be 100% waterproof as well.
Many thanks, Jim (in London, a Yank abroad).

Awesome Product; endless possibilities

Reviewer: Frank H. (Lexington, SC)
Item: Flush Mount LED Bolt

I used the LED bolt lights in a different application: custom motorcycle tail lights and brake lights. I installed 2 off the 11mm aluminum 3watt bolts as brake lights on the outside. Further in I installed 2 off the 6mm 1 watt black running lights while in the center I installed a single 16mm 1 watt black running lights. The lights are plenty bright at night, but the real test came during a 90 degree bright sunshine day. All my friends gave me a big thumbs up. Brighter and smaller than stock. The use is limited by your own imagination. I will use the bolt lights in different applications to make the motorcycle more visiable and unique at the same time. To illuminate the license plate I used the specific bolts for that.

bolt LEDs

Reviewer: John Pinto (Altamonte Springs, FL)
Item: Flush Mount LED Bolt

very good product, very bright , and very good price
order deliver on time, and honest people

Awesome lights

Reviewer: MStone (Pensacola, FL)
Item: Flush Mount LED Bolt

I purchased the 11MM stainless steel lights, one green, one red, one warm white, for use on my kayak, along with an inline LED controller. They are very sturdy, compact, and quite bright!

I connected them all up to a battery pack with 8 AA rechargeable batteries inside a dry box, and added the switch to give myself a nice and very functional DIY marine lighting project. Because they are practically flush mount, they are almost invisible on my kayak until they are turned on. I am Very pleased with the lights, and the controller, so far!

It took me a little while to muddle out where/how to put the lights in my kayak, but I came up with a great solution and will post a couple pictures of the install to help folks like me in the future.

Truck bed lighting

Reviewer: Luke Powell (Webb City, MO)
Item: Flush Mount LED Bolt

I absolutely love the LED Bolts. I mounted them on the inside of my truck bed, one on each side, via a small hole in each stake pocket. I then mounted a toggle switch in the same location. Tapped into my park light wire for power. Now I just drop the tailgate, flip the switch, and I have an amazing amount of light near the tailgate area of my bed. This comes in handy when going hunting before daylight, and grabbing your gear out of the bed.

What I like about these bolts is that they are flush mount, waterproof, and not very noticeable. I'm impressed at how bright they are. I've been showing them to all my friends, and they say, "Where did you get those!" I have already started dreaming up new ideas for using them. I am going to get two more to use for puddle lights under my mirrors,

The only thing I can think of to make these better would be some sort of directional pivot, so you can aim them wherever you want the beam to shine. Can't wait to get more to show off to my friends.

Fantastic option for interior accents

Reviewer: Dominick Pagano (Colonia, NJ)
Item: Flush Mount LED Bolt

Installed these in front and rear door pockets and they look great. Sanded down the lens to provide a smooth glow over the entire area instead of a thin beam. It would be great to have a way to permanently secure the nut behind panels so the bulbs could easy be replaced without removing interior panels...I solved this by gluing nuts being the panels and screwing the bulbs in from the very careful to let the glue dry before installing if you use this method. All that said, I love them.


Reviewer: Alexander Larsson (Marstrand, Sweden)
Item: Flush Mount LED Bolt

Absolutly best walue and never seen so small get so much light.
Will come back with pictures after mounting them.

Raptor Grill Tacoma Mod LED Lights

Reviewer: steve kenyon (Fort Collins, CO)
Item: Flush Mount LED Bolt

These LED's are great. The size and the install was great. My only recommendation is that the washer/bolt that attaches to the back side be a hex for ease of getting tightened. The area I installed was very difficult to get tight but locktite was able to help me out.

Otherwise great lights I would highly recommend them to anyone for projects. I will most likely order more for misc. projects on the truck once I figure out where I want to mount them.

Oznium has the best prices for these types of items and their customer service is great. There are alot of companies who overcharge for LED's and they remain fair prices and exceptional quality. I will continue to purchase and refer people to Oznium.

Great on snowmobiles

Reviewer: Derick Wall (White Lake, MI)
Item: Flush Mount LED Bolt

I ordered the 11mm RED and UV 3W stainless steel Flush Mount LED Bolts from Oznium for myself and my close friend. We own a 2015 Yamaha Viper XTX-SE and 2014 Yamaha Nytro XTX respectively and wanted to make them stand out on and off the trail. The installation was a complete breeze and the 11mm bolts fit absolutely perfectly into the areas of the snowmobile that we needed them to go. The ordering process was simple and the delivery time was right on the nose (actually they showed up a day earlier than expected). The quality of the product was fantastic. We are excited to see how the Oznium LED bolts stand up to the harsh Michigan winters and the demands of a hard and fast snowmobile ride. For those of you looking to put these on your sled, I would not hesitate and order now. Hopefully our pictures will give you some guidance. Thanks again Oznium and special thanks to the owner: Phil Suslow for following up.

6mm pack a bunch of light in a tiny size!

Reviewer: John K (NC)
Item: Flush Mount LED Bolt

Purchased several of the 6mm blue versions (with no lens) to have installed inside my 2013 Ford Fusion for ambient lights during night driving... and I love them!

Don't be fooled by their extremely small and compact size: These things pack a bunch of light!

I first bought one LED of each size (6, 11, and 16mm) in the blue color to test and see how big and where they should go in my car.

I did this by waiting for it to get dark, buying a 12v cigarette lighter adapter to externally power the lights and taping them all around the inside of my car where I would like for them to go.

Side-note: You guys at Oznium may want to consider selling a cigarette light adapter. It was necessary for me during this "test phase" of my lighting project:

I'm glad I did this test before drilling any holes in my vehicle as not only did I find I wasn't a fan of having lights illuminate my foot wells (I could see every speck of dirt on my floor mats which would drive my OCD crazy) I also quickly found that the 11 and 16mm LEDs are crazy powerful and bright and that the 6mm would be more than enough to light the inside of the vehicle without glare or being distracting while night driving.

This also worked out nicely since the 6mm ones are so small it made them much easier to install and discretely hide from sight.

Ultimately I decided to install seven of the 6mm LED bolts: One in each of my four doors, one in each of the two front cup holders, and one in the center cubbyhole underneath the dash.

Once I found how many and where each of the 6mm LEDs needed to go I had them professionally installed and couldn't be happier! On my car, they fade on when I open any of the doors (so they act as a courtesy lights... especially the ones that are installed in the doors) and fade off a minute after the engine is turned off or when I lock my doors exiting the vehicles.

But most important and the whole reason I had them installed: While driving they only come on when the interior dash lights come on (so in my car, the dash lights only turn on when the light sensor detects it's dark outside).

I personally like it this way as having them ALWAYS on would look a little weird (especially during the day) and not seem as intentionally/professionally done otherwise.

The only criticism I have with these tiny LED bolts is how small the "lip" is around the light's source. I bought the 6mm drill bit from Oznium as well for the install but the "lip" that is meant to hold and keep the LED from slipping through the hole is so little I didn't trust it to securely keep it and place. So if there's one piece of advice for improvement it'd be to make that lip a bit bigger for peace of mind.

Because of that I went to my local hardware store and bought rubber washers that fit very snug and secure around the bolts and are exposed on the outside; and metal washers that would rest on the inside (the part of the LED bolts you wouldn't see) to ensure no chance of the tiny LEDs slipping through their holes.

I've made a video of them in action and will upload some images as well so check out Oznium's gallery page for more details.

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