What are the outside lighting laws in Florida?

Florida laws on outside lighting is certainly an area you should consider before modifying your car or truck with LEDs. Although there are stock standard laws that apply to most districts and states, in some cases they could differ slightly, so be sure to know the rules and regulations – before adding any extras.

Aspects like lights and distance are things that you should consider. So, to be safe you should follow these guidelines:

  • Colors – Red and blue lights are restricted to be used by emergency vehicles only, as a signal to other drivers to take action.
  • Headlights – You’re only permitted to have headlights that show a white light in Florida. Additionally, the lights should illuminate the roadway for 450 feet in front of your car.
  • Rear lights – Standard tail lights and turn signals are required to be red or amber and should be visible from 1000 feet away to be in compliance.
  • Under glow – As above, you’re not allowed to use red or blue under glow lights. Additionally, your under glow lights have to be stationary (not flashing or oscillating).

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If he runs white only all around, then hes gonna catch a ticket too. In fl all ub, unless its the “streetwise mode” is illegal. white front/side only, if he has white or amber at rear that is what will get you in trouble, only red in rear.
almost all states will accept white as a color because it does not cause a distraction as the law is designed to keep from happening. A bright white will draw attention if lit from the rear, but its not different than having running board lights on a truck, or extra license plate lamps to illuminate the rear of the vehicle.
I wouldnt haslte anyone for white.

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